Chapter 58 Part 2

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The Imperial Palace of Saint Malo Empire, inside a hall that was decorated luxuriously.

A beautiful girl, with curly long brown hair and emerald green eyes, was pulling the arm of a handsome young man who also had dark green eyes and brown hair like her, she swayed the youth’s arm acting like a spoiled child, “Big brother, I don’t want to go to St. Helier Magic Academy.”

“I can’t agree to your request this time, be obedient and study there for a few years, I already let you have your way in the first half of the year, now you have to go.” The young man glared at the girl once, before turning around, not looking at her pitiful eyes, and just shook off the girl’s hands and left.

“Big brother!” Chris once again grabbed the young man’s hand, as her emerald green eyes looked anxiously at the youth.

The young man reached out his hand and massaged his forehead, before looking sternly at Chris, “Chris, be obedient. If it was not because St. Helier Magic Academy had given the royal family special privileges, you would’ve long been expelled from the academy for your bad record of escaping a semester of the course.” Then his face relaxed down, “As long as you obediently attend the class, big brother would agree to anything you request, all right?”

“I can request anything?” Chris turned her big eyes to the youth and asked.

“Yes, I promise you.” The young man once again replied.

“Oh, I will attend the class, then big brother has to help me find someone.” Chris immediately said she had been looking for that blond haired mage that she saw before for two months, but the people who she sent couldn’t find him.

The leader of that escort team didn’t lie to her, the blond-haired mage just did not tell the truth, the information he gave was all false, as a result, she couldn’t find the person who matched with the information.

“Alright. It is just one person, big brother will certainly help you find him, but why are you trying to find this person?”

“……hehe, I won’t tell you.” Chris stick out her tongue and said.

“Sly girl.” The young man smiled and stretched out his hand to knock Chris’ forehead, “Alright, big brother will not pursue your little secret, you should quickly pack up now, and immediately depart, so you can catch up before the new semester starts.”

“Okay, and big brother, don’t forget what you promised me.” After Chris described the blond-haired mage that she wanted to find, she rapidly walked out with a smile on her face.

At this moment she still didn’t know, that as long as she went to St. Helier Magic Academy, she could immediately meet the person in her heart.


Li Luo was once again in his beast form after they returned to St. Helier Magic Academy, and only changed into human form when he was in private with Elvis.

However thinking of the fact that Elvis wasn’t planning to stay in the academy for a long time, and he had been living in the beast form for so many years before, moreover, he still could communicate with Elvis, in fact, it was already considered to be very good. Therefore, once again changing from human form into the beast form that he had used for a long time, he didn’t have much resistance.

It was the third day after they returned to the academy, Li Luo immediately changed back into the fluffy white cat, before Elvis went out from his room, he automatically climbed up Elvis’ body and squatted on his shoulder.

After eating breakfast, one person and one pet went to the classroom.

After he entered the classroom, Elvis placed Li Luo in the desk drawer in front of him, and then put the scrolls that he was going to use in this course on the table, before waiting for the mentor’s arrival.

During this period of time, Elvis reached out his hand and caressed the fur on Li Luo’s back from time to time, only when Li Luo slapped away his hand with his paws, did he pause for a moment, before once again continuing to touch him.

Realizing that he couldn’t get rid of Elvis’ fingers, Li Luo could only slightly lift up his body and shift the furthest inside the desk drawer and then squat down, as his cat pupils stared at Elvis.

Just then, he heard a little commotion in the classroom and wondered what was going on.

Until he heard a female mentor said loudly, “Everyone quiet down.”

The classroom that was originally somewhat noisy instantly became quiet.

“This girl was originally also a disciple of our class, it was just that last semester she had a matter that made her unable to attend class, everyone should take good care of her later.”

Then Li Luo heard the girl gently say, “Hello everyone, you can call me Chris.”

Chris? This name seemed a bit familiar.

Li Luo crooked his head, thinking puzzledly, for him to still remember this character, she should’ve been very important.

Who was this Chris in the end?

However before he could figure it out, Li Luo saw a figure in a long white dress standing at the side of the table he was in, more precisely, she was standing beside Elvis.

“This fellow disciple, what is your name?”

……Girl, is it really proper for you to instantly strike up a conversation with a man so obviously?
Li Luo ground his claws inside the desk drawer, his pair of amber cat pupils seemed to be able to emit a little ominous glint.

However to his relief, Elvis didn’t have even a bit of interest in her, even after the girl waited for a long time, he still didn’t open his mouth and say a word, it was simply extremely noble and cool.

However, the girl didn’t feel any embarrassment, and still very cheerfully said, “My name is Chris, please take good care of me later.” After finishing speaking, the slim figure quickly left.

Only then did Li Luo’s heart settle down, he closed his eyes and sank into his thoughts, and searched the story for information about the character named Chris.

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