The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.21


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

The Clear Sky Sect was considered to be on the top row of the upper size sect in the entire Tianyun continent, and belonged to a second-rate’s sect.

Although it was not as popular as the first-rate’s sect, but every time they recruited disciples, there were countless people who wanted to enter the Clear Sky Sect.

Therefore, the Clear Sky Sect occupied a very vast land. Li Luo rode his leaf-shaped boat with Chu Wuyong, it took two cup of tea’s time, before they came to the big defensive arrays from the Spiritual Lock Pagoda where Chu Wuyong was imprisoned.

Although there were many array nodes in the big defensive arrays, but the path to go out was exactly the same. Because apart from that road, the other roads were all set up to confuse the enemy, and there were unpredictable dangers and troubles concealed inside.

Moreover, they also could not use the flying spiritual tool to get out of this road. Li Luo took Chu Wuyong directly to the front of the array node, and then took out the token that Ye Tianqi gave him. As on top of the original seemingly lush green meadow, a complicated road suddenly extended out from under their feet, until it was hidden in the distance’s mist.

Li Luo cast a glance at Chu Wuyong beside him, he did not say anything, before he took the initiative and first set foot on that road.

Chu Wuyong immediately followed behind Li Luo, he also walked on that road without the slightest hesitation. The moment they both set foot on the road, the two of them right away disappeared from the original place.

Then, everything was restored to the original appearance, as if the two of them were never here.


On an open space a few hundred miles away from the Clear Sky Sect, the man in red garments who was originally sitting cross-legged under the shade of a huge tree, opened his eyes in an instant. His peach blossom eyes looked at the direction of Clear Sky Sect, as his light red colored lips revealed a trace of cold smile, “Did they came out?”

The beautiful woman who was standing beside the man in red garments immediately half-knelt toward the man in respect, then said softly, “Yes, Lord, from those two puppets that I sent to the Spiritual Lock Pagoda, the one who was stationed near the array nodes informed me that he saw Chu Wuyong and his master.”

The man in red garments flung his sleeves and stood up. The smile on his lips and the ambitious look in his eyes became more and more obvious, “Chu Wuyong…I hope you will not be too surprised when you see me.”

His voice had not yet fallen, but his figure has been disappeared.


As he and Chu Wuyong walked through the misty road, Li Luo followed the route projected by the token in his hand, which looked like a maze with many layers of countless intertwined trails of mountain road. In this section of the road, to go out of the big defensive arrays, cultivators were unable to ride their flying spiritual tool. Therefore, at the moment they can only walk in the direction indicated by the token, even if it was very easy to identify the wrong road by riding the flying spiritual tool.

Li Luo didn’t know how long the time had passed, before he felt the token within his hand flashed twice, and the light that originally indicated the direction was retracted into the token.

Li Luo looked at his front, the road which he and Chu Wuyong walking at had almost reached the end.

The exit of the big defensive arrays should be at the end of this small road.

Li Luo put away the token in his hand, before he continued to move forward without the slightest hesitation. Chu Wuyong who was behind Li Luo followed closely to the pace of Li Luo, and walked out of the end of the small road covered by the mist.

After they left the big defensive arrays, and looked back, they didn’t have any area surrounded by mist, rather they could clearly see a few base of high mountains behind them. However, these were actually just the diversionary tactic of the big defensive arrays, not the real scene.

Li Luo took a glance at the direction of the Clear Sky Sect that was covered by the big defensive arrays, before he threw out the leaf-shaped boat, and said to Chu Wuyong, “Wuyong, let’s go.”

Chu Wuyong did not say anything, he jumped to the boat, and then sat behind Li Luo, he naturally also saw the action of Li Luo just a moment ago. Chu Wuyong’s eyes darkened a bit, as he looked at the back of Li Luo who was driving the leaf-shaped boat. After all, the Clear Sky Sect was the place where his sweetheart lived for a few hundreds of years. Now that he left the Clear Sky Sect for him, he would certainly protect him in the future when he stronger, and also take him along to reach the peak of the cultivation world together with him!

Li Luo, who was completely unaware of Chu Wuyong’s thought, pondered about where he and Chu Wuyong would go after they left the Clear Sky Sect.

As he controlled the leaf-shaped boat, Li Luo flipped over the synopsis of the story in his mind, and intended to use the hints in the synopsis to determine which place in Tianyun Continent they should go, the place that can benefit Chu Wuyong to encounter the opportunity that belongs to him.

Li Luo was just about to flip through the plot of the story after Chu Wuyong left the Clear Sky Sect in his mind, but he saw a glimpse of beautiful red light from the corner of his eye, that light was speed along and came from not far away horizon——What was that?

Li Luo still didn’t see the red figure clearly, when a bolt of lightning struck down the leaf-shaped boat that he was driving.

Li Luo immediately controlled the leaf-shaped boat with his thought to avoid the lightning, but immediately after, it became even more intensive, as if to weave a large net made of lightning, and tracked firmly the movement of the leaf-shaped boat that Li Luo drove inside a range.

Li Luo’s heart suddenly trembled, he looked at this situation, that red figure was definitely a bad person. According to the synopsis of the story in his memory, when Chu Wuyong just came out of the Clear Sky Sect, there was no such plot. After experiencing the last two worlds, in a situation where he is faced with this kind of plot which from time to time, leaving the development trajectory, Li Luo had been very calm and collected.

It’s just unclear, for what reason this red figure attacked him and Chu Wuyong.

The thought flashed past in Li Luo’s heart, and he paid more attention on how to break through this layers of electric net that surrounded him and Chu Wuyong. After all, the red figure that flew toward them had certainly not come over only to greet him and Chu Wuyong.

If he can find a way to breakthrough of the electric net that trapped them now, then it was best to escape as quickly as possible.

However, even though Li Luo tried many methods, he still could not find the breakthrough to rush out of this encirclement.

It can clearly be seen that the cultivation rank of the red figure that rushed over was obviously higher than him.

The uneasiness in Li Luo’s heart became more and more obvious. Only after a few breaths of time, and that figure that was originally a red dot, had appeared in front of him and Chu Wuyong.

This was a very beautiful man. His eyes were just like two red gems burning with dark flame. His skin was white like cold porcelain. Between his rising eyebrows was dotted with a red mole, which made his facial features appeared even more beautiful. However, the chilling and evil temperament that he exuding around him made no one dare to have any improper thought toward his more outstanding appearance than the woman.

He did not rely on any flying spiritual tool, as he stood in the air in front of Li Luo and Chu Wuyong.

Then he slightly turned his red eyes and looked at Chu Wuyong who was sitting behind Li Luo, as his light red colored lips raised into indistinct smile with unknown meaning, “Chu Wuyong, long time…no see.”

Li Luo looked at that very recognizable face, and immediately a countless of “Fu*k” blurted out in his heart, this face was clearly the close friend who betrayed Chu Wuyong——Yun Tianheng.

Although Li Luo had been psychological preparation for the change of plot, but he didn’t have any preparation to face one of the BOSS in this book that he has arranged for Chu Wuyong so soon!

Now, not to mention Chu Wuyong, even if it was him, when faced with this person, he will only be completely oppressed. Although this person in front of him was currently only in the initial stage of Demigod and not close to the middle stage of Demigod rank. But Nascent Soul stage and Demigod stage, they were totally unable to be placed on a balance of comparison.

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