Chapter 109 Part 2

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Chapter 109 Part 2

[Great Host, I will put the spiritual tool that can be used to send the male protagonist away into your storage bag now, you only need to input 10% of your spiritual power to start it, and then let the spiritual tool bind the male protagonist’s wrist. After that——I will replace you to carry out the action, asking the host to not resist.]

[Okay.] Li Luo has no objection.

Yun Tianheng seemed to be unable to wait any longer, and lifted up his hand, then the fine and slender fingers were slightly raised toward Li Luo and Chu Wuyong’s direction. Immediately after, a hurricane mixed with huge spiritual power rushing toward the leaf-shaped boat that was driven by Li Luo.

If the boat was hit by this hurricane that contain the power of Demigod stage’s cultivator, even if Li Luo can endure and dodge it, he will certainly be swept away by the aftermath of the attack and received heavy damage. As a cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage, he basically did not have any fighting power to Demigod stage’s cultivator.

“Yun Tianheng, as long as you promise me one thing, I, Chu Wuyong, am willing to follow you voluntarily.” Chu Wuyong also naturally understand that Li Luo was unable to withstand Yun Tianheng’s attack with his current cultivation rank. He does not want Yun Tianheng to hurt the person in front of him, and if Yun Tianheng want to use that cultivation method to remove his soul, he must return to the territory of devil cultivators and use the special array.

As long as he can ask Yun Tianheng to let Li Luo leave on their way there, he might be able to take the risk and use up all of this body qi and blood to escape Yun Tianheng’s control.

After Yun Tianheng heard Chu Wuyong’s words, he waved his hand to retract the hurricane power he released, then his eyes looked at Chu Wuyong with ridicule, “You are actually willing to come back with me now, I would like to hear, what condition do you this loser going to mention with me?”

But at this time, Li Luo took hold one of Chu Wuyong’s arms, and unhesitatingly untied the storage bag at his waist, and took out the spiritual tool that Xiao Qi handed over from within, before quickly input his own spiritual power, the spiritual tool that has already emitted the luster white light was placed on Chu Wuyong’s wrist.

“Master, what are you going to do?” Chu Wuyong’s complexion changed slightly, seemed to faintly aware of what he wants to do. Chu Wuyong reached out his hand and grabbed Li Luo’s slender wrist, this was his first time he openly touched his sweetheart, but there was only a trace of lingering uneasiness emerged from his heart. Even if he faced the current Yun Tianheng, he did not feel so flustered like this.

“Wuyong, one day as a teacher, was a lifetime father, I only have you this one disciple. Naturally, I can’t let you sacrifice your life for me. Even though Master was not clear about the grudges you and the person in front of you have, but I can see this man was truly ruthless and evil person.”

Yun Tianheng’s face that originally exposed a smiling expression, after hearing the words spoken by Li Luo, immediately blackened and sank down, “You are just insignificant person, how dare you speak that way about this Lord?”

Li Luo did not pay attention to Yun Tianheng and continued, “Wuyong, you have to promise Master, that in the future, you also must be able to maintain your heart, and you will wholeheartedly pursue the big path and not be influenced by foreign objects……” Li Luo said while slowly loosened his hand.

Chu Wuyong has never seen his sweetheart say such a long words to himself, but he did not feel any happiness. He wanted to grab Li Luo’s hand, but found that his whole body seemed to be bound by an invisible force, and unable to move even a fraction.

Yun Tianheng looked at Chu Wuyong whose whole body covered by layers of luster white light, like a huge cocoon, before it shot out into the sky and quickly went further into the distance.

Yun Tianheng immediately wanted to chase the direction of Chu Wuyong, but that delicate and handsome youth who claimed to be Chu Wuyong’s master immediately blocked him.

Yun Tianheng smiled coldly, he was still not paying attention to this cultivator in Nascent Soul stage. But what he did not think was that he seemed to feel a huge force from the body of the youth in front of him, as if the surging power was going to spread out from inside.

Yun Tianheng became immediately shocked, and looked at the youth in front of him with a disbelief expression. He then controlled his figure and hurriedly retreat, “—Are you crazy?” This huge power, obviously this youth in front of him going to explode his Nascent Soul!

Although his cultivation rank was higher than the youth, but in the face of this self-destruction attack, if he was not careful, he will be seriously injured.

Chu Wuyong who was bound by an unknown force has been sent flying far away, but because the eyesight of cultivator far exceeds the eyes of ordinary people, he also clearly saw this scene. Chu Wuyong opened his eyes so wide that the corner of his eyes almost going to split, as uncontrollable despair poured in his eyes, “No, Master, Gu Qingchen, Qingchen—” But he eventually couldn’t see anything, and the force that carry him flying faster and faster, and he soon disappeared into the horizon.

Although Yun Tianheng tried to avoid it as quickly as possible, he still did not avoided the aftermath of Nascent Soul’s self-destruction.

Yun Tianheng stroked his chest, felt his throat slightly itching, and coughed up a mouthful of blood. He clenched his teeth as he looked at the direction where Chu Wuyong’s figure had long disappeared. He flung his sleeves hatefully and looked at the empty place where the youth exploded his Nascent Soul, before he can only leave this place with frosty face.

Since Chu Wuyong was still alive, even if he goes up to heaven or down to hell, he would find him. Next time, Chu Wuyong would not have such good luck, to have someone that would rather die and have his soul scattered to protect him.

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