Chapter 36 Part 6

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Chapter 36.6: Real world 1

Li Luo slowly woke up from his unconscious state, he opened his eyes, and saw the ceiling that he had been familiar with for so many years.

Li Luo blanked for a moment, before he quickly sat up and glanced around at all of furnishings which were familiar to him.

He really, came back.

Li Luo did not feel any trace of happiness, he raised his left hand in the front of him, there was nothing inside his fair palm, but Li Luo felt that place was very heavy, as if a thousand catties weighted on it.

Li Luo clenched his hand, as if he was still able to feel Qin Yu’s hot tears dripping into his palm.

“Don’t leave me!” Qin Yu’s voice seemed to be still ringing in his ears.

【Great Host, welcome back to the real world ~】

Li Luo did not answer, as his mind was full of the images of Qin Yu’s heartbroken expression at that time.

【…… Great Host, what’s wrong with you?】

Li Luo used his own right hand to hold his left hand, as his heart tightened.

Now was unlike those five years, he had completely left Qin Yu’s world. It was impossible to go back to meet Qin Yu even if he wanted to see him again.

If every time when he had to leave a world, would be so sad, and so hard to pull away like this, now he had only experienced the first world, later when he had to go through those other worlds, what should he do?

【Great Host, I’m detecting very high negative emotions in your mood. Do you need to use the free of charge item that the system provides, Erase Emotion Soda?】

[What is this item?] Li Luo asked.

【We go to serve some hosts who have to travel through worlds, but in the end we have to return to the real world. Many hosts have all kinds of feelings for the people inside the world where they had traveled through. In order not to affect the host’s real life, after the host finishes the task in each world, we will provide a bottle of Erase Emotion Soda, which just like Meng Po’s forgetting soup in your world’s myths. However, the effect is not that big, it only lets you forget the accumulated feelings that you had in the last world.】 Xiao Qi carefully explained.

Li Luo was silent for a moment, then shook his head, [No need, I want take a few days off, before travelling through to the next world.]

【Okay, if there is something you need, I can provide for you at anytime.】 Xiao Qi knew that Li Luo’s mood was not good, so it didn’t try to act cute in Li Luo’s mind, and quickly quieted down after it finished speaking, as if it had fallen into a standby state.

Li Luo laid back onto the bed, he simply did not want to do anything else, and closed his eyes as he assorted a lot of his thoughts, before he went back to sleep.

In his dreamland Li Luo seemed to dream about that handsome man as he looked at him sadly, his eyes were full of tears of despair, “Can you really not fall in love with a man?”


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