Chapter 63 Part 2

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The group of people once again rushed on their journey for two days, before they arrived at the next location of teleportation array. They repeated this until they transferred for four times before they finally arrived at the destination of this trip——the Galing Empire.

Because there was no teleportation array built on the last city they were going to, everyone needed to walk for three or four days, before they reached their final destination——the Yale City.

After the whole journey they arrived at Yale City, everyone, including the mentors, were very exhausted. So after everyone entered the city, they quickly looked for a quite decent inn, and directly booked half of the rooms inside.

After Li Luo entered the room where they would stay, he immediately changed into human form, casually wearing a white nightgown, he walked to the bed while yawning, and then lied down.

Although he did not walk and always was in Elvis’ arms these days, when he was sleepy he could hardly fell asleep. Moreover, after he could maintain his human form, he had become accustomed to sleeping in human form, and now that he needed to sleep in cat form which he did not do for a long time, it made him feel very uncomfortable. As a result, now that he had a place to rest, Li Luo immediately felt his piled up tiredness of so many days suddenly all flood up, in a few seconds he had been sleeping heavily.

When Elvis saw Li Luo completely disregarded his image, walked to the bed, and immediately fell asleep, he couldn’t help but have a trace of a smiling expression in his eyes. He turned around and locked the door to avoid the possibility of someone accidentally going into the wrong room and discover Li Luo. Afterward, he took off his clothes and wore a set of soft nightgowns, walked to the bed, and he lied down beside Li Luo. Then he hugged Li Luo’s waist and put him within his bosom, before slowly sinking into a slumber.

EzoicBecause in order to avoid any unexpected incidents from occurring when they were on the road and delayed the competition, the mentors took the disciples to Yale City early, therefore when they arrived, there was still one week left before the competition officially began.

So before that, the disciples were free to move around.

Li Luo was sleeping until the next day when the sun had already risen above three pole time, only then did he opened his eyes dazedly. He stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyes, lied down on the bed for a while before sitting up. After discovering that there was no one around him, Li Luo immediately looked around, there was no trace of Elvis in the room, he estimated that he went out.

Li Luo was sitting on the bed for a while, before preparing to get out of bed and changed into cat form to find Elvis, when Elvis pushed open the door and came in, with a tray in his hand, there were three kinds of dishes and two large pieces of wheat bread in it.

“You woke up?” Elvis used one of his hands to lock the door, then placed the tray on the table inside the room, “Get up and wash, then come over to have a meal.”

“Okay.” Li Luo answered, he quickly got out of bed and cleaned himself before sitting down beside Elvis and started eating. After eating a few mouthfuls of bread and dishes, Li Luo said, “After we are finished eating, let’s go out and stroll around the city together.”

EzoicElvis raised his head and gave Li Luo a glance after he heard his words, “Where do you want to go?”

“Just strolling around, I just want to go out and get some fresh air.” Li Luo said with lowered head, while eating.

He would not tell Elvis that the purpose of him wanting Elvis to take him out was to let Elvis step into that spot, it was best to let Elvis become interested in the content of the auction himself. By the time the auction started, he was able to enter the auction site on his own initiative, and the plot could be carried out perfectly.

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