Chapter 22 Part 2

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However, what they did not know, was that Li Luo was not as they thought. After he listened to Jing Chun Empress Dowager’s words, he forgot what Jing Chun Empress Dowager had said to him immediately.

He let the two palace maids prepare his meal. After he was full, he wondered how to escape from this place.

Although he was the author of this book, he didn’t know anything about this imperial palace’s topography.

After sending away the two palace maids from the room, Li Luo immediately sat on the chair inside of the room as he thought of a way to deal with the situation he was in. At this moment he was just an ordinary person who did not even have martial arts. Even if he still had his previous skill, he was afraid that it still would be too difficult for him to deal with those Imperial bodyguards who’re guarding outside.

Li Luo rubbed his fingers a few times. Then he immediately remembered the system, Xiao Qi, that brought him to this world. Even if it couldn’t find a way to deal with the situation he was in, the system looked like a high technological product, it should be have some usefulness, right? Moreover, he also wanted to ask about the parts in the storyline that seemed to have been changed. He wanted to know if it would have a negative impact on him.

Because he was with Qin Yu almost all the time, he didn’t have much personal time. So, it had been a long time since he called out Xiao Qi.

Li Luo tried to call out the system, Xiao Qi’s name in his mind.

After a moment, a soft childish like voice sounded in his mind,【Great host, long time no see (づUど)~】A series of Japanese-style emoticons rolled around several times in his mind before Xiao Qi’s voice sounded again,【What’s the matter host for you call out Xiao Qi? 】

Li Luo directly asked in his mind, [Xiao Qi, at this moment I’m inside the Imperial Palace. This plot doesn’t exist in the book. It will not affect my way of returning back home, right?]

Xiao Qi sent an emoticon that portrays a tiger touching it’s face & shaking it’s head within Li Luo’s mind, 【It would not. Host doesn’t have to worry too much. As long as the ending of story where the protagonist dominates the world hasn’t changed, it’ll be alright (☆ _ ☆). Just a moment ago I took a look at the progress of it, and it was proceeding very smoothly. As long as it keeps going like that, host, you will soon be able to return to your original world.】

Li Luo sighed in relief, and then asked, [Do you have any way to help me escape from the imperial palace?]

He didn’t want to stay here and wait for Qin Yu to save him. Moreover, Qin Yu was far away from here, water from afar can’t quench the near fire, who knows when Qin Yu would make it to this place, Qin Yan and Jing Chun Empress Dowager, those two villains, would definitely come up with a plan to defeat him.

【Wait a minute, I’ll take a look~】Xiao Qi dropped this sentence and then immediately disappeared.

Li Luo poured a cup of tea. He raised the teacup and calmly took a drink while awaiting the news from Xiao Qi. To an outsider, he just fell into a daze as he stared blankly, that’s all.

After about one burning of incense, Xiao Qi appeared again, and said,【Great host, Xiao Qi found the map of the imperial palace. Just a moment ago Xiao Qi took readings of them and found there is a secret tunnel that leads to the outside of the imperial palace at the large garden not far from this room ~ Great host doesn’t have to worry, Xiao Qi can guide you to that place where the secret tunnel was (づ ¯ 3 ¯) づ. 】Xiao Qi’s voice become more and more soft, just like a spoiled child, he was acting coquettishly to Li Luo to take the credit for his achievement.

Li Luo nodded his head, and said sincerely in his mind, [Thank you, Xiao Qi.]

Xiao Qi was shy for a moment, and then happily said: 【This is what I’m meant to do.】

Li Luo once again asked, [Can you unlock my power that is being sealed?] At this moment he was just like an ordinary person. He didn’t have much confidence that he would be able to leave this room smoothly.

Xiao Qi,【…No…I’m not able to, because I can’t intervene in this world except for with advice >_<……】

Li Luo had a very disappointed expression on his face.

Seeing the disappointed expression of his host, Xiao Qi suddenly felt that he was very useless_ (: з) ∠) _.
Xiao Qi thought deeply for a moment, and then carefully said, 【However, I can scan the bodies of the people around me and display their stats. Oh, also, I’m able to find their weaknesses. This should be useful, right? 】

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    1. Same, this is like one of the only systems that I have seen that doesn’t insult the MC and is so cute so this feels really refreshing.
      Even though I say this, the other tsundere systems in other novels are cute too haha.

  1. Ah, this scene of harmonious host and system somwhow sells meng (more on the cute system side).

    Thank you very much for the update~!!!!

  2. Cute system trying his very best to appease his host and good host who doesn’t bully his system, hurry up ML! Your oblivious wifey is getting brainwash by the poisonous people! (even though oblivious wifey is completely oblivious about the brainwashing ?)

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  3. Finally! The system is used! MC is such an adorable idiot. And the villians are plain stupid. Nothing can ever get in between the feelings of our MC and his beloved protagonist!

    1. Haha, right. The system just disappeared after its give Li Luo the information of storyline and never appeared again. Finally, Xiao Qi take a part in the story and help our MC. 🙂

    1. You’re welcome 🙂
      Right, our Xiao Qi always lively. 🙂 And its even being shy when our MC sincerely thanks it, and felt down when its saw our MC felt disappointed. .

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