The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: Return to the University (4)


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

After everyone started to sing and fighting over the microphone, the atmosphere inside the private room became more and more high.

Then there was one individual with pretty appearance in the class, the girl with a very cheerful personality was pushed a few times by the girls next to her. Her face was red as she held the microphone and said, “How about we play a game next? It would not be interesting if we always sing.”

The girl’s popularity in the class was also very good, immediately there were several boys who agree, and then someone asked, “What game?”

“It is a combination of the King game and the Truth or Dare game. We designed the number tags according to the number of people who want to play the [King game]. The person who draws the largest number will be the [King]; the [King] will choose a number, and the person with that selected number can choose Truth or Dare. If you choose Truth, you should answer the question of the [King], and you can’t tell lies. And if you choose Dare, the King would decide the content of what you should do. Of course, if you choose neither, you can drink a cup of beer to pay off your debt.”

When everyone heard it, they felt it was very interesting, so they agreed to the girl’s proposal, but for drinking the beer, considering the safety of the girls, they replaced it with two cup drinks for the girls.

Originally there were only ten girls in their class, moreover all of them looked good, so no one objected.

A boy rang the bell to call the waiter, then asked the waiter take a few sheets of paper and a pen, plus three boxes of beer and a box of orange juice, and also thirty-two cups.

Everyone consciously placed a cup in front of them. Jin Chenji also didn’t say anything against playing the game, his slender fingers took a glass cup and placed it on the small counter beside him.

Because of his family origin, his alcohol capacity was better than anyone in the private room. The beer was actually no different from drinking water for him, but he would not drink if not necessary.

After the girl took the paper and wrote the content, she tore it into thirty-two pieces, then folded all the paper into almost the same size and randomized the order, then she held the pile of paper while walking and let others take turns took a piece started from the leftmost girl.

Li Luo’s luck today was obviously extremely bad, just after playing almost ten rounds, he has been selected for three times. His nature was quite shy, and when he was selected, the [King] was the boy who was not as reserved as the girl, so he chose neither, and drank three cups of beer.

Li Luo’s alcohol capacity was not good. Only after drinking three cups, his head immediately felt a little dizzy. After they played for a few more rounds and he drank a cup, his entire eyes were already misty.

His big eyes covered with water vapor because of drunkenness, and his white cheeks also had a layer of red. The original light colored lips also reddened in color of pink.

A new round has begun again.

After distributing the round paper pieces, all the people began to open the round paper.

“Yeah, I got the [King].” A girl with two ponytails and her appearance was delicate and pretty, beamed while showing the paper in her hand. Then she seemed to ponder for a while, before asked, “Who is number six?”

Li Luo slowly opened the round paper in his hand and looked at it, but because of his messy and muddled head and also his misty eyes made him completely unable to see the content of the paper in his hand clearly, then a boy on his side inadvertently saw it, and let out a “pfff” sound of laughter, “It was Li Luo.”

When they heard Li Luo’s name, everyone immediately laughed for a while. That girl also couldn’t help but laugh. Then she looked at Li Luo, and asked with somewhat crafty smiled, “Xiao Luo, are you going to choose Dare or Dare?”

“Da……Dare.” Li Luo’s voice was also somewhat softened because of the influence of alcohol, he was now completely unable to think deeply, and subconsciously choosing one of them.

The girl turned her eyes around and then smiled even more sweetly. “That I will made Xiao Luo you to go at the person with the next number I will announce to do something like this.” After finished speaking the girl took out her mobile phone and looked at it, she couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laughed. Then she walked to front of Li Luo and opened a short video on her mobile phone, before showing it to Li Luo and said, “After I announce a number, no matter whether it is male or female, you have to sit on their lap and swing your hips like this for three minutes.”

The boy on Li Luo’s side looked at it curiously, only to see an alluring figure on the video, it was a beautiful woman dressed in leather pants and revealed her navel skin, both her hands were holding a thin pole, while swing her hips, and showed her attractive slender waist.

Such an action, if it was done by a girl, then it would be very attractive, but replaced it by a male, the boy beside Li Luo completely unable to imagine it. He immediately letting out a laugh and said, “Gu Xiaoxiao, you are too black, actually want Li Luo to do this.”

“How? I can’t?” Gu Xiaoxiao picked up her eyebrows and said that with dissatisfaction.

“Now you are the [King], you are right to say anything.” The boy raised his hand without hesitation in surrender, “But you also need to ask Li Luo if he willing to do this.”

“Xiao Luo, you will follow the action on this video, right?” Gu Xiaoxiao blinked her eyes and said.

Li Luo’s mind was completely unable to think now, when he heard Gu Xiaoxiao’s words, he also blankly nodded his head.

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