The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 107

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Chapter 107: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.20


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Li Luo walked through the five-story long corridor and finally reached the front of the room where Chu Wuyong was imprisoned.

Chu Wuyong’s seemed to notice that someone came and his originally closed eyes immediately opened. After seeing that the person who arrived was Li Luo, Chu Wuyong’s eyes that originally flashed the alert suddenly disappeared, “Master.”

Li Luo knew that even though Chu Wuyong was locked inside the Spiritual Lock Pagoda, besides unable to use his cultivation, there was no threat to his life. Therefore, he has not worried about Chu Wuyong these days. However, when he saw Chu Wuyong sitting alone inside an empty room, his heart couldn’t help but feel somewhat distressed.

Despite this, he still had no expression revealed on his face, moreover, now that Ye Tianqi has decided how to deal with Chu Wuyong, it was estimated that the news of Chu Wuyong’s expulsion from Clear Sky Sect will be announced inside the sect after a few days, and Chu Wuyong would, naturally, also be released from the Spiritual Lock Pagoda.

“Wuyong.” Li Luo stood outside the door of that cell with a layer of blue light and encircled by the layers of array, his fair face seemed to give off an even more sort of crystal-clear feeling under the faint blue rays of light.

Li Luo wore a white robe today, his waist was tied up with a simple jade belt, revealing the outline of his beautiful slender waist. Even though Chu Wuyong’s expression appeared no different from the usual, Chu Wuyong doesn’t know how many times he thought about this sweetheart in front of him, but now that he saw him, he only felt that this person’s every move seemed to whack a heavy blow to his heart.

Only thought that if he can have this person in front of him to his embrace at this moment, he certainly would slowly untie the clothes on his body and gently touch his soft and smooth skin, and then firmly hold him, let him be under his own body, and feel his possessive desire that almost become crazy. He could only think about him in his heart and he could only call his name in his mouth.

Chu Wuyong tried to press down his longing for this person in front of him which almost rushed out with great effort. After that, he slightly drooped his eyes to cover the traces of purple light that flashed in his eyes, so it would not be detected by the array in the room, then he walked with quick steps to the door of the cell and called out again, “Master.”

Although there was no expression on the surface of his face, but Li Luo was size up Chu Wuyong in the cell without a trace. In these days, although Chu Wuyong can’t cultivate, and can’t use the spiritual power, yet his condition was still quite good. Li Luo retracted his line of sight felt relieved.

In fact, as the protagonist of this book, Chu Wuyong would certainly have the protagonist’s halo, this big cheater tool, so even if he encountered a big crisis, Chu Wuyong would definitely be able to turn misfortune into blessing and escaped unscattered in the end. Furthermore, get the opportunity that others can not think of, Li Luo suddenly felt that what he have just worried about was all superfluous.

After Li Luo heard Chu Wuyong called him again, he just slightly nodded his head as his light colored lips slightly pursed and those two light and slender eyebrows were also rarely knitted a bit; seemed to be pondering about what to say.

When Chu Wuyong saw Li Luo’s appearance, he had already guessed, almost completely, what Li Luo thought in his heart. He understood that even if Ye Tianqi would be unable to find evidence of whether he was a devil cultivator, but on that day, the whole people in sect saw with their own pair of eyes that he indeed used the devil spiritual power; so his biggest possibility was to be expelled from the Clear Sky Sect.

Chu Wuyong was essentially still a little more inclined to a devil cultivator. Although he had been practicing the immortal path cultivation method in the Clear Sky Sect, he had been a devil cultivator for more than a thousand years in his previous life. It was impossible in the span of these several decades, he would become a real immortal path cultivator. One day, he would still leave the Clear Sky Sect, but he never thought it would come so fast.

Coupled with the existence of this person in front of him, before he could get him and take him away with him from the Clear Sky Sect, Chu Wuyong didn’t want to leave the Clear Sky Sect for the time being.

When Li Luo wanted to speak, he suddenly remembered that when he was on his way to this place, he was so happy to leave Clear Sky Sect with Chu Wuyong. But why did he, an elder of the Clear Sky Sect, want to follow his disciple who was to be expelled from the sect? What was his reason for “leaving the sect” together? He didn’t think about it at all! Now, how could he fabricate a reason at the last moment, his mind was completely blank, he completely doesn’t know what to say.

He also can only blame himself, he clearly had a long time to think about this problem, but unexpectedly, he didn’t think of it and only thought of wanting to go quickly visit Chu Wuyong. Now that he had arrived, only then did he discovered that he actually had not even fabricated a good and reliable reason.

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