The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Saint Magus 2.36


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

“This magic relic is also my last little test to help you. It has existed on this continent for over ten thousand years, and every time it opened, was because of the emergence of a new Saint Magus.”

After speaking until here, Brian lifted his eyes and gazed into the distance, his pupils flashed a silver ray of light, seemed to be recalling something from the past, “A new Saint Magus has not appeared in this continent for nearly a thousand years, to the extent that the existence of our Saint Magus has become a legend, almost unknown. Until you appeared——Elvis, you are the only person in the continent who has awakened the bloodline of the Saint Magus in the last thousand years, I believe that you will certainly be able to once again show our glory.”

When Elvis listened to Brian’s words, his face was still the same as usual, there was no extra expression that emerged.

Regarding once again showing the glory of the Saint Magus, Elvis did not have any interest in doing so.

The reason he wanted to become stronger, was always to protect the people he wanted to protect.

Now that he and Ludwig were able to communicate through divine sense, this belief was even stronger. As long as he still existed, he would not let anyone or anything harm Ludwig.

“Now let me explain about some of the things related to this place. As you can see, this area is covered by layers of dense fog. Apart from the center of the circle where you are standing, you only are able to see the things within 20 meters, anything else is unclear.”

Brian said while pointing to the hazy environment around him, “Of course, this dense fog also able to dissipate, but it is only after you have passed the level of trials. Every time you pass through one trial, there will be a certain range of fog around you that will be dispersed along with it. You need to pass ten levels of trials in total to reach the last level——that is located on the other side of this area with dense fog. And the teleportation array for leaving this magic relic is at the last level. If you plan to seize every opportunity and go straight through the dense fog to look for the teleportation array, then I can tell you now that there is a transparent barrier between each level, as long as you do not cross the location where the barrier is, you will never able to reach the next level.”

Elvis slightly raised his eyebrows that was difficult to detect, after he listened to Brian’s words. Just now he indeed had this idea flash in his mind, but it was only for a moment.

“In every level, you will be given a magic scroll. You need to learn all the contents inside, by the time when you truly master it, only then will it be possible to enter the next level.”

When Elvis heard this, his eyes immediately flashed a light, so the real purpose Brian threw him in this place, was actually because he wanted to make him learn the contents inside those scrolls.

Since Brian specially mentioned it to him, that meant that those scrolls should be very important to the people who inherit the Saint Magus’ bloodline. Elvis would never refuse something that would be able to improve his strength. Therefore, even if Brian was able to offer him a shortcut, he would still choose to pass these trials to enhance his strength.

Li Luo was standing beside Elvis while listening quietly to the conversation between Elvis and Brian.

As the author of this book, although he had forgotten most of the contents in the book, Li Luo still had somewhat of a vague impression about some of the quite important plot points, in addition, Xiao Qi had also provided him the summary of the entire novel, so the scene of the plot at this moment he still had a little impression of emerged out.

Anyway, Elvis would stay in this magic relic for a few years, before eventually being able to leave this place smoothly, Li Luo had nothing to worry about.

“……If you don’t have any other questions to ask, then I will give you the last item to form the magic staff. Of course, after that, I will also teach you how to reassemble them into the magic staff. ”

Brian paused for a moment, seeing Elvis was still looking at him, without saying anything, he slightly lowered his body, then softly stroked the top of the magical beast’s head which had squatted down at the side of his feet. Under the gentle caress of Brian, the magical beast docilely rubbed its fluffy head against Brian’s palm. Brian’s eyes flashed a trace of more gentle expression, as he continued stroking that huge head with his hand. After that, his hand reached out to a long horn at the top of the magical beast’s head.

When Brian’s hand touched the light brown colored horn, two dazzling white lights shone above the horn. After the white light disappeared, the long horn on the head of magical beast suddenly broke almost half, and there were two slender and short objects in Brian’s hands.

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