The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 87

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Chapter 87: Back to Real World (2)


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Niiesque

Early next morning, just after six o’clock, Li Luo woke up from his sleep.

[Great Host, good morning~] Xiao Qi’s soft, childish voice greeted.

[Morning, Xiao Qi.] In other worlds, Xiao Qi would sink into a hibernation state and only emerged in his mind after he called it out. With the last two worlds, however, Li Luo had been with Xiao Qi for almost two hundred years now. Li Luo had long since regarded Xiao Qi as his indispensable friend, not just a cold system.

Li Luo quickly got up from bed, brushing his teeth and washing his face. He changed his clothes, went out for breakfast, and then rushed towards the direction of the hospital that Jin Chenji was checked into.

During his last visit, Jin Chenji’s younger brother, Jin Chenxie, had welcomed him at the hospital entrance. Therefore, as long as he passed by, the receptionist at the hospital front desk would let him go in directly.

Li Luo went towards the VIP ward on the hospital’s top floor unobstructed. The corridor inside was extremely quiet, unlike other hospitals with doctors and nurses frequently walking past.

All the equipment here was top of the line and the doctors and nurses would only check the patient’s body at specific times.

However, if there was even the slightest bit of abnormality in the data, a profession doctor would arrive to check the patient’s condition within a few minutes.

This way, the rest and privacy of the patients and their family members were unaffected but the correct treatment could still be administered efficiently.

Li Luo lightly pushed open the door of Jin Chenji’s room and saw a middle-aged woman, around forty years old, walk out hurriedly. When she saw him, the middle-aged woman softly said, “Is it Young Master Li?”

Li Luo nodded his head to the woman and looked around. “Where is Chenxie?”

“The little young master had something to do today and asked me to come take care of the first young master in his stead,” the middle-aged woman replied.

“Oh. Then I’ll go take a look at Chenji.” Li Luo quietly closed the door and walked toward Jin Chenji on the hospital bed.

He laid there quietly on the white hospital bed. His handsome face was pale and the long eyes lashed above his cheeks cast two faint outlines.

Li Luo sat down of the chair beside the hospital bed and asked the middle-aged woman a few questions. He touched Jin Chenji’s arm that had been placed outside the quilt. Discovering that he was a bit cold, he carefully rearranged the arm back under the blanket.

After staying with Jin Chenji for a few hours, Li Luo finally took a taxi to get back home.

After arriving back, Li Luo immediately turned on his computer and logged in but Cloud Passed Heavy Boat was still offline.

Li Luo’s mood was somewhat downcast as he wrote two new chapters. After saving the drafts and publishing a new chapter, he opened his writing and found that Cloud Passed Heavy Boat also hadn’t commented on his writing yesterday. Before, he’d definitely come to give him a tip no matter how late it was. That habit hadn’t changed since he first started writing novels.

Li Luo was worried that something had happened to Cloud Passed Heavy Boat. Pondering for a moment, Li Luo finally typed out a sentence.

Since he hadn’t seen him for two centuries now, Li Luo’s questions turned out to be a little more formal.

[Slanting Shadow]:

Heavy Boat, is it?

Li Luo waited quietly for more than half an hour but still didn’t receive a reply. Once again, he watched several episodes of a melodramatic soap opera, keeping the dialog box on the taskbar below the computer desktop.

But the dialog box didn’t light up once since he finished sending his message.

By the time midnight rolled around again, Li Luo was barely holding his eyelids open and had finished watching all the episodes of a TV drama. He climbed up into bed and went to sleep.

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