Magus Rank:

    • Magic Apprentice (1 star)
    • Apprentice Magus (2 stars)
    • Scholar Magus (3 stars)
    • Junior Magus (4 stars)
    • Magus (5 stars)
    • Great Magus (6 stars)
    • Magic Instructor (7 stars)
    • Great Magic Instructor (8 stars)
    • Saint Magic Instructor (9 stars)
    • Saint (10 stars)
    • God (Bright Moon?)

Crystal Stone Color:

1. Orange (Magic Apprentice)

2. Red (Apprentice Magus)

3. Yellow (Scholar Magus)

4. Cyan (Junior Magus)

5. Green (Intermediate Magus)

6. Light Blue (Great Magus)

7. Dark Blue (Magic Instructor)

8. Light Purple (Great Magic Instructor)

9. Red Purple (Saint Magic Instructor)

10. Dark Purple (Saint)

11. Black (God)


    • Elvis: — ML. The protagonist.
      (He was originally a genius in his clan, but somehow he suddenly lost all of his spiritual energy three years ago, fell down from the altar of a genius, and turned into a waste with no spiritual energy.
      However all of the people, including Elvis, didn’t know that he had lost all of his magical powers because he had awakened a saint rank magus bloodline, the most difficult to awaken bloodline, which could only be found once in every ten million years.
    • Ludwig: — MC. A cat with white fur. He was the male protagonist’s contracted beast.
      (It’s form was a small white cat, that looked very soft and cute, but he was in fact, the world’s strongest guardian beast Bai’s descendant. Even though he was only able to grow up to a cat size, but he was very strong. He would accompany the male protagonist at his most difficult times.)
    • Vicia: — ML grandmother. His only close relatives that still alive (not anymore after a horde of magical beasts). A old woman with benevolent face.
    • Salina: — the only female cousin that was still good to ML after he become waste.
    • Tals: — the clan’s rookie who had gradually risen in rank. He is very arrogant in the Roxis clan. He hate ML because he is the stumbling block that was always surpassing him far previously.
    • Luna: — the brown haired girl. One of the female protagonists in the novel.
      (She was a descendant of a clan that was much stronger than the Roxis clan, and her aptitude was also very high, not only was she already three stars Scholar Magus at the age of sixteen years old, she also was already at that level half a year ago.)

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