The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 19

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The transmigration routine of always being captured by the ML Chapter 19: ‘The Wild Dragon Proud Days’ 1.19


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Alex

  • [1] “Shushu” — father’s younger brother; uncle;
  • Er” — term of endearment
  • Ge/gege” — big brother

After capturing Jing City, the next two cities were a lot easier to attack. It was just like a house without pillars, the other places became very vulnerable and barely resisted.

As long as they captured the next two cities, Qin Yu would be able to meet up with Nangong Ao and his army. And then together they would besiege the core of Qin Country—Bian Capital City.

It had been more than nine months since the beginning of the soldier recruitment, and the weather was that of late autumn.

The weather had become colder. The vegetation was now somewhat yellow, unlike the previous rich green colour. The leaves of the maple trees in the courtyard had turned bright red, making them look like a burning ball of fire from afar.

Sitting on the stone bench in the yard, Li Luo comfortably poured himself a cup of tea. He ate a few pastries from the table, while picking up a cup of tea to drink a mouthful.

Every time they captured a city, they would rests and reorganize the army for a period of time. Those were his most comfortable days, so Li Luo would never miss those opportunities and relaxed. It didn’t matter since at this time Qin Yu and his officers spend most of their time in the study discussing their next step.

Although last time it had been Li Luo, who proposed to tire out the enemy cavalry and then to throw out fragrant over-fried soy beans to the hungry horses in order to disrupt the enemy troops, Qin Yu didn’t disturb him. He actually did that every time Li Luo used his brain for such things. Only when they were going to sleeps in the evening, did Qin Yu talk to him about their next plans without concealing anything. If he had any opinions, Qin Yu would seriously listen to him and Li Luo discovered that as long as his proposal was feasible, Qin Yu would actually follow his advice.

Li Luo didn’t understand why Qin Yu did that. But he was a otaku that rarely went outside in modern times. If he could sit, he would not stand. If he could lie down, he would not sit. He prefered to stay inside all day, instead of going out. The thing he hated the most was troublesome matters. So it was better for him to avoid this kind of thing that consumed brain cells and asked other people to explain the matters.

Like a lazy cat sunbathing in the sun, Li Luo squinting his pair of peach blossom eyes as he felt the crispy and delicious taste of pastries burst in his mouth. He could not help, but pick up another piece and stuff it in his mouth.

Just as he was about to pick up another piece, he saw a slender figure wearing a purple long dress strolling in. She was bouncing and vivacious with one of her hands behind her back. The moment those pair of big eyes looked at him, they immediately lit up, make the originally beautiful face seems even more splendid and touching.

“Mucheng gege!” The beautiful girl said as she bounced to the front of Li Luo. Her pair of big eyes were beaming when she looked at Li Luo. She had her cherry mouth set in as mile, which looked very cute.

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