The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.13


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Time passed very quickly and it was almost time for the big competition of the Inner Sect, because Li Luo needed to arrange various matters, he had to stay at the main peak Red Cloud Mountain a few days early.

By the way, the other elder who was also in charge of the big competition of Inner Sect this time, that old man who plotted against Chu Wuyong in the competition in the original text, was together with him, began to decorate the competition site and arrange the event.

Although there was no need to worry about other things outside of the event arrangement, the Clear Sky Sect was a big sect with over ten thousand disciples; and this time, the competition was also very important for the disciples inside the sect. Therefore, Li Luo almost had no leisure time these past few days. Apart from temporarily staying in the courtyard of the main peak, he simply can’t have enough free time to go back to his own peak.

In order to avoid the weather from affecting the two-week competition, Li Luo and the elders jointly set up a large array around the competition site.

When they set up the array, Li Luo did not worry about the elder would do something bad in the array.

After all, this array was for the disciples that would partake in the competition. Moreover, the array will protect and inspect the disciples every day. If there was something wrong, it was very likely to be discovered by the maintenance disciples.

Although Li Luo’s face was calm and collected, he secretly felt concerned about the whereabouts and movements of the old man inside as he did the regularization of the site. But he did not find anything wrong at the place.

After all, he wrote this book a long time ago, and only remembered some plots. After Xiao Qi sent him the synopsis of the story, only then that he recalled this matter.

But Li Luo could not remember the specific scene as to when and where this elder would take action. He can only continue to restrain the anxiousness he felt in his heart while carefully managing the event.

However, Li Luo knew that although the elder resented him a lot, he wouldn’t dare make any too obvious action.

Now, since he was unable to find out what the elder did, at the time when the competition starts, he can only pay more attention to Chu Wuyong while he was on the stage.


This way, the time passed for another three days.

The weather today was very good, the sun hung in the sky shone brightly, and the blue sky was cloudless. It seemed that for the next few days the weather would be rarely good.

Li Luo wore a white robe today, his soft and long black hair was simply tied up with a jade crown, revealing his full and smooth forehead. He stood tall on the high platform, looking at the disciples who came over and were about to gather below.

Li Luo only swept his eyes over at the crowd a few times, and saw Chu Wuyong right away, standing in an area with fewer people.

Li Luo looked at Chu Wuyong who stood still in the crowd, as if everything around him had nothing to do with him, his figure seemed very indifferent. Just right at this moment, Chu Wuyong also raised his eyes and looked at his direction.

As such, the gaze of the two men met briefly in the air.

Those pair of dark and deep eagle eyes seemed to contain inexplicable feelings of uncertainty, as it looked straight into Li Luo’s eyes. But Chu Wuyong abruptly put away the emotions in his own eyes, so fast as if that eye contact a moment ago was merely Li Luo’s illusion.

When his gaze was accidentally noticed by Chu Wuyong’s eyes, Li Luo felt his heart skipped a few beats. His eyes flashed a few times before he immediately turning away and resisted not looking at Chu Wuyong again.

If someone at this moment carefully looked at Gu Qingchen, who they believed to be very aloof and cold, the tip of Elder Gu’s ears, which as if carved from white jade was dyed with a light pink color. It was just like a cluster of cold plums that bloomed in the snow, it looked exceptionally eye-catching.


The big competition in the Clear Sky Sect was divided into three stages; the preliminary, the semifinals, and the finals.

The disciple who won the first place will be rewarded with a top-grade spiritual tool by the Sect Master. You must know that the spiritual tool for a cultivator was hard to come by, even if it was a medium-grade spiritual tool, there would be countless of cultivators fighting over it, let alone a top-grade spiritual tool. If an ordinary cultivator can get one it would be from their ancestors’ accumulated merits.

Therefore, when Li Luo stood on the high platform and announced the prize for first place in the big competition of Inner Sect was a top-grade spiritual tool, all the disciples standing below could not help but get excited.

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