The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: ‘The Wild Dragon Proud Days’ 1.27


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Gali

    • Ge/gege” — big brother
    • Er” — term of endearment
    • Zhen” — The royal I or We. It was how the emperor refers to himself.
    • Meimei (妹妹) — younger sister. All the women are “sisters” and the “age” is determined by first rank, and then seniority.

Li Luo was only slightly startled. He stared blankly for a moment, and then hugged Qin Yu’s shoulders. He slightly lowered his head, and then said into Qin Yu’s ear as he smiled lightly, “Yu, I’m back.” So you don’t have to worry about me anymore. You also don’t need to have sleepless nights anymore. Because I’m here right now, right in front of you.

Qin Yu strongly restrained the urge in his heart to pull up Li Luo’s chin and deeply kiss Li Luo’s lips. He took a deep breath and held Li Luo tightly, before he released Li Luo. However those pair of black eyes seemed have darkened even more.

Li Luo didn’t notice the small changes in Qin Yu’s eyes. After his eyes swept past Qin Yu’s body once, Li Luo noticed that Qin Yu was much thinner than before he was abducted. Li Luo couldn’t help but feel even more guilty in his heart, so he couldn’t help but say, “I’m sorry, Yu, for making you worry.”

Qin Yu was just about to say something, when a pretty figure rushed in. At the sight of Li Luo, that devastatingly beautiful face first had a happy expression, and then her eyes brimmed with tears as she threw her body into Li Luo’s bosom, “Mucheng gege, you finally came back. Yan’er was so worried about you!”

Li Luo’s face became flustered. He could only give in to the girl that used the clothes on his bosom to wipe her tears, while he softly comforted her.

Therefore, Li Luo didn’t see, after Qin Yu saw Liu Ruoyan throw her body into his bosom, Qin Yu’s face immediately darkened. Not to mention after he comforted Liu Ruoyan, that darkened face became so dark, that it almost was as black as the bottom of a pot.

The small officer that stood in the sidelines, after he witnessed this whole scene, couldn’t help but shiver. After he received a warning gaze from Qin Yu, he immediately trembled with fear and lowered his head. Even after Qin Yu’s pressure left his body, he still didn’t dare raise his head and look in Li Luo’s direction to remind him about this matter.


The silver moon hung high in the sky. The Imperial Palace was brightly lit, especially inside the Imperial Garden. The garden was surrounded by beautiful lanterns. Every time you took ten steps you could see a lantern that was hung up.

It was spring now. The Imperial Garden was filled with all kinds of exotic flowers. The flowers’ fragrances floated in the air as they entered peoples’ noses.

The supposed celebration banquet that was being delayed by Qin Yu, until after Li Luo was back, was immediately held in the Imperial Garden.

Qin Yu sat on the main seat. With a polite smile on his thin lips, he took a sip of wine little by little, while the corner of his eye watched the sitting Li Luo with the cluster of begonia flowers behind him, making him appear even more attractive and handsome.

The officers and soldiers kept toasting and exchanging cups. Not knowing how much wine he already drank, Li Luo was drunk enough that his cheeks were red. Even his sight became somewhat blurry when he stood up. His pair of phoenix eyes were gleaming with a pure and splendid light. Those light red lips, because of being moisturized by the wine, were like two delicate petals. This made him look even more charming and gorgeous compared to the cluster of begonia flowers behind him.

Looking at Li Luo’s drunk and seductive appearance, Qin Yu was so tempted that his darkened eyes became even more thick, just like the darkest moment of night, bottomless.

Unaware that Qin Yu gazed at him like a ferocious beast, Li Luo keep drinking down the cups of wine that others offered no matter how much there was. In the end, Li Luo had become dizzy, his consciousness slowly became blurry. His pair of phoenix contained a layer of mist. He couldn’t even see the people in front of him clearly.

When Qin Yu saw Li Luo’s state, he immediately stood up from his seat. He slightly raised his hand and said, “Everyone continue. Zhen is tired, and will retire first. Deputy Chief Su also looks drunk, and Zhen will take him away with Zhen.”

The group of officers and soldiers were almost finished with all the jars of wine. Even after they had finished thousands of cups of wine, they didn’t look drunk. They had not been able to drink this much for a long time, so it was not enough to make them stop. When they saw Qin Yu about to leave, and say they could continue to enjoy these rare wines and delicacies, they got up one after another and gave thanks to Qin Yu for his grace.

Qin Yu half wrapped his arm around Li Luo’s waist, and took him out of the Imperial Garden. After he was out of the Imperial Garden, Qin Yu simply carried Li Luo in his arms, and walked with great strides towards his sleeping quarters. The eunuchs that held palace lamps were obediently following Qin Yu who was walking in front. All of them lowered their eyes, acting as if they completely didn’t see the scene in front of them.

Li Luo’s head ached, and he felt very dizzy. Only when he was being placed on top of the soft bed, did he feel a little bit sober. Li Luo half narrowed his phoenix eyes to look at the person above him. Due to drunkenness, Li Luo’s pouty state looked childish and his voice seemed more soft, like it was floating up, “Yu…is that you?”

He had no idea how seductive his appearance was at this moment, in Qin Yu’s eyes.

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