Chapter 85 Part 2

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Li Luo looked at the snow formations, realistic enough to be living people and animals, and he couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration, eyes shining.

“Elvis, what kind of magic is this?” The book he had written had never mentioned anything similar.

“It doesn’t have a name yet.” Since he had become a Saint level mage, he didn’t need to use the Mingxi staff to case spells anymore. Elvis had just raised his hands slightly.

Elvis was very skilled in controlling the world of ice and snow before Li Luo’s eyes. He controlled all the snowmen inside, as well as the melting and growth of snow animals.

Elvis turned his head to look at Li Luo. “Ludwig, you should name it.” Just as a last remembrance of him.

At this time, Li Luo was already running around in the world that Elvis had created. He bent down and reached out his hand to touch a small snow animal.

When he heard Elvis’ question, Li Luo grabbed the snow animal, a snow rabbit the size of a duck egg.

Looking at the little snow rabbit that struggled in his hands before taking in everything else around him, Li Luo thought of a game in his world: “My world.”

My world, because you were here. It was very suitable.

Elvis looked at Li Luo’s face. With a glance, he was able to tell that he was in a very happy mood. His eyes flashed a trace of deep color again, but it immediately vanished.

At this final moment, Elvis had a glimmer of hesitation in his heart. He wants to stay with Li Luo, wanted him to be at his side forever. He didn’t want to let him go. Even if they die, they can die together.

There was a flash of emotion in Elvis’ eyes, he immediately withdrew his hand. The world of snow, originally full of life, suddenly collapsed and disappeared. It turned back into a pile of lifeless white snow.

The leopard that Li Luo had just caught in his hand earlier, baring its fangs a moment ago, shattered into snowflakes.

Li Luo pat off the snow in his hands before looked at Elvis with a puzzled expression.

“Elvis, what’s wrong?”

“Let’s go back.” Elvis’ gaze lingered at Li Luo’s face for a moment before he turned around and walked back towards their home.

Li Luo could clearly feel that there was something wrong with Elvis’ mood. He walked a few steps to catch up to him, stretching out his hand to pull at Elvis’s hand. “Elvis, you’ve been somewhat strange since a few days ago. What on earth do you have in your mind that you can’t tell me about?”

At this moment, Elvis felt that the magic power in his body had began to surge up. He closed his eyes and, after a long moment, turned his head and said to Li Luo: “Nothing, let’s go back first before we talk about it.”

Li Luo saw that Elvis’ face seemed somewhat pale and didn’t ask anything else. He only followed behind Elvis’ back as the two slowly returned to their house.

When they arrived back at home, Elvis felt that the magic power he suppressed for so long begin to surge in his body once more.

He took a deep breath and then looked at Li Luo’s concerned expression. There was a faint layer of golden light in his blue eyes.

Li Luo looked at Elvis’ current state and faintly understood what was going on. He quickly checked the current progress bar only to see that it had reached 99%. Previously, since he was always together with Elvis, he had stopped checking the progress bar in his mind.

“Elvis, are you about to break through and become a God level mage?” Even without Elvis’ reply, Li Luo’s complexion immediately changed. He walked forward and grabbed his hand.

Seeing Li Luo in an anxious state, Elvis quickly calmed down. In another world, Li Luo had friends and relatives. He’d already had so much time with him, he should return his beloved to his friend and relatives in the other world.

“Ludwig.” Elvis reached out his hand and rested it on top of Li Luo’s head. He couldn’t suppress the magic power any longer. His golden hair was floating without wind and his blue eyes had turned completely gold. “I love you. Promise me you’ll always belong to me, even in another world. Promise me, Ludwig.”

Although he was willing to let Li Luo return to his original world, he was still unwilling to let Li Luo forget about him and find his own happiness.

His lover can only belong to him completely.

The magic power on Elvis’ body was surging more and more intensely, like a thick layer of magma gushing out. His whole person appeared like a small sun, shining brightly.

Li Luo stared blankly at the progress bar in his mind as it approached 100% until it finally reached the limit.

Just as Li Luo wanted to open his mouth to answer Elvis, Xiao Qi’s voice, unfamiliar after so long, rang inside of Li Luo’s head. [Great Host, the completion of this world has been accomplished and the space transmission is about to take place. Please be prepared, the countdown timer is now about to start.]

Li Luo didn’t expect that he’d simultaneously cross back to his own world at the moment Elvis broke through to the God level.

Furthermore, he didn’t expect the world to be so fast. In the previous world, he could still stay for a few more hours.

“Elvis,” Li Luo held Elvis’ hand tightly. “We will definitely meet again. So, I will not say goodbye to you, and I will not make any promises to you.”

See you again in the next world, my lover.

After Li Luo finished speaking, Xiao Qi’s countdown had just reached the final number.

As soon as Xiao Qi’s voice fell, Li Luo’s body immediately emitted a white light and his soul gradually became light dots, like stars in the sky, before gradually disappearing into the air.

Elvis caught Li Luo’s lifeless body as it silently collapsed and looked up towards the direction the light dots of Li Luo’s soul disappeared to.

Will they meet again?

Since his lover had said so, he’d also believe that one day the two of them would meet again somewhere.

Then he’d fall in love with him once more. He looked forward towards the arrival of the day he’d have him once more.

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