Chapter 70 Part 2

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Mika City, the main house of Roxis Clan.

The patriarch of Roxis Clan’s face was flushed as he smiled from ear to ear, the whole person’s complexion was extremely good, these past few days he had received countless guests from other clans, and have received the gifts recently.

Now he had just sent away the envoy who had come over from the four cities around Mika City, and each envoy brought one whole box of gifts, which were still placed at the side of his feet.

The great elder in the attire of elder clothes was sitting next to the clan patriarch. He was stroking the long beard on his chin, as his face was covered with a smiling expression.

Then as if thought about something, the great elder’s smile slightly vanished, then he said to the clan patriarch, “Patriarch, now we could only reach our current level by borrowing Elvis’ fame. But in the end, how can we make him really return to our clan? It would be very difficult, after all, previously he had so resolutely rejected us.”

When the clan patriarch heard that, he also put away the smile on his face, before immediately saying, “He was originally from our clan, his home was here, his grandfather, grandmother, father, and mother were also our clan members, even if he does not want to admit that he was one of our clan members, his roots were here, where else can he go?”

After speaking until here, the clan patriarch also felt a little guilty in his heart. At the time he heard that Elvis had demonstrated extraordinary talent in the joint competition of several famous academies across the continent, and along with the others that got the top tenth place, his fame has been spread widely in the whole continent, the clan patriarch was completely unable to sit still.

After all, previously Elvis was indeed a member of their clan. If they hadn’t let go of such a genius before, their clan would have long been proud.

He was just borrowing a bit of Elvis’s fame, moreover, he was telling the truth——although Elvis had been removed from the clan’s genealogy records by them, Elvis was indeed someone from their clan, and he did not make things up.

The patriarch pressed down the sudden rise of uneasiness in his heart before taking a teacup on the table beside him and drank a mouthful.

Just at this moment, the complexion of the great elder who was sitting next to the patriarch suddenly changed, he stood up from his seat, and looked at the door’s direction in a vigilant manner, “Patriarch, someone broke open the defensive arrays outside of our main house, and rushed toward this place.”

“What?” The clan patriarch’s complexion has also changed, if that person was able to break the defensive arrays outside of their main house, it means that person strength must be above six-star magus.

The great elder spread his spiritual sense, then instantly wrinkled his eyebrows, “No, the strength of the coming person should only be at four-star Junior Magus level……”

The voice of the great elder had not yet fallen, before the door of a room where the two of them located was pushed away, as a tall silhouette standing in front of the door, it was Elvis.

The afternoon sunlight passed through Elvis’ body and went into the room, pulling his shadow long.

When the clan patriarch and the great elder inside the room saw Elvis, they rapidly opened their eyes wide in disbelief.

Elvis, how did he come here?

Although they had been anticipating that Elvis might find out, when they used his reputation to achieve the purpose they wanted, they did not think that Elvis would unexpectedly appear in front of them at this moment.

Because Elvis was standing against the light, the clan patriarch and the great elder could not see the expression on his face. However, they were able to feel very clearly the terrifying cold pressure that was emanating from his body.

Though at the moment Elvis was in their territory, although the clan patriarch and the great elder didn’t know why they were feeling this kind of indescribable fear of Elvis, when they thought that Elvis now was only a four-star Junior Magus, they immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

“Elvis, how did you get in?” The clan patriarch raised his eyebrows and asked in an imposing manner.

Elvis did not answer the clan patriarch’s question and rather took a step forward, as the clan patriarch in the front of him, couldn’t help but involuntarily retreat a step back.

After taking a step back, the clan patriarch immediately stopped his footsteps, he felt himself lose face a lot by showing a timid appearance in front of a boy who hadn’t even grown out his hair.

What’s more, this boy’s rank was one level lower than himself, if these words went out, he would certainly be ridiculed at by other mages.

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