The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: ‘The Wild Dragon Proud Days’ 1.28


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

    • [1] “Taijian” — eunuchs, who were men that were castrated, are not the same as taijian as taijian refers to specific positions in the Imperial palace and government which were occupied by men that were castrated.
    • Fuhuang” — emperor father, what the emperor’s children calls him
    • Muhou (母后) — mother-empress. All children of the emperor has a di mother, the empress, who they refer to as muhou and for those born of concubines, who is their shu mother, they will call them mufei.
    • Ge/gege” — big brother
    • Meimei (妹妹) — younger sister. All the women are “sisters” and the “age” is determined by first rank, and then seniority.

Warning, has a little bit mature content

Li Luo was carefully put down by Qin Yu into the warm water that instantly wrapped around his sore body.

Qin Yu was holding Li Luo’s waist as he stretched out his fingers and entered that tight ring of muscle that he loved countless times last night and cleaned up the semen that he left behind. Feeling that place that encircled his fingers tighten, Qin Yu could not help but reminisce back to the endless pleasure he felt last night, which made his original already half-hard lower half begin to become spirited up again. He resisted the urge to stick it up into Li Luo’s full of bite marks butt.

Feeling the danger to his own rear, Li Luo’s complexion couldn’t help but change. He immediately turned around, too scared to look in Qin Yu’s direction. Li Luo’s eyelids were still red and swollen, with the addition of the frightened expression that was showing in his eyes, it only made him appear very pitiful.

Qin Yu looked at Li Luo in front of him. He appeared very pitiful and his whole body was full of his marks as he showed a very confused expression. When Qin Yu saw this, he could not help but lean over, hold the back of Li Luo’s head, and kiss him deeply. Last night was Li Luo’s and his first time, so he couldn’t control his own lust that he had long suppressed for that man. Consequently, he did him until dawn. Although at this moment he wanted that body that he could never tire of, but he was not a beast, he wouldn’t continuously force him when his sweetheart already couldn’t afford to continue.

Qin Yu only broke the kiss when Li Luo became unable to breathe. Li Luo’s hands were pressed against Qin Yu’s chest as his own chest that was covered with a thin layer of muscles kept rising and falling. His narrow shoulders were half covered by his long wet hair. His smooth and round shoulders were as white as warm jade. Moreover, he had a few red marks on them, and because of last night’s countless love making, Li Luo’s tight ring of muscle was swollen pink. It was still trembling as a few drops of fluids flowed out from it, which made him appear even more sultry as it lifted up the spring atmosphere in the room. Not to mention Qin Yu once again captured his mouth and kissed him deeply, which made his slightly red handsome face become even more lovely. Furthermore due to that beginning of spring atmosphere, he half-closed his eyes.

Qin Yu’s throat was itchy, in a hoarse voice, he said, “I won’t do anything again to you now. I will just help you clean up. You just have to obedient and stop moving around, okay?”

Li Luo who was still daring to move around, immediately stilled when he heard this as he took a glance at Qin Yu. His eyesight immediately fell to those lips that were kissing him for who knew how long. Not to mention at this moment he ached all over if he moved around, even if Qin Yu wanted to do something to him, he couldn’t resist.

End of warning

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