The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Saint Magus 2.8


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

The sky just barely had the first glimmer of light, as the sun broke away from the distant mountain peak, and slowly rose up.

The mist in the morning that shrouded Telun City gradually dissipated, revealing rows upon rows of spire houses below.

The public square in Telun City could accommodate more than 10,000 people inside. Even though the day was still not very bright, there were already many young men and young women in magic robes gathering in the square.

If you looked at it from the sky, it was just like a round cake with a layer of colorful sugar granules sprinkled above.

Elvis placed Li Luo directly on his shoulder, he was standing in the corner of the square and looking at the dense crowd of people that was as though even a needle couldn’t get in.

Li Luo circled his tail around Elvis’ neck, he couldn’t help but lower his head and lick his paws for a while, before looking up at the scene surrounding him.

It was so crowded that people were practically squeezing each other, in the real world he only saw this scene at the train station when he returned home during the Spring Festival. At that time, he had just finished his paper, and yet the teacher made him stay in the school and instructed him four or five times over before he was allowed to leave. He was almost unable to buy a train ticket, and when he arrived at the train station, it was very crowded and almost made him unable to get on the train, when in the train he basically couldn’t move at all due to the crowd’s squeezing. It was a terrible feeling that he never wanted to experience again in his life.

Due to the large number of people, the mentor of the St. Helier Magic Academy also came early to the public square, he came to the front of the square and began to test the youths’ aptitude.

The tool that St. Helier Magic Academy used to test the youths’ magic power was not the same as other people had imagined, they didn’t use a crystal stone, but a quaint mirror.

EzoicEvery time a young man or a young lady entered their magic power inside, that person’s face would be reflected on the surface of the calm mirror, then the age and level of the person who entered their magic power would be graded.

As long as there was someone that did not meet the requirements of the academy, they would be told on the spot that they hadn’t passed the assessment.

The test was very fast, it only took two hours and the previous densely packed crowd in the public square was one-sixth less. When the sun was about to fall to the west, and the red sunset glowed over the entire west part of sky, there were barely more than ten people left in front of Elvis.


The youths that passed the test were all standing behind the mentor of St. Helier Magic Academy, waiting for all the tests to be completed, and follow the mentor to the next test site.

Tals was also one of those youths that stood behind the mentor of St. Helier Magic Academy. His strength was still at the level of Apprentice Magus, but it was already very solid. This year he should be able to breakthrough into a three star Scholar Magus. At this moment, he was talking with a girl in short brown hair, her appearance was very attractive. This brown haired girl was a descendant of a clan that was much stronger than the Roxis clan, and her aptitude was also very high, not only was she already three stars Scholar Magus, she also was already at that level half a year ago. Among all of the youths that had been tested, such an aptitude like the brown haired girl were very few, only several people.

Although Tals was very arrogant in the clan, he needed to lower his posture and be humble, when he facing the brown haired girl. He always thought about how to get the brown haired girl’s favor, as a result, he would use every means to make the brown haired girl smile constantly. While talking to the brown haired girl, Tals’ eyes accidently caught the sight of Elvis who was standing behind the crowd, he was shocked and in disbelief, he once again turned his head to that direction, it took quite a while for him to believe the thing that he saw, and then the corner of his mouth showed a disdainful smile.

Tals turned his head to the brown haired girl and whispered a few words. The brown haired girl immediately turned her gaze to Elvis who was standing behind a dozen people that were waiting for the test. When she saw Elvis’ appearance, her eyes immediately brightened, but when she remembered Tals’ words that this very handsome young man was only a waste, she felt disappointed and turned her line of sight to the side. However soon after her gaze was nailed to Elvis’ shoulder, to the fluffy and round white cat who held his paw and licked it with his little pink tongue.

EzoicWhen she saw that fluffy and small animal that looked like a snowball, the girl’s pair of eyes brightened up and she couldn’t move her gaze away. She never saw such a cute pet before, and she felt that her heart was about to burst due to it’s cuteness.

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