The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Saint Magus 2.9


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

After another ten minutes, the whole screening came to an end. Of the crowd that originally packed more than half of the public square, only a bit more than one thousand people remained.

Luna looked at the white cat that wasn’t far away from her, it was standing on Elvis’ shoulder while swaying its tail. She felt her heart itch from its cuteness, and couldn’t help but approach Elvis, her delicate face was slightly red, as she softly whispered, “Fellow disciple, can I touch your kitten?”

Elvis didn’t speak, only shooting Luna a glance with those pair of azure eyes of his without any emotions, before swiftly stretching out his hands and removed the white round cat from his shoulder and hid it inside the bag at his waist.

Luna, “……” Wait a minute! Why are you so stingy? We will be fellow disciples for several years and definitely are going to be in contact! Also she had only wanted to touch it, she won’t take it, so what’s with the tension?

However under the gaze of those eyes that seemed to contain the entirety winter, Luna did not dare to say anything. She just touched her nose, and backed away from Elvis a few steps, but would occasionally glance at the bag at Elvis’ waist, hoping to see that cute thing again.

Li Luo who was forcibly stuffed inside the bag struggled for a while before using his head to open the cover. He twitched his pink triangle nose and carefully observed the brown haired girl who had been quietly retreating. If he guessed correctly, this should be one of the female protagonists in the novel that he wrote. He raised his head and looked at Elvis with a somewhat schadenfreude expression in his eyes. At this moment, you were so indifferent to your future wife, it was very likely that you would be kicked out of the bedroom in the future.

Noticing that Li Luo looked at him with a meaningful glance, Elvis lowered his head and met his gaze face to face. Li Luo immediately turned his line of sight away, as his triangle ears moved. He was well-behaved, he let out a sound, and then laid down on his stomach inside the bag, opened his pair of big amber colored eyes and stared at Elvis innocently.

He however never expected that Elvis would directly reach out and close the bag cover in response, and then tied it tightly.

Listening to the scratching sounds from inside the bag, and also the intermittent meow meow sound in disbelief, Elvis couldn’t help but hook up the corner of his mouth, and revealing a hint of love and indulgence that was difficult to detect in his eyes. However, he still didn’t intend to untie the bag, and after a while the sound of protest inside the bag stopped.


Only when it was in the evening that Li Luo was released from the bag, he immediately jumped into the bed after he came out, and then lied down, refusing to talk with Elvis.

Elvis did not go to appease Li Luo, but instead took off his clothes directly. After the top was removed, beautiful six pack abs were immediately revealed. In addition to the abdominal muscles, his body texture was also very beautiful, unlike the general mage that only had soft flesh, his body appeared very explosive at first glance.

Li Luo couldn’t help but slightly raise his head and look at Elvis’ body with the corner of his eye.

In the real world, he was an otaku, the flesh of his body was all soft, and had more meat in his stomach, although he was very thin, he was completely just like a white cut chicken. In the two worlds that he entered, his stature was still very slim, this time it was completely a body of youth that not grow up yet, there were no muscles like Elvis’.

So worried about the mulberry tree…Li Luo looked at Elvis’ six pack abs in resentment, before he turned his face away, however he couldn’t help but glance at it again.

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