The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 92

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Chapter 92: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.5


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Chu Wuyong was not the type of person who liked to be secretly entangled towards things that would make him appear abnormal. Chu Wuyong would first test that thing to see how dangerous it was to himself.

If he felt that “that” thing would be out of the range of his control, he would directly kill that unstable factor.

Now, Gu Qingchen, the one in front of him was the one that made him feel somewhat unstable.

Chu Wuyong’s eyes became slightly dull as he approached that thin and slender figure standing not far away from him. As he approached him, he smelt a faint scent of plum blossoms coming from that person’s body.

The faint fragrance held a trace of lingering affection; as it entered his nose and seeped into his heart before it hovered within his body, it stayed there, forever.

Previously, when he was brought back by Li Luo, the speed of the spiritual tool they were riding was too fast that the wind was blowing in his face the entire time. And after they landed, he and Li Luo kept a fair distance, so Chu Wuyong did not smell this fragrance.

And now that he was standing very close to Li Luo’s side, the feeling was so clear. But this feeling, he did not hate it, on the contrary, in the bottom of his heart somehow grew a kind of indescribable desire to get close to the person in front of him.

At this moment, the moon that hung high in the night sky rose above the tip of the willow branches. The cold moonlight sprinkled from the sky and passed through the gap of the misty mountain, illuminating the body of the person in front of him, making his white skin show an unexpected quality of jade- a bit transparent under the moonlight.

Looking at the person in front of him – that appeared to be able to step on the air and soaring at any time, under the moonlight – the heart inside Chu Wuyong’s chest was beating more and more powerful, as if it would breakthrough and came out.

This person in front of him has undoubtedly had a very big influence to himself. The kind of feeling where he was unable to control, and it was actually very dangerous for him.

However, Chu Wuyong did not bore any killing intent towards Li Luo. In fact, he had inexplicably feeling that he had been waiting for this person to appear for a long time, waiting for the moment when he can finally have him.

He had a strange feeling that this person in front of him must belong to him.

Chu Wuyong’s breathing could not help but become hurried, but he quickly suppressed the inexplicable and disturbance feeling within his own heart. His black and indistinct, similar to two bays of ancient pool, eyes were locked straight at Li Luo.

As of now, Chu Wuyong’s height was only at the pit of Li Luo’s stomach. When standing in front of Li Luo, he can only raise his head to look at Li Luo’s face, but the expression on his face was not child-like at all, instead it appeared serene.

“When this disciple studied the cultivation method that master bestowed to this disciple, this disciple roughly understood all of its content. There is only a bit of them that this disciple had some doubt…” Chu Wuyong said with composure, he looked unbridled at the person with soft lines and cold appearance in front of him, while leaving no traces.

Li Luo slightly nodded his head after listening to Chu Wuyong’s words. Under the guidance of the system, he began to clear up Chu Wuyong’s doubts. At this time, he still had to pay attention on keeping Gu Qingchen’s usual cold tone and expression, afraid that he would be OOC because his own carelessness; as a result, Li Luo didn’t notice that while Chu Wuyong looked at him, those pair of eyes appeared to be deeper the longer he looked at him.

By the time the moon slipped from the tip of the willow branches to the east part of sky, Li Luo had finished speaking the words under the system’s guidance.

Li Luo looked towards the Chu Wuyong’s direction, the boy had his head raised as he listened to his explanation. After not seeing this boy for a few days, his young face became rounded up, also those pair of big eyes were moist and black. Holding back the urge to pinch Chu Wuyong’s face, Li Luo faintly said: “Were you able to understand?”

When Li Luo looked at him, Chu Wuyong directly shifted his gaze away from Li Luo and covered his eyes while bowed his body towards Li Luo, saying: “Thank you master for the guidance, this disciple understands.”

In fact, Li Luo didn’t even know what he had just said. His mind had long since roamed around when he repeated what the system had told him. But at this time, he still has to maintain the original body’s high and cold attitude. With faint expression, Li Luo nodded his head at the protagonist to express his satisfaction: “Very good. Then, you can go to rest now.”

Chu Wuyong, once again, bowed to the direction of Li Luo; only then he turned around and went back to his own room.

Li Luo waited until Chu Wuyong’s figure disappeared behind the door, before turning around and returning to his own room.


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