Chapter 72 Part 2

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Li Luo was standing on a stone beside Elvis, he turned his head and looked at the surrounding scenery, confirming that this was the entrance to the place magic relic that he had written in his book was.

If you didn’t use magic here, it was probably still an ordinary place.

If someone who had the Saint Magus’ bloodline cast a spell in this place, the teleportation array that led to the magic relic would be activated, and everything above it would be sucked into the teleportation array.

Sure enough, after Elvis used his magical power, this whole piece of seemingly disorganized stones quickly lit up with a burst of white light. The clouds on the sky began to gather rapidly before a huge magical array quickly appeared and rotated in the middle of a layer of cloud.

All of this happened in a flash when Elvis discovered these unusual changes, his complexion instantly changed, and he immediately wanted to leave this place with Li Luo, but it was obviously too late.

A beam of light descended from the sky, quickly covering the two of them and the magical beast that looked like a lion. In the next second, the two men and one beast disappeared from their original places.

After they disappeared, the magical array immediately faded away, and the pillar of light that poured down from the sky was shattered into little pieces of golden fragments, that dissipated between heaven and earth.

The gathering clouds above also gradually dispersed, revealing a clear sky.

Everything was restored to tranquility as if nothing had happened.


After all that happened, Li Luo only felt that he had lost consciousness for a moment. When he recovered his consciousness, he immediately felt that his whole body was falling down, as the wind blew from the bottom, almost made him unable to open his eyes.

Li Luo was trying to create a protection array around his own, and then find Elvis’ position. At this moment, a hand suddenly reached out from his side and wrapped around his waist, immediately afterward Li Luo felt that the speed of his descend had slowed down.

Knowing that Elvis was at his side, the restlessness in his heart immediately dissipated more than half. Because the wind force was reduced, he finally was able to open his eyes and looked to his side.

Elvis was holding him in his embrace, while his other hand that was not holding Li Luo, was grabbing a huge dandelion. This huge dandelion was just like a huge umbrella, carrying the two of them slowly and descending from the sky.

Li Luo looked under his feet, only to see that below them was covered with a layer of very dense fog, concealing everything on the ground. Consequently, one was completely unable to see the view above clearly from below.

Elvis and Li Luo continued to fall down at a constant speed, and very soon entered that layer of dense fog which looked like cotton candy, Li Luo immediately felt that his eyes were covered by a layer of white mist, and everything looked unclear.

But after a while, the white mist in front of him suddenly disappeared, but at this time, the two of them were also almost about to land on the field of grass below.

Elvis followed the trail of that magical beast with the appearance of a lion, but after it fell on the ground, the magical beast did not run away as it had before. Rather obediently squatting in the same place, and lifted its huge head, its deep purple eyes blinked once, then looked above without blinking, seeming to be waiting for the arrival of Elvis and Li Luo.

After Elvis and Li Luo landed on the field of grass, the magical beast walked two steps toward Elvis, before those pair of purple eyes became brighter and brighter, and formed two beams of light that projected on the field of grass.

Shortly afterward, a slender figure appeared on the field of grass out of thin air.

The man had long silver-gray hair that was casually bundled behind his head, his face was sharp and distinct, he had a pair of silver-gray eyes which were the same color as his hair, seemed to contain the whole sky full of stars, as if there were countless mysteries, making the people who looked at it completely unable to see through.

There was a shallow smile on his face, and the corner of his lips was slightly curved, but the feeling he gave to them was very gentle. The man was smiling and looking at Elvis, who was standing in front of him, and said, “Young man, we finally meet again.”

Elvis narrowed his eyes and looked at the man in front of him who was a little taller than himself, this face, he had seen it inside the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts three years ago.

Three years ago, when Elvis passed through the magical array that had been set up by that Saint Magus and entered the former residence of this previous Saint Magus. In the study room of the house, this man had appeared in front of him.

It was him who told Elvis that he had the purest blood in his veins, the Saint Magus’ bloodline, and he also taught Elvis the best way to cultivate. Finally, he gave Elvis all his own research and painstaking efforts.

“It’s nice to meet you again, Mr. Brian.”

The translucent man nodded, then turned his head and beckoned that mighty and matchless magical beast who looked like a lion, as it obediently went to his side, and crouched at the side of his feet, only the big tail behind it occasionally swayed back and forth.

“This was a magical beast puppet that I made, you should also have sensed it, that the last item needed to form the most suitable magic staff to be used by a Saint Magus was on it.” While Brian spoke, he half-squatted down, stretching out his hand and stroking the head of the magical beast that crouched at the side of his feet.

“Over the years, it has been following my orders, and waiting for your appearance, Elvis.” Brian looked at Elvis and continuously said, “This was my last effort——I have to give it a name, it is called Eli, I hope you can treat it well later.” After speaking until here, Brian paused for a moment, before he continued to say while smiling, “Of course, I will only entrust it to you, after you can leave this magic relic.”

Elvis’ eyes flashed, sure enough, the reason they fell into this place, was in fact also planned by Brian.

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