Chapter 64 Part 2

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Tonight, the dark blue sky was full of stars, therefore the mage who set up a stall inside released a few magic lamps that floated in midair to illuminate their booth. From afar, the group of hazy yellow lights, were just like a flowing golden river, that stretched up to a distant place to no apparent end.

The mage who set up the stall here was not the same as those other vendors in the street market outside, there was no sound of calling. They only placed a sign in front of their booth, to state clearly what stuff they wanted to sell or the item that they wanted in exchange, they were holding a magic scroll to appraise the items and had an indifferent look.

After they entered the gate, Elvis immediately took Li Luo to the first stall and began to look around.

Even though it was his second time to come to such a trading market, Li Luo still felt it was somewhat of a novelty.

Although all of these things were written by him, it was only his imagination and was not the same as seeing them personally. Moreover, this trading market was obviously much bigger than the last one and looked a lot higher of a level.

He followed Elvis’ sight, and put his gaze on the white sign illuminated by hazy yellow rays of light from a magic lamp, and the golden words on top of it which were written using magic:

Moonlight grass, exchangeable items: ten crystal cores of third rank magical beasts, two blue silver grass, can be negotiated.

Bluish-green holy fruit, exchangeable items: twenty crystal cores of third rank magical beasts, five blue silver grass, can be negotiated.

It seems that this stall owner was lacking such materials.

Elvis only glanced at it and then walked away.

Because the rental price on each stall was the same, the mage who came in would choose the stall themselves.

Of course, if the mage felt that the items in their stall were quite precious, and they were unable to protect themselves, they could pay additional money to apply for protection magic on their own body, as long as the mage was below the Magic Instructor’s rank, one would unable to hurt them, but generally, the mages who entered the trading market wouldn’t do such a thing.

There were also many stall owners who were wearing black cloaks and completely covered their own appearance.

Elvis bought a few materials that he needed, and continued walking forward while holding Li Luo in his arms, but when he passed a stall, he suddenly felt that his blood was boiling hot.

Elvis’ heart skipped a beat, he instantly turned around and looked at the stall that he had just passed.

Only to see a stall owner who did not wear a black cloak, and had a baby face, the young man only looked like he was fifteen-sixteen years old, and his white cheeks still had baby fat, he was looking down at the scroll in his hand. He did not notice even a bit that there was a customer in front of his stall.

Elvis squatted down in the front of this young man’s stall after his gaze swept through everything display on the ground, his eyes quickly were fixed on an incomplete and small old bell. Then his gaze once again swept around the stall but did not see a sign like the other stalls.

Elvis did not rashly pick up that incomplete and old small bell, but picked up a magic scroll and then asked, “How much are you selling this for?”

After a while, the young man seemed to finally react, he raised his face, and looked at Elvis with a confused look on his eyes, “This is a third grade teleportation scroll, and a bit expensive, my senior brother says the price is at least fifty crystal cores of fifth rank magical beasts, or you could use other equivalent objects to exchange.”

Elvis put it down, he picked up a few items on the booth and asked the price, before once again picked up that teleportation scroll, “You really sell it more expensive, can I add something else with it?”

The young man blinked his eyes, he immediately picked up that incomplete and old small bell, then stuffed it into Elvis’ hand, “No, you can have this, but not the rest.”

Elvis: “……” He suddenly didn’t know what to say, only after a while, Elvis continuously said, “This also pretty good, my cat likes to collect old objects, do you still have more here? As long as its size is not too large.”

Li Luo, “……” Was it really a good thing to so casually given him this kind of strange hobby?

The young man turned over his face, his misty big eyes were staring at Li Luo in Elvis’ embrace for quite a long time, before saying, “There was no such thing, previously, after we came out of the magic relic, we quickly made a stall here, and my senior brother had already sold out a lot of things——oh, it seems like there was a bracelet, it was quite beautiful, so my senior brother directly sent it to the auction house with a magic staff.”

After Elvis finished hearing the information from the young man, he placed fifty crystal cores from fifth rank magical beasts on the young man’s stall, before picking up the scroll and the bell, he stuffed the bell into Li Luo’s arms, then turned around and walked away.

Li Luo who was forcibly stuffed with a small bell that was big for him, “……”

Then Elvis who was clearly in a good mood continued to buy the materials that he needed at the several stalls. However, after harvesting the small bell, Elvis did not feel any reaction again.

[Ludwig, we will wait for the auction house to open and go there to take a look.]

Li Luo’s ears immediately stood up, he didn’t seem to have done anything yet? Originally, he still wanted to secretly give Elvis more clues, and at least make him go to the auction house first.

However, he did not expect that before he was able to make a move, Elvis had automatically said that he would go there.

Li Luo looked down at the bell in his bosom, could it be that this was one of the items that the protagonist needed? He had finished writing the novel so long ago and had already long since forgotten almost all of the people or objects there, moreover, when he looked at the synopsis, he also hastily and roughly flipped it over, and only able to know the general idea of the story plot.

But at least for now, he didn’t have to rack his brains to swindle the protagonist into entering the auction house.

When Elvis was about to walk out of the mages’ trading market, he carefully took the small bell from Li Luo’s arms, then placed it inside his storage bag.

He then asked one of the people guarding the door, about the location of the auction house in Yale City, before taking Li Luo to the location where the auction house was.

Because the auction hadn’t yet begun, the entrance of the auction house was still closed.

Elvis had only come here to ask about the time of the auction, afterward, he took Li Luo to a restaurant to have a meal before they went back to the inn where they were staying.

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