Chapter 131 Part 2

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Chapter 131.2:

Chu Wuyong looked at Li Luo’s smile, and couldn’t help but lower his head and bite Li Luo’s lips.

His Xiao Luo smile was so sweet, it made him want to taste whether or not Xiao Luo’s lips were also sweet like honey.

Thinking this way, Chu Wuyong licked and nibbled Li Luo’s lips a few times, and then pried open Li Luo’s mouth, and wrapped around Li Luo’s tongue, letting Li Luo and himself sink deeper into it together.

Li Luo’s breathing gradually became hurried by Chu Wuyong’s kiss, and there was a faint blush on his cheeks. He simply took the initiative to hook his arms around Chu Wuyong’s neck and got himself up.

Because of Li Luo’s action, Chu Wuyong’s breathing was also suddenly accelerated, as the original gentle and lingering kiss immediately became fierce, as if he wanted to devour this youth who he was kissing into his stomach, and integrated into his own flesh and blood in general.

If it wasn’t for the knock on the door outside at this time, the jade belt that was originally wrapped around Li Luo’s slender waist would be ripped off by Chu Wuyong.

“Lord, the preparations for the Dao companion ceremony has been completed.” The sound of Wu Chen’s voice came from the outside. He just passed the message this way, there was no movement to push open the door.

The five senses of the cultivators were very sharp. When he was standing outside the door, he had already heard the subtle voices inside. Naturally, it was impossible to rush in and disturb Chu Wuyong and Li Luo. After he finished speaking, Wu Chen didn’t do anything else, and just quietly waited outside the door.

Chu Wuyong kissed Li Luo again for a while, only then he withdrew. His pupils were dark and deep as he wiped away the wet stains on Li Luo’s lips. Afterwards, he lightly kissed Li Luo’s eyes and then rearranged the messy clothes on Li Luo’s body.

He waited for a while until Li Luo was breathing smoothly, before he pulled Li Luo’s hand and took him out of the room.

Besides Wu Chen, there were more than ten cultivators who lowered their heads and quietly waited for the two men outside the door.

At their side, there was a carriage that was pulled by four spiritual beasts with lion heads and horse bodies. The walls of the carriage were not the wood, rather, it was a thin curtain hung on all sides, which made the people able to faintly see the person inside.

Chu Wuyong led Li Luo to board the carriage. The cultivators who had originally lowered their heads immediately divided into two groups and surrounded the two sides of the carriage. Wu Chen leaped into the front of the carriage and ordered the four spiritual beasts in front to move. The carriage that had originally parked on the ground immediately rose slowly and headed towards the site where the ceremony was held.

The lion head and horse body spiritual beasts pulled the carriage very steadily. The thin curtains hanging around the carriage occasionally blown by the cool breeze between the peaks; this made Li Luo, who was sitting inside, faintly see the scenery outside through the wave-like floating curtain.

At this time, it was early in the morning, the time of the day when the air was the freshest. As the wind that carried the mist of morning dew blew gently, the morning sun from the mountainside also rose slowly. The surroundings of mountain peaks were covered by this mist, and people can only faintly see it. It was unclear, but also as if it was a fairyland.

Li Luo’s right hand was held tightly by Chu Wuyong who was sitting next to him. He also clasped Chu Wuyong’s big hand with his smaller hand. He felt his heart was full at this moment.

The carriage soon arrived at the top of the mountain peak where they will hold the Dao companion ceremony. Because of Chu Wuyong’s request, at this time, all the people of Xuan Ming Palace had already arrived here.

The open space above the mountain peak was filled with the densely packed people, but no one was talking to each other. Rather, they all raised their head and looked towards the direction of the arrival carriage.

AdvertisementThe lion head with a horse’s body spiritual beasts carried the carriage and steadily landed on the flat ground not far away in front of the crowd. All the people of Xuan Ming Palace who had originally raised their head immediately turned their gaze and looked forward to the fluttering thin curtain of the carriage, only to see a slender hand stretched out from the inside and pushed aside the thin curtain. The eyes of everyone were brightened and showed full of gossip radiance. However, when they saw Chu Wuyong, who was dressed in a black robe, coming out from the inside, the expression in their eyes became dull and suddenly felt a little disappointed.

After seeing Chu Wuyong come out, they saw he extended his hand to the inside of the carriage and pulled out a hand that was even more slim and fair. Their somewhat depressed heart just a moment ago, immediately rose up with spirit again.

It was finally the time to confirm the credibility of the gossip. Recently, the people in the inner palace were madly passing the news on them that Chu Wuyong was going to form Dao companion with the former Demon Lord, the person who had nearly died after being seriously injured by him.

When this was said, nine out of ten people didn’t believe it.

Seeing the Lord loathed the appearance of the former Demon Lord very much nowadays, how could he want to form Dao companion with the former Demon Lord? Unless the sun was rising from the west.

Then, Chu Wuyong gave the instruction that it was time to hold the Dao companion ceremony. After the order, all the people were going to the front of the stage. Almost more than half of the people present secretly carried the mental watch for the gossip to come. On the surface, they naturally didn’t dare to talk openly about Chu Wuyong. But it was still possible to secretly take a look at the gossip inside.

Under the eager eyes of everyone, the owner of the very beautiful hand that was held by Chu Wuyong, slowly came out of the carriage. His jet-black and supple hair was carefully bundled, even the front hair didn’t leak a bit in the forehead. A very gorgeous face was exposed to the crowd. On his fair as snow face was a red mole between his eyebrows which was unusually eye-catching; and those ruby-like pupils were focused on Chu Wuyong who was holding his hand, without giving a single glance to other people; his lips were like the red plum blossoms on the snow as it slightly raised, and seemed to contain unlimited sweetness.

This was the face of an exceptional beauty that made people who saw him unable to forget, but this face also belonged to the previous temperament of Yun Tianheng, and his method was known to be ruthless and harsh.

Everyone couldn’t help but simultaneously draw out a mouthful of cold air in their heart. They didn’t think that the partner of the Lord’s Dao companion unexpectedly was really the former Devil Lord Yun Tianheng in the rumor.

Could it be that this was the legendary love hate relationship?

The Lord’s heart was indeed very hard to understand.

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