The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Saint Magus 2.31


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

After they entered inside, space became even more spacious, all of the people were now gathered in the arena, a place similar to an indoor public square.

There were countless magic lamps floating above the ceiling, just like stars in the sky, as they illuminated the whole space.

When the position of each academy finished announcing, Elvis with Li Luo in his arms walked to the place where the people of Saint Helier Magic Academy were gathering and waited for the flow chart of the competition to come out.

Because the number of disciples in the three academies was more than 5.000, as a result, it took a lot of time to draw the chart for the matches.

After waiting for an hour, a huge and bright magic screen appeared in front of all the disciples, this magic screen could be seen very clearly even by the disciples who were standing at the back of the crowd.

All the disciples checked the order of competition, and there was no objection, when they came back to the location of their academy, each person was given a list of matches that were exactly the same as those recorded on the magic screen, and the disciples could take them back to see themselves.

Elvis completely had no interest in his own match, and for him, it doesn’t matter who his opponent was. Therefore, he wasn’t as nervous as other disciples, which were afraid that they would meet an opponent that they couldn’t deal with tomorrow, and would lose directly on the first day. Instead, he waited quietly for the mentor to send the scroll.

Li Luo turned his head around boringly, and then the corner of his eyes saw a tall silhouette.

EzoicThis young man only looked like he was sixteen-seventeen years old. He had a dark green long hair, a pair of dark green eyes, white skin like porcelain, and facial features which differed from Elvis’ deep features, appeared to be somewhat soft, but not girly, his whole face seemed exceptionally handsome, and equally matched with Elvis.

Li Luo looked at him for a good while, before he able to determine the young man characters in the book, while the protagonist participated in the competition, he encountered his follower, which was a rare genius young man——Sizel.

Sizel was from the school that had a good relationship with St. Helier Magic Academy, he was the first-year leader of the Cardenas Magic Academy, at the moment he was about to break through the fourth rank barrier and enter the level of a five-star Intermediate Magus.

In the end of semifinals match, Sizel almost made the protagonist use his real power which was in the fifth rank, fortunately, the protagonist still insisted on and did not expose his real strength, and finally let Sizel win.

Li Luo suddenly remembered that when he wrote this plot, in order to make those girls a little more interested in reading his novel, he added a bit of an ambiguous relationship between Sizel and the protagonist.

It could be seen in the description of Sizel’s appearance, if Elvis was just like the sun that burned people’s eyes, then he was the bright moon hanging in the sky in the dark night.

Just as Li Luo stared at him, Sizel who was not far away seemed to notice his line of sight, and turned over his face, as his dark green phoenix eyes also looked at Li Luo’s direction.

Li Luo immediately shrunk his small head and buried his face inside Elvis’ bosom, avoiding the probing line of sight of Sizel. He didn’t anticipate that Sizel’s sense would be so sensitive, he just stared at him for a bit longer, and he quickly discovered it.

Elvis looked at Li Luo’s body which was going even further inside his bosom, and then asked, [What’s wrong? Does your body feel uncomfortable?]

[No, it’s nothing.] Li Luo immediately replied. He absolutely couldn’t say that he was looking at the protagonist’s best friend as the result of him discovering him, in order to avoid the other person’s line of sight, he hid inside his bosom, right?

Anyway, at the moment he was a cat, even if he was discovered, it doesn’t matter, right?


When Li Luo thought until here, he immediately pulled out his head from Elvis’ embrace. He once again looked in Sizel’s direction, but the young man’s silhouette had been long gone.

Elvis while holding Li Luo in his arms was standing in the public square for about an hour before the mentor came and immediately made them line up to draw a scroll.

Those who already drew a scroll could immediately leave, as long as they came to this place on time tomorrow morning to participate in the competition.

Elvis still maintained an unhurried posture, and when other people were rushing over to line up, he slowly walked and lined up behind the people.

So, when Elvis withdrew the scroll, more than half of the disciples of St. Helier Magic Academy had been long gone.


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