The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: Saint Magus 2.42

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Li Luo looked straight at Elvis’ eyes, the two looked at each other for a long time, before Elvis slightly lowered his head and stretched out a hand to hold the side of his face, only then Li Luo’s soul come back.

Only to meet with Elvis’ long golden eyelashes which lightly hung down, as it immediately covered more than half of those pair of eyes.

It’s just that, didn’t know why he don’t have the strange feeling that he has before, instead those pair of eyes seemed very gentle.

As Li Luo looked at this appearance of Elvis, he only felt that the softest part of his heart seemed to be stabbed, and couldn’t help but rubbing his face against Elvis’ hand that holding him, “Elvis, I will always stay with you, and will not leave you.” Li Luo said, then paused for a while, before continuously said, “You don’t have to fear my leave again, because the current me, absolutely don’t want to leave you.”

That’s right, the current him was no longer able to be like the him in the previous world, and determinately leave Elvis. This person in front him was his own lover, how could he leave him, leaving this world?

Unfortunately, he has been always too slow in reactions, and completely didn’t found out that Elvis in fact had long been discovered his own abnormality.

If he can make Elvis feel at ease, it would be no problem to let him say how much guarantee.

Then, just like he was being bewitched, Li Luo took a hold of Elvis’ hand that originally holding his face, before stretched out his other hand and pulled down Elvis’ neck, opened his mouth, and kissed Elvis’ lips.

After taking the initiative to kiss Elvis for a while, Li Luo felt that his waist was encircled by Elvis’ arms and the control of their kissing was also completely returned to Elvis’ hand.

But Elvis was not like he used to be, he was kissing him with full of passion, and make Li Luo felt he was being treasured, and feeling he was irreplaceable. Elvis was kissed him very carefully, as if he was the treasure he had recovered.

This extremely lingering kiss, make Li Luo felt as though he was drowned in the Elvis’ kiss.

Don’t know how long time had passed, before Li Luo felt his feet somewhat went soft by Elvis’ kiss, there were a layer of red blush on his cheeks, not to mention those pair of cat eyes were covered by water vapor, make his eyes looked even more sparkling and pure.

The current Li Luo was just like his whole person had been soaked into the jar of wine and then pulled out, seemed dizzy and completely doesn’t notice the changes around him.

The white fog around him and Elvis had long disappeared, revealing a vast field of green grass.

Still leaned over his body in Elvis’ bosom, Li Luo’s muddle head gradually become clear after Elvis left his lips for a few minutes.

Li Luo lifted his eyes, and right away saw Brian standing in distant, it was unknow how long he had been stood there watching he and Elvis, with that lion type magical beast named Eli who squatted down at the side of his feet, and swaying its tail, while using its own head to rub against Brian’s thigh.

Li Luo: “……”

Looking at Brian who looked at him with a gentle smile, Li Luo simply wanted to bury himself directly in the dirt beneath his feet.

Ahahahah, since when were they there? Feeling himself get soft from head to toe by Elvis’ kiss, and being seen by someone else, Li Luo felt himself lose face a lot and exposed.

Li Luo’s original red face suddenly turned even more flushed, although he knew that the current Brian was only one thread of soul that he left behind, and from that soul memory, condensed the spirit body. However, Li Luo still feel very shy, simply did not dare to look at Brian’s eyes that obviously showed tease expression.

Elvis completely didn’t feel any embarrassment at all, at the moment, the pupil of his eyes already restored to its original clear blue color, as the corner of the mouth has a rare smile.

His hand was still around Li Luo’s slender and tough waist, holding him in his bosom, when he detect his lover was blushing with shame in his arms, Elvis couldn’t help but reach out his hand and touched Li Luo’s head a few times, while in his heart he feel that this reaction of Li Luo was really adorable.

“Cough cough.” Brian looked at the two person who showed their love affection in front of himself without any scruples, unable to stand it he letting out two sound of cough, before said, “Elvis, congratulations, you have been passed all the trials of this magic relic.” After speaking until here, Brian looked appreciatively at Elvis, “I have to admit that you are very outstanding beyond my imagination.”

That’s right, when Elvis entered this ruin, he originally thought that Elvis would take almost ten years of time to come out of this magic ruin. But he did not expect that Elvis accomplished his expectation ahead of time, and also so much earlier, which really surprised him.

This child certainly able to bring a great change to this world, and the legacy of their Saint Magus will be perfectly once again emerged in this child’s hand, flashing a brilliant rays of light that make people unable to look straight at.

When Elvis heard Brian’s praise, he didn’t answer, but the hand around Li Luo’s waist was tightened a bit. He doesn’t know how outstanding he can be, he only know that as long as he can protect this person in his arms, he certainly can become stronger than he was now, powerful until nothing able to obstacle him, and no one can cross him, and hurt this person in his bosom.

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