The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.6


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

The mountain breeze swept the sweet flowers’ fragrance brought from unknown places, slowly blowing over the top of the mountain peak covered with a thin layer of mist.

Li Luo placed the porcelain bowl in his hand down, perfectly satisfied, yet his face showed no expression. Only those light-colored lips had a faint unsuppressed arc.

His fair fingers picked up the teapot on the side and poured the green tea water inside with a pleasant posture. Those fingertips on his slender fingers that hook the porcelain white teacup appeared to be a slightly pink color. His hand looked more transparent against the white jade teacup.

At the moment, Chu Wuyong who sat opposite to Li Luo had the appearance of a fifteen or sixteen-year old young man. In just three years, his height grew almost the same as Li Luo, who was sitting opposite to him.

Chu Wuyong’s young and tender face had also grown a lot. The original malnourished and sickly appearance had opened up and was replaced with a gorgeous appearance, after three years of baptism, even though some area was a bit childish. The thick black eyebrows flew into the shackles, and the two original round eyes have now become much narrower. After only three years, the outline of his entire face became exceptionally deep and stand up.

Today, Chu Wuyong wore a dark blue robe, showing off a young man’s tall and straight figure.

When Chu Wuyong saw that Li Luo had put down the bowl in his hand, he swept a glance at the dish on the table in front of him that have been gone down to half, and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but slightly hooked.

In fact, two years ago, he had been broken through to Foundation Building stage, and he no longer needed eating to fill his stomach like ordinary people.

However——As Chu Wuyong slightly raised his head, his obsidian, like deep night, eyes looked at Li Luo who sat opposite to him revealed a gentleness that even he did not notice.

The appearance on the surface of this person’s face was still very cold and indifferent, making people think that this person was very difficult to approach, if there was not too much contact. However, for the past three years, Chu Wuyong felt this person in front of him was really adorable.

Just like now, obviously, there was a bright expression in his eyes that resembled the look of a small puppy after it eating and drinking till full, but his face was still had that same ice-cold expression as if someone owes him tens of thousands of dollars.

Chu Wuyong looked at this appearance of Li Luo, and could not help but slightly lower his head and reach out one of his hands to cover the slight curve on the corner of his lips.

Just at this moment, a huge cyan lotus flower composed of spiritual energy suddenly bloomed in the sky, just above the back mountain of Clear Sky Sect.

After this unusual huge cyan lotus flower bloomed in the sky, the spiritual energy of the lotus flower quickly surged away like a tidal wave in all directions.

Li Luo could not help but drop the teacup in his hand when he saw this scene; his black phoenix eyes flashed a glimpse of excitement. After three years, it was finally time to enter the main plot.

Below this blooming cyan lotus flower, the remnant of a cultivator’s dwelling slowly opened. In this remnant only Foundation Building stage’s cultivators were allowed to enter.

In the original text, after Chu Wuyong became Gu Qingchen’s succeeding disciple, it took him more than a year to become a cultivator at the initial stage of Foundation Building. When he had just become a Foundation Building stage’s cultivator, the news of the cyan lotus secret place opening at the Clear Sky Sect, which opened in every ten years, had just spread and the Clear Sky Sect just sent an invitation message to the entire Tianyun continent. Naturally, the scope of the invitation did not include devil cultivators.

Chu Wuyong also entered the cyan lotus secret place that he had never entered before in his previous life along with a numerous group of cultivators.

After he entered the cyan lotus secret place, Chu Wuyong accidentally acquired a secret treasure and happened to be seen by other cultivators, then was chased by hundreds of cultivators.

At that moment, Chu Wuyong had recently stepped into the initial stage of Foundation Building; to face numerous cultivators at the late stage of Foundation Building, he basically did not have the power to fight back. Also, he could not use the devil cultivator’s techniques in front of those numerous cultivators, so he could only flee into a cave with a sorry figure, under the chase of those cultivators.

Just when Chu Wuyong really couldn’t resist anymore and wanted to use his devil cultivation power to force his rank to temporarily upgrade, he accidentally triggered the restriction in the cave.

Then, Chu Wuyong was transferred into another secret place by this restriction, and that was precisely inside this secret place that Chu Wuyong got the golden finger that he had set for him…

“…Master.” Just as Li Luo was caught up in his own thoughts, he suddenly heard Chu Wuyong’s voice calling him.

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