The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: Saint Magus 2.32


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

Although Li Luo already knew the outcome of the match, he still couldn’t help but feel nervous for Elvis.

A little commotion couldn’t help but rise from the female audience who occupied one-quarter of the site when they saw the two young men with very outstanding appearances show up on the stage. The male audience was also whispering with each other discussing the performances of the two of them in their previous matches.

When the mentor who acted as a referee and stood between the two men, seeing such an enthusiastic reaction from the scene, he deliberately extended his time to explain, until all of the people’s eyes were filled with nervousness, only then did he announce the start of the match.

The seats in the spectator’s stage were almost fully booked. The record of Elvis and Sizel’s previous matches were total victories, neither lost even once.

Also during this semifinal round was the first time for the two individuals with complete victory records to meet each other.

Li Luo opened his big amber colored cat pupils wide, and looked at the battle stage that had been covered by a transparent magic arrays——in order to prevent the magic used by disciples during a battle from spreading to the audiences in the spectator’s stage, so before the start of each match, the mentor who acts as a referee would withdraw from the battle stage, and apply these protective arrays around the stage.

The match had only started for a few seconds, but the rays of magic light had already flashed like fireworks on the battle stage and made the atmosphere immediately became tense.

Li Luo’s gaze was mostly on Elvis’ body, Elvis had long since cut his golden hair short, and as he and Sizel cast a spell to form a water dragon, before the two dragons dashed forward and clashed head to head, they created a gale of wind that blew up and down, completely exposing the full line of Elvis’ forehead, and his pair of sharp azure eyes. The black magic robes on his body were also fluttering, and his whole person was just like he was floating in the wind.

Although he was blown by the wind, Elvis’ footsteps were not the slightest bit deviated, as if he had become one with the wind.

Sizel’s body seemed to be surrounded by a circle of green light, to resist the invasion of the wind.

As the two dragons continuously fought, Sizel waved his magic staff within his hand again, and once again launched an attack on Elvis. Small pieces of snowflakes gradually condensed into an ice phoenix, as it spread its wings and circled in the air a few times before swiftly diving down toward Elvis.

Elvis’ eyes were sharp, as he flipped the magic staff in his hand, and a large wave of green vines emerged from the ground before they entangled the ice phoenix above.

The ice phoenix seemed to have its own consciousness, slanting its flight to avoid the countless vines that rushed into it. The vines were also pursued closely by the escaping ice phoenix that evaded everything.

The ice phoenix evaded several more times, before crying out a few times, and flapping its wings toward the vines, as countless amount of wind and snow instantly condensed under its wings, the vine that was attacked by it was completely frozen and became an iceberg with a strange shape.

Upon seeing this, Elvis began muttering something in his mouth, soon afterward a body composed of flames was formed, as a tiger with a pair of bright red wings appeared out of thin air, it let out a loud roar, before fiercely rushing toward the ice phoenix.

At this time, the two dragons who were fighting above had disappeared because the magic powers that supported them were exhausted and finally were unable to distinguish the outcome. However, the battle situation below was very fierce.

All of the people that were watching the match didn’t even dare to breathe loudly, only feeling that their eyes were almost out of use. Although the entrance fee that they had to pay was very expensive, after seeing such a wonderful match, everyone felt that the ticket that they bought was simply too cheap.

Li Luo looked at this kind of equally matched battle on the stage, the tail behind him went straight, out of nervousness, and the heart inside his chest was beating very powerfully, to personally see such a match, the feeling was totally different from the time when he wrote it.

When he was writing this scene, it was just an image in his mind, there may be some surge of excitement, but it was certainly not like seeing the real scene, where he felt that his heart was about to jump out.

With the passage of time, the match on the stage became more and more intense. Sizel’s original healthy face now looked a bit pale, it seemed that he already used up a big part of his magic power, and it was estimated that it would be totally exhausted after a while.

Elvis’ eyes slightly flashed, he suddenly turned over his face and looked at Li Luo who unconsciously stood up, he opened his mouth slightly as he looked at Li Luo’s side. The ripples in his eyes seemed to contain countless thoughts. Then Elvis closed his eyes, and his complexion also gradually became pale just like Sizel, he was even weaker and seemed to consume even more magic power than Sizel.

Finally, when Elvis showed a bit gap, Sizel immediately seized this opportunity, and he quickly made a strike at Elvis.

When the blow was about to arrive in front of Elvis, a white light quickly flashed, blocked the blow, and the mentor standing outside the stage took back his hand, before looking appreciatively at Sizel and Elvis, then announced, “Sizel won.”

In his opinion, these two disciples were very good, both of them were very good seedlings. Sizel was a publicly known genius, he did not expect that the rising star disciple was also so good, it was beyond his expectations.

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