Chapter 111 Part 2

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Chapter 111 Part 2

Seeing there were people inside the dormitory, Jin Chenji slightly lifted up his head, and nodded slightly at their direction, before he pulled the pure black big suitcase behind him and walked to the last remaining bed.

Li Lang stared blankly for a while, before saying the usual, “What is your name, do you need my help?”

Jin Chenji was turning his back towards the three of them and squatting down, his slender and fine fingers pulled open the suitcase. After he heard Li Lang’s words, Jin Chenji seemed to pause for a while, before he slowly opened his mouth and said, “Jin Chenji. No need, I will do it myself.” His voice was low and pleasant to hear, but the meaning of those words were pure alienation, it made the always sociable Li Lang not know how to continue.

Moreover, Jin Chenji’s whole body appeared to be surrounded by a layer of imposing manner, it made people not dare to offend him at all.

Li Luo was actually very used to the way Jin Chenji’s talk, he doesn’t think much about it and said, “Chen…classmate Jin, will you go to eat with us after you finished packing?”

After Li Luo finished speaking, Li Lang who stood beside him couldn’t help but glance at him with a look of surprise. He did not expect that even though this new roommate in front of him looked fair and very delicate, his heart was quite big.

This new classmate who looked very good-looking in front of them obviously didn’t want to have too many intersections with them, but he unexpectedly continued to hit the wall after he hit the wall ah.

Jin Chenji apparently did not think that there would still be someone that would “persevere” to invite him, and can’t help but turned over his head and took a glance at the place where the voice sounded just a moment ago. He immediately saw a very fair and delicate teenager, with a little bit of baby fat on his cheeks, looking straight at him with his pair of beautiful big eyes.

Somehow, Jin Chenji’s heart suddenly felt that this young man in front of him was just like a little cat stretched out its paw and let out meow meow sounds at him to ask for food.

Jin Chenji don’t know why he would have such an idea in his heart, but he nodded his head for the first time, and curved his fine lips, before lightly saying, “Yes, wait a moment.”

Li Lang’s eyes on Li Luo suddenly became admiration.

When Li Luo called out Jin Chenji to have a meal together before, he also didn’t think much, but now that Li Luo successfully invited him, he suddenly remembered that when he first saw Jin Chenji, he didn’t seem to have invited him to eat ah. Furthermore, because of Jin Chenji’s personality, he seemed to be quite unwilling to get along with him.

However, it was estimated that after they have finished eating the meal, he and Jin Chenji should also still be the same as at that time, basically, he would not return to the dormitory and would come back occasionally, and he would not have any intersection with them this ordinary classmate. After all, at this time, he has not been able to make a deep impression to Jin Chenji.

The fact was the same as Li Luo thought, after the three of them have finished eating the meal, and participated in the opening ceremony and the speech finished, even though he left behind an indelible impression to all students in the school, especially the girls, they never meet Jin Chenji for long started from the end of that day.

Li Luo basically only saw Jin Chenji’s figure less than several times in one month at the dormitory, and when he can see Jin Chenji’s figure, all was at the school when he attended class.

Moreover, after the class finished, Jin Chenji would disappear again. Those girls who wanted to block Jin Chenji several times were also unsuccessful in intercepting him, coupled with Jin Chenji’s imposing manner, there were few girls who dare to do anything more than regulation toward him.

It was the dormitory of Li Luo that often received gifts and letters from the girls that made the boys to bring in, because it was the dormitory of the most handsome boy in the school Jin Chenji which privately elected by many girls, and every time it would be pile up Jin Chenji’s table full.

At that time, due to his soft and delicate appearance, there was basically no girl who would like him this next-door younger brother appearance, so he was not jealous a bit regarding the matter of Jin Chenji indifference temperament but very popular with girls.

But he and Jin Chenji had been close friends for a long time now, therefore he also unlike other people in the dormitory who felt that Jin Chenji was the male public enemy.

Moreover, at that time after he really got along with Jin Chenji, he also quickly abandoned his prejudice against Jin Chenji and became the only good friend of Jin Chenji in this school.

Of course, these were all something to be taken up later, and the current Li Luo, Jin Chenji only regarded him as an ordinary classmate who he can not remember his face, nothing more.

And Li Luo also felt somewhat guilty regarding the fact that he can’t tell Jin Chenji that he would be involved in a car accident a few years later. He just wants to wait until that opportunity, when he and Jin Chenji would be able to become friends, so he would treat Jin Chenji even more better to make up for apology in his heart.

Xiao Qi also said that after he completed all the tasks, he would be given a gift package. When he saw Jin Chenji lying down on the hospital bed that time, he had already decided that he would ask Xiao Qi to wake Jin Chenji safely. Moreover, if he told Jin Chenji what happened after a few years now, he probably won’t believe him.

And as Xiao Qi said, if he changed the trajectory of the past, the future may be even more uncontrollable.

In case he recklessly told Jin Chenji this matter, it would cause more unpredictable consequences in the future. Wouldn’t it have even more gains that would not make up for the losses?

Therefore, after considering the past causes and future consequence, Li Luo abandoned the original restlessness thoughts in his mind.

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