Chapter 81 Part 2

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The maid led the two men to the room and, with a beautiful smile of her face, said “This is the room for Mister Elvis and Mister Ludwig’s room is at…”

Before the maid was able to finish her sentence, Elvis interrupted her. “No need, Ludwig will stay with me in this room.”

“…Eh? Okay, okay.” The maid stared blankly for a moment before she quickly put away her inappropriately shocked expression. She pretended to accidentally sweep a glance between the two men and her eyes suddenly flashed a trace of understanding. “If so, then I presume the two guests will have a rest right away? If there is anything you need, just pull the rope in the room and someone will quickly come to assist you.”

The maid turned around and left after she finished speaking, leaving only Elvis and Li Luo in front of the door. As soon as her figure was out of sight, Elvis suddenly opened the door and pushed Li Luo inside the room.

Li Luo was caught off guard by Elvis’ sudden attack. It wasn’t until Elvis had pressed him against the surface of the door that Li Luo reacted. Elvis lowered his head to look the Li Luo.

The was no light in this room, only the hazy luminescence of the moon that shone through the window. The plain white cloth that covered various furniture inside the room seemed to glow a layer of misty light. However, it was still too dark and Li Luo was unable to see the expression on Elvis’ face.

“Ludwig, is there something you’re worried about?” Elvis looked at Li Luo, slightly narrowing his eyes.

Li Luo didn’t know how he should answer Elvis. After all, he was simply incapable of saying what he was worried about and could only swallow his words.

Xiao Qi had said that as long as Elvis completed the story he had written, with the protagonist reaching the peak of the world, then he would go back to the real world. But there must be a way to change this current situation, right? He can’t give up his close relatives in the real world but he also didn’t want to leave Elvis. There must be a way to satisfy both of his conditions, there has to be.

“It’s nothing.”

“Do you want to lie to me again?” Elvis bit out, word by word.

Sensing Elvis’ unhappiness, Li Luo hesitated for a moment before letting out a sigh and looking up, helplessly, at Elvis. “I don’t know how to tell you. These words, I am simply unable to say them to you. Not because I don’t want to tell you, but it’s rather that I don’t have the ability to do so.” After he finished speaking, Li Luo stretched out his hands and hugged Elvis’ waist and as his head rubbed against Elvis’ chest, he continued: “I will definitely think of a way to solve this. Elvis, I want to stay together with you.”

Elvis’ originally unpleasant mood vanished immediately after Li Luo took the initiative to hug him and recalled the incomplete sentence that Li Luo had previously said. He couldn’t help but reach out his hands to embrace Li Luo’s shoulder, saying “Ludwig, I understand what you mean. You aren’t trying to hide it from me. Rather, you’re restricted and the problem that you’re worried about, I am simply unable to hear it clearly. But I still hope that you can share your troubles with me. Not just for you, but for both of us.”

Elvis pondered for a moment, before continuing. “Since you can’t talk about it to me directly, then we’ll change the method. Ludwig, it should be possible to use an alternative method to explain it to me. This might be difficult but you just need to tell me the most critical part. As long as I can be together with you, the rest are unimportant.”

Enlightened, Li Luo immediately understood that Elvis was right. Since he was unable to say it straight then he should try bending his words with metaphors and euphemisms. The issue lied in expressing the problem accurately to Elvis.

Elvis lowered his head and kissed Li Luo’s forehead, “It doesn’t matter. You can tell me slowly, we should have a long time to communicate it clearly.”


After staying in Moore City for a few days, Elvis and Li Luo continued their journey. During that time, Li Luo had already started trying to explain. Although his words were somewhat vague, Elvis was still able to infer a lot from Li Luo’s words.

He wasn’t surprised finding out the Li Luo wasn’t from this continent, appearing like he’d already known for awhile. For Elvis, it wasn’t important whether or not Li Luo was a person from this continent. The most important thing was if Li Luo could stay be his side and never leave him.

And whether or not Li Luo could stay, was related to his own body.

Elvis looked at his hands. The reason he wanted to become stronger was to protect Li Luo. But after talking with him, Elvis began to understand that the faster his level rose, the closer Li Luo’s departure time would be. At this moment, he was already a Nine Star Saint Magic Instructor and if his rank rose two more levels, Li Luo would have no choice but to leave him.

Other people were worried about how to improve their ability and struggled to overpass him. Now, Elvis was distressed about how he could slow down his improvement speed.

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