Chapter 125 Part 2

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Chapter 125.2:

Chu Wuyong felt that Li Luo was just like a small animal as he looked at him with careful and eager eyes. Chu Wuyong could not help but hook the corner of his lips.

Ever since he lost Gu Qingchen, he has never felt happy from the bottom of his heart like now.

For him, Gu Qingchen was the sunshine in his life. Losing Gu Qingchen was equal to losing his light, which made himself always stay in the dark. How can he still feel happy and joyful, these positive emotions?

The arrival of Li Luo was as if a dot of small candle flame flickered in the deathly silent area of darkness, gradually illuminating the pitch-black space.

Chu Wuyong doesn’t believe that the two people who were different would be so similar, but if it was really just like what he thought, this all seemed very absurd.

But no matter what, he would not let this person in front of him leave.


Li Luo clearly felt that during this period of time, the time he interacted with Chu Wuyong became frequent.

Moreover, that faint observing gaze that he casted on himself had reduced a lot.

Li Luo didn’t understand what was causing Chu Wuyong to be suspicious, but currently, it seemed that Chu Wuyong still didn’t find that his face was actually fake.

Li Luo secretly breathed a sigh of relief. After all, if Chu Wuyong really found out that his body was Yun Tianheng, he doesn’t know what Chu Wuyong would do to him. Anyway, looking at the condition of the injury on this body before, he estimated that there certainly would not have been any good development.

Because his distance with Chu Wuyong was closer now, Li Luo was very careful every time he took the medicine pellet, fearing that he would be discovered by Chu Wuyong. However, his luck was still relatively good. The last two times when he took the medicine pellet, Chu Wuyong just seemed to have something to do, and was not in this courtyard.

Therefore, the two of them have been living in harmony for more than four months.

Li Luo calculated the time, he found that the time of Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave opening was only about three months left.

Li Luo didn’t know whether Chu Wuyong had the token to enter the Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave. He only hoped that the plot that always went wrong would not stray from the original line too excessively. At least this is considered to be a quite important plot.

Although he and Chu Wuyong were interacting every day now, Chu Wuyong basically would not say much to him. Li Luo doesn’t know how he can move forward his relationship with Chu Wuyong one step further.

And in these few days, Li Luo needed to take the change appearance medicine pellet. Every time he took the medicine pellet, the body would maintain the original appearance for a cup of tea’s time. Moreover, in order to digest the medicine pellet, Li Luo must use a bit of his spiritual power. Therefore, at the time he took the medicine pellet, Li Luo must hide from Chu Wuyong and cannot be discovered by him.

Li Luo certainly won’t wait until the last day when he has to take the medicine pellet. He would take the opportunity, while Chu Wuyong had no time to pay attention to him. Anyway, during this period of time, Chu Wuyong was obviously busy. Although Li Luo did not know what he was going to do, at least this gave Li Luo a chance.

AdvertisementThis day, Li Luo specially waited until Chu Wuyong went out for an hour, before he hid himself in the small house beside the courtyard. After all, after he used his spiritual power, there would still be a little trace of it that remained. If he was inside this courtyard that was close to Chu Wuyong, he may be discovered by him.

Before he entered the house, Li Luo looked around very carefully. Only after he found that there was no one, he got into the bedroom inside the small house. The first thing he did was lean over the bedside and take out the universal pouch from the secret case that he hid away. After taking out that bottle of medicine pellets from inside, Li Luo sat cross-legged on the bed and then swallowed a medicine pellet into his mouth. He used his spiritual power to start digesting it. The familiar warmth flowed from his throat, and quickly spread down to his four limbs and to the numerous bones of his body.

Gradually, the original plain face of the young man who was sitting on the bed gradually changed, revealed the exquisite and beautiful facial features. The red mole in the middle of the forehead made this face added somewhat gorgeous and moving; his thick eyelash hung down, casting a small shadow on his white porcelain’s cheeks; his rosy as petal’s lips were tightly pursed, but those full and moist lips were curve and strangely showed a trace of confusion.

Li Luo was concentrately digesting the medicine pellet, and felt the trajectory of the medicine pellet in his own body. He did not discover that there was a person currently standing in front of the bedroom where he was staying.

Chu Wuyong had long discovered that Li Luo showed some unnatural movements in these past few days. When he walked out of the courtyard’s entrance, Li Luo’s eyes would let out a bit of light, and seemed to be very much looking forward to his departure. Moreover, the previous times he went out and returned to the courtyard, he obviously found that Li Luo was not inside the courtyard.

So he deliberately left the courtyard in front of Li Luo today. It didn’t take long for Li Luo to leave the courtyard. Chu Wuyong originally thought that Li Luo was going to meet with someone, but he did not expect that Li Luo actually turned around and entered his previous room.

However, when he felt the slight fluctuations of spiritual power came from the room, the light in Chu Wuyong’s eyes gradually sank down uncontrollably.

With a composed face, Chu Wuyong pushed open the wooden door in front of him.

Then he saw the face of the person that he wanted to scatter into dust, even in his sleep.

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