The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.30


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

The hair that didn’t dry out soaked at the back of the young man’s white robe which resulted in the robe becoming almost half transparent, and this made Chu Wuyong able to faintly see the fair skin inside. At the moment, under the glow of the sunset, the young man’s body seemed to be covered with a warm hue.

Chu Wuyong quietly observed the young man who had his back faced towards him, the taste that melted in his mouth was too familiar. At that time, he was watching his own sweetheart self-exploding in front of himself. Even if he doesn’t want to admit it, the Nascent Soul cultivator’s self-destruction was absolutely impossible to recover. Therefore, he wanted to find the secret method that would be able to bring Gu Qingchen back to life.

What was the purpose of this young man appearing in front of him at this time? When Chu Wuyong pondered until here, his eyes could not help but deepen a few degrees, and the hand that held the chopsticks tightened a bit.

Moreover, it was impossible for anyone to know that Qingchen made these foods for him at that time. How did the young man know about this? And why would the taste be so similar?

After Chu Wuyong thought more of this matter, he found out that there were a lot of doubtful points. It was better to transfer this young man to the nearest place, and then carefully observe him. Anyway, there was still an extra room in this courtyard, besides that room that was exactly the same design as the room where Gu Qingchen originally lived.

As Chu Wuyong pondered, he ate a few more mouthfuls of noodles from the bowl in front of him. Moreover, he also didn’t sense that there was anything wrong with this bowl of noodles in his hand, and this kind of very familiar, almost irresistible taste, he hoped to be able to taste it a few more times before trying to find the purpose of this young man.

By the time when Li Luo still had not finished cooking the second bowl of noodles, Chu Wuyong had already finished eating the bowl that Li Luo had cooked for him.

When Li Luo once again held a bowl of noodles and was preparing to walk to a corner to eat it, a slender and powerful hand took the bowl of hot noodles from his hand.

Li Luo: “……” It was alright to grab a bowl, you even took the second bowl? =皿= Even if he liked this man in front of him, but the act of taking food in his mouth still made him wanted to stare back with resentful eyes.

Chu Wuyong didn’t pay attention to Li Luo’s emotions at the moment, and continued to eat the noodles that Li Luo just recently made. His face still had a cold appearance. After eating a few more mouthfuls, he opened his mouth and said, “You will move to the place next to the room that I told you to not enter and clean. At the time of the three meals, you can pick up the best ingredients at the food department, and call me after once you finish making the meal.”

After listening to Chu Wuyong’s words, Li Luo quickly recovered from the grief of losing his food. In other words, his identity has now evolved from Chu Wuyong’s little manservant to Chu Wuyong’s personal chef?

But this was also an opportunity to be closer to Chu Wuyong, Li Luo naturally would not refuse, and his current identity can not refuse Chu Wuyong’s orders.

Therefore, Li Luo was settled down in his new residence.


Chu Wuyong was drinking a bowl of seemingly ordinary vegetable soup in his hand, and on top of the stone table in front of him, there were three dishes and one soup, which had been mostly eaten.

These dishes were made with the best spirit foods, and the amount of impurities inside has been reduced to minimum due to the ingredients. But in fact, there would still be impurities settled after eating, and Chu Wuyong needed to spend time in removing these impurities out of his body.

This was actually a little troublesome. Therefore, after cultivators lost the need to eat, most of them would choose to abandon their appetites and only absorb the spiritual energy in the world, before refining it. Those thin impurities that remained in the body were carefully discharged to make their body become more suitable for cultivation.

Chu Wuyong naturally knew this, but he doesn’t care about this. For him, compared to this insignificant time that he needed to discharge the impurities, he would prefer to eat more of these dishes that he felt familiar.

The more he get along with the young man named Li Luo, the more Chu Wuyong felt that although Li Luo’s character did not look the same as his master Gu Qingchen, but some of his habits and also some feelings that Li Luo gave him, were very similar to Gu Qingchen.

Especially those pair of eyes.

Thinking of this, Chu Wuyong looked at Li Luo’s face who was sitting in front of him and slightly lowered his head while having a meal, and those peach blossom eyes that as if contain a clear spring. Although the owner’s appearance looked very ordinary, this pair of eyes can add five or six points to this plain face.

Although the eyes of Gu Qingchen and Li Luo were not of the same shape, they were the same, both clear and pure. Furthermore, Li Luo’s eyes flashed an obvious happy expression when eating, which was exactly the same as his master Gu Qingchen. There were some small habits that Li Luo showed when eating, and it was if it was carved from the same mold.

Moreover, after interacting with Li Luo for a period of time, Chu Wuyong was also able to confirm that this young man in front of him doesn’t have any wicked thoughts. On the contrary, he seemed to be a little cautious in their daily contacts, and he revealed a desire of wanting to get close to him, which was very interesting.

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