Chapter 80 Part 2

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Then a few minutes later, there was a giant beast rushed with fast speed inside the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

There were two people on the top of its back, the one in the front was a silver-haired young man with slightly short and slender figure, his two hands were holding the horn on the top of the giant beast, behind the young man’s back was a blond haired young man who encircled his waist, the man’s appearance was sharp as he looked straight at the road ahead, from time to time he would give instruction to the giant beast under him to turn direction.

Eli was rushed without stopping to rest, and the two man only spent three days to reach the edge of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

Along the way, Elvis and Lero found a lot traces of fighting.

By the time when they arrived at the edge of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, there was a road which leading to a nearby city, Elvis right away commanded Eli to follow this road.

In this way, it took four or five days for the two man and one beast rushed to that nearby city. When they almost near the city, Elvis right away caught a strong smell of blood from the wind blowing.

Elvis immediately frowned and motioned to Eli to stop rushed forward, he looked around and saw a small mountain not far away from them. He immediately made a decision and said to Eli under him, “Eli, take us to the top of the mountain, let’s first see what happened in the city.”

Elvis would not continue rushed on their journey rashly, when he was not sure about the situation in the front and whether there was no danger for him and Li Luo.

When Eli heard Elvis’ words, it raised its huge head, and letting out snorted from its nostrils, its throat was also rumbling, but still obediently rushed towards the small mountain over there.

Although there was no road to the top of the small mountain, but it was as if Eli was stepping on the flat ground, let the two man on its back do not feel any bumps. Very soon Eli bring the two man to the top of the mountain.

After Eli stopped its footsteps, Elvis right away slipped off from its back, Li Luo was also come down from Eli’s back after Elvis.

The two of them standing on the top of the mountain, and looked towards the direction of the city below, only to see the city was surrounded by thick layer of black fog, and demonic beasts which the appearance were different from the magical beasts on this continent, furthermore it was able to walking upright with two feet, and also holding a weapon with its claw, as it constantly attacking the tightly closed city gate.

The transparent protective arrays that covered the city was constantly shaking under the attack of these beasts, and the light of arrays was continuously flickering between bright and dark, as if it might would collapse at any time.

Dozens of mages were standing on the city wall, and there was a constant flash of all kinds magic light in the sky, attacking those offensive demonic beasts below.

And those warriors whose have strong body and have powerful physical defense capabilities were directly joined to attack those demonic beasts on the front line. They were attacked in close proximity, while those mages assisted them and attacked at the rear.

However, they obviously could not continuously supported them, as majority of the warriors fighting in front were killed by those demonic beasts, and only a small part of them had no choice but to returned inside the city. The protective arrays that covered the city was also almost unable to endure the constant attacks of these demonic, and would very soon shattered.

Elvis’ gaze sweeping around the battlefield, and thought that there was nothing able to threaten him and Li Luo. They were just came out of the magic relic and basically had no idea what was going on outside, they urgently need to find someone to ask the situation now.

Then Elvis turned his head and looked at Li Luo, Li Luo nodded at him and said, “Let’s go down.”

“Okay.” Elvis nodded, and once again climbed on Eli’s back, he stretched out his hand and help Li Luo climbed to his front, “Eli, take us to the bottom.”

After Elvis’ voice fell, Eli right away moved his limbs and leaped down of the mountain advancing towards below.

The two men and one beast quickly rushed to the battlefield. At this time, the protective arrays that covered this city was attacked by several most front of demonic beasts armed with weapons and almost broke out. The complexion of those dozens mages on the city wall were all gray in defeat as they looked below, and ready to inform the ordinary people inside the city to escape through the secret tunnel that they had long been prepared before.

Just at this moment, Elvis and Li Luo who rode on Eli, rushed into the midst of those demonic beasts surrounded by a black mist. Elvis raised his hand up, as the Mingxi spirit staff appeared within, his eyes flashed a trace of strange rays of light, and the top of Mingxi spirit staff which seemed to be surrounded by the sun, moon, and stars’ splendor started to rotate.

After that, a circular magic spell appeared on the ground, and all the demonic beasts surrounded by the spell issued a painful roar, before turned into a group of black mist, that dissipated between heaven and earth.

The mages on the city wall that looked at this sudden change of event, all opened their eyes wide in disbelief, but immediately became ecstasy. Although they don’t know who these two people were, but it was certain that they were all saved.

Looking at the demonic beast that originally in their view was very difficult to deal with, was very easily solved in large-scale and with a short period of time, at the hands of that mage who they did not know where he was came from, all of the mages that standing on the city wall were exposed revere expression in their eyes as they looked at Elvis’ direction——this person must be a high-level Magus, at least it should be at six star rank or higher!

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