The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.34


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Li Luo didn’t know how long he had been kissed by Chu Wuyong. Anyway, he felt that the oxygen in his chest was almost exhausted, and his whole person was kissed into a daze.

As Chu Wuyong kissed Li Luo, he was also observing the reaction of the distracted Li Luo.

After knowing that Li Luo was his master Gu Qingchen, he continuously traced the whereabouts of Li Luo without giving up, until two days ago, he finally knew where Li Luo was taken by Hong Xiu.

Originally, after activating the resurrection array, Chu Wuyong’s strength was greatly injured, and it was necessary for him to meditate for a period of time. However, he couldn’t wait even for a moment, he wanted to hold the person who he missed for more than three hundred years into his arms.

And after truly seeing Li Luo, he subconsciously hugged and kissed him. After all, he has longed for this person for too long.

In the end, he poured out the desire in his heart, and tasted the lips of his sweetheart. Chu Wuyong was also very clear in his heart that these actions crossed the line of behavior toward his master, Gu Qingchen.

But he had been suppressing this desire in his heart for too long. After Gu Qingchen left him, this desire couldn’t be suppressed anymore. He also didn’t want to pretend in front of Li Luo. He wanted this person in front of him. He wanted this person to be with him forever, and wanted to become a Dao companion with this person in front of him.

Therefore, when Chu Wuyon found that Li Luo didn’t reject his kiss, and did not reveal any disgust and anger towards his behavior, he immediately felt that his heart was hit by more overwhelming happiness, and hugged Li Luo even tighter.

After the end of the long kiss, Chu Wuyong kissed Li Luo’s lips a few more times. His voice also no longer cold, instead it was just like the light wind of the spring filled with warm, “I will take you back.”

Li Luo’s brain was lacking oxygen and now he was simply unable to think at all. After hearing Chu Wuyong’s words, he subconsciously nodded his head.

Chu Wuyong carried Li Luo in his arms, and was just about to take Li Luo and turned away. In the bottom, Hong Xiu who was previously seeing Chu Wuyong kiss Li Luo strongly and ready to step forward to snatch Li Luo back, was stopped by Wu Xin and Wu Chen. She anxiously called out the last two remaining subordinates, before the three of them immediately attacked even more rapidly. Wu Xin and Wu Chen also did not want to lose their status as Chu Wuyong’s trusted aide, as the three people’s offensives were all gradually blocked down.

Hong Xiu’s anxious eyes were a bit red, “Chu Wuyong, you quickly let go the Lord!”

After hearing Hong Xiu’s words, Chu Wuyong took a glance at Li Luo who was nestled in his arms, looking at him with his moist and misty eyes, then he turned over his body and looked at Hong Xiu, “You actually had long discovered that he is not Yun Tianheng, right?”

Hong Xiu’s actions suddenly paused, before she immediately retorted, “He is the Lord, Chu Wuyong, it must be because of what you have done to the Lord, therefore, only then the Lord would…”

Chu Wuyong let out an “oh” sound, bowed his head and once again pecked Li Luo’s moist lips, “But, look at you, went all the way to protect him, I will not bother to quarrel with you. You are on your own, in the future, you are also not part of the people of my Xuan Ming Palace, you can go anywhere you want to go. Wu Xin, Wu Chen, don’t entangle with them any more, let’s go.”

“Yes, Lord.” After hearing Chu Wuyong’s words, Wu Xin and Wu Chen immediately dropped Hong Xiu who had long no intention of fighting again and the two other people who had been injured. They quickly appeared at Chu Wuyong’s side, and then just like when they came, they drove a jade boat and quickly went far away with Chu Wuyong who was holding Li Luo.

Hong Xiu dazedly looked at the jade boat that had long disappeared into the horizon, she was completely unaware that the spiritual tool in her hand had fallen on the ground.

Just like Chu Wuyong said, after she rescued Li Luo, she quickly discovered that there was something wrong with Li Luo. After all, she had been with Yun Tianheng for so long, how could she not see this “Yun Tianheng” at her side was different from the previous him? But this body was certainly the one she was familiar with. Moreover, it was not like being taken over.

After Hong Xiu was rescued by Yun Tianheng, in her heart, she had long considered Yun Tianheng as her family. Where there was Yun Tianheng, there was home.

Therefore, even though she had discovered that Yun Tianheng was somewhat different from her memory, she can’t help but deceive herself.

Now that Yun Tianheng was really gone, where should she go?

In this big world, how could there be someone to take her in again?


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