The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: Return to the University (3)


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Li Luo’s days in college was ordinary, it was not too bad nor was it too good. Xiao Qi also didn’t give him any accurate information about when can he go back to the book’s world.

He has been at the university for a year, and the second semester was almost over.

Because the season had entered summer, the weather became particularly hot and stuffy.

Li Luo was a little afraid of heat, so he was wearing a white t-shirt with simple letters and a pair of knee-length shorts which exposed a large part of his white skin.

Moreover, his body hair was relatively sparse, thus those pair of exposed calves were fair and straight, smooth and delicate, appeared more beautiful than most girls.

Although there was an electric fan in the classroom, but because of the hot and stuffy weather, the wind from the electric fan was warm and not much useful.

Li Luo held his chin with his palm, silently waiting for the end of today’s course, and then he would go to the dormitory and turn on the air conditioner inside.

Just after the last class bell rang, everyone stood up and ready to go out of the classroom, Li Luo was also prepared to get up and walked out of the classroom along with everyone, the class leader suddenly shouted loudly, “Everyone wait for a moment, don’t go first!”

Then he strode to the podium with a few large steps, then swept a glance at everyone who had their heads turned to look at him. He coughed once, then said, “Our first year of college is about to end, and everyone had not paid the class fee in the first half semester, now the class fee is still more than two thousand. After a year of time, everyone also familiar with each other, but we never go out together, therefore I discussed it with several other class committees. How about we go out to eat a meal together tonight and then go to KTV to sing with this remaining class fee?” Then he paused for a while, before once again saying, “Of course this is not mandatory. If someone does not want to go, we can give back that person’s share of the money now.”

After the class leader’s voice fell, a little commotion immediately rose below, and everyone began whispering with each other, and many people began to ask the class leader where they were going to eat and sing. The class leader who was standing on the stage also answered their questions one by one, patiently.

Before the class started, a cultural committee member grabbed the seat next to Jin Chenji——A girl with beautiful look. She sneakily peeked at Jin Chenji who was sitting beside her and had not yet stood up. When she saw the side of that very handsome face, the girl face could not help but slightly reddened, but she still summoned her courage to ask Jin Chenji, “Classmate Jin, will you go tonight too?”

Hearing the voice, Jin Chenji turned his head and looked at that cultural committee member, those pair of deep black eyes that looked at her immediately made the girl’s beautiful face that originally slightly red became reddened even more.

Jin Chenji pondered for a moment, in this period of time he was in charge of the company’s projects and has been busy, but there was no emergency that he needed to deal with it recently. Although he would not have too many intersections with these classmates, he still needed to spend his four years with this group of people. He also does not want people to feel that he was too unsocial, therefore in this first class gathering, he didn’t want to refuse. Jin Chenji slightly nodded his head, and then opened his thin lips, “En.”

After receiving Jin Chenji’s response, the cultural committee member almost fainted due to over in happiness. She did not expect that Jin Chenji would really respond to her.

Ahahah, the Prince Charming talked to her. Although it was only one word, the sound of his voice was very good and magnetic. If she had known earlier she would record it down on her mobile phone! Then she can take it back to the dormitory and listened at it again and again together with the dormitory girls.

The class leader waited on the stage for a long time and no one said they were unwilling to go, so this matter was settled. Today’s course ended relatively early, in addition there were two free classes that didn’t have an arranged course.

A group of people placed their own textbooks back into the dormitory, and then each dormitory formed a unit to go gather at the school gate.

Jin Chenji also rarely followed Li Luo and other three roommates, and he had not been returned to the dormitory for more than a week.

While Li Luo placed his own textbook on the table, his heart was somewhat tangled, and from time to time, he would take a glance at Jin Chenji from the corner of his eye.

If he remembered correctly, today should be the opportunity for him and Jin Chenji to break this stranger’s atmosphere between them, but this opportunity was quite embarrassing for him.

“……Xiao Luo, Xiao Luo, what are you doing standing still there! Let’s go.” When Li Luo still felt tangled in his heart, his back was suddenly slapped by a person, and Li Luo was unprepared, lost his balance and almost fell down on the table by this slap and scared him into a big jump.

When Li Lang who stood behind Li Luo saw Li Luo’s sorry figure, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud two times. Then as the two good friends he reached out his hand to support Li Luo’s shoulder, “Let’s go, they all had gone far, there is only the two of us left.”

Only then Li Luo returned to his senses, he turned his head and looked around the dormitory. Sure enough, Jin Chenji and other roommates had disappeared, and Li Lang was the only one who still waiting for him.

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