The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 80

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Chapter 80: Saint Magus 2.43

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Just like the time when he had entered this ruin, Li Luo felt himself in split second, as if he had lost all of his sense, and just seemed to sink inside a strange space.

When he regained his consciousness, he right away found himself and Elvis were now falling down from the sky, as the wind fluttering the clothes on their whole body from below.

Elvis’ hand was encircling his waist, and there was sound of roar of beast heard from the ground under them. Li Luo felt it was strange and looked down, only to see Eli bared its sharp teeth viciously, and roaring while waving its claws towards the creature with a pair of blood red eyes in the front of it, the body of the creature was dark, and surrounded by a layer of black fog, the strange creature had a mouth full of sharp teeth.

Li Luo was still not looked carefully, only to hear a slight sound of wind, he was also felt a black shadow appeared on his side, suddenly covered his line of sight.

Li Luo turned his head and saw the same strange creature as the one that had just battle with Eli below, advancing towards him and Elvis while showed the mouth full of sharp teeth.

Li Luo subconsciously wanted to changed into beast form, but before he able to take action, that monster in front of him right away issued a painful roar, as its body split into two, before falling down straight from the sky.

Elvis’ expression was indifferent as he put away the long sword in his hand, the long sword was flashed a glimmer of cold light in the air, Li Luo simply didn’t even see clearly what kind of trajectory Elvis’ movement was, Elvis had once again split open the body of another monster that has been thrown itself at him.

After these two attacks, Elvis held Li Luo and finally landed to the flat ground. And the monster that battle with Eli was also trampled under the foot by Eli, before its neck was bitten off.

After Elvis landed on the ground, he right away walked over to the two monsters that he had killed, and carefully observing it for a moment, his eyebrows wrinkled, before opened his mouth and said, “These three were the creatures from different world.” But how could the creatures from different world appeared in this world without passed through the mage’ summoned, could it be that there was other mage around? But who knows that both of them will appear here?

Thinking of this, Elvis immediately glanced around with vigilance, but he felt carefully several times, and didn’t found any presence of mage.

He was now already a nine-star Saint Magic Instructor, which is to say that, on this continent, only a few mages able to conceal themself from his eyes. But he was also did not have any enmity with the high-level mages, it was impossible for any mage to ambush him here.

In that case, where did these three demonic beasts from different world come from?

Elvis carefully make sure that no danger left, before placed his sword back inside the storage bag, he walked back to Li Luo’s side, and said to him, “Let’s go.”

When Li Luo just saw those three creatures from different world, although somewhat strange, but after he realized the progress of the current plot, he also right away understood their current situation.

One year after Elvis entered that magic relic, the boundaries of the outside world and this world did not know why was broken, and a large number of creatures from other world were poured into this vast continent.

When the protagonist of this world came out from the magic relic, the invasion of creatures from other world was just about to reach a great climax. The leader of these creatures, demonic beast emperor, have already descended on this continent, and commanding the demonic beasts who have been entered this world which belong to human race in advance to begin a large-scale invasion.

But, at the moment Elvis had come out of the magic relic about one year earlier than the time he wrote in the book. At this time, it was estimated that the demonic beast emperor has not yet descended to this mainland.

Li Luo couldn’t help but stretched out his finger and touching his nose, as he followed behind Elvis’ back. Regarding the plot in the book and his own origin, he seemed unable to say even a word to Elvis.

However, Elvis did not seem to have any interest in this. After Li Luo was make clear himself would not leave him, Elvis right away lost interest in other issues.

Elvis saw that Li Luo had not walked to his side for a long time, he turned around and looked at Li Luo, upon seeing this, Li Luo immediately quickened his footsteps, and walked to Elvis’ side.

Behind them, Eli was swaying its long tail and shook the fluffy fur on its head, before walked forward with its four legs and unhurriedly following behind the two man’s back.

Elvis walked with Li Luo for a moment and then stopped, he turned around and looked at Eli who was behind them.

When Eli saw Elvis’ gaze, it couldn’t help but immediately take a step back, as its pair of eyes looked at Elvis warily.

Elvis looked at Eli who was behind them as an idea crossed his mind, and couldn’t help but smile slightly with satisfaction.

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