Chapter 126 Part 2

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Chapter 126.2:

Chu Wuyong looked down because of his actions, he had no choice but to slightly half kneel in order to look at Li Luo.

Without the effect of the change appearance medicine pellet, this body in front of him was even more slender, and the fair neck was lifted and stretched long because being clutched up, like a swan that was going to die, the lines were slender and extremely fragile.

Those pairs of originally unrestrain and evil eyes now contained a layer of rippled light, and it seemed completely without a shadow of Yun Tianheng’s clouded and ruthless impression. Instead, he was just like a frightened small animal, as those eyes were wet and pitiful, it seemed very easy to bully.

No matter how you looked at it, this person in front of him was not at all like Yun Tianheng.

However, to let him believe that he was his master Gu Qingchen, it was even more difficult.

The purple light in Chu Wuyong’s pupils surged. He closed his eyes. In the end, he still didn’t release his hand from the person in front of him. He just flipped over his other hand and took out an elixir, before firmly opening Li Luo’s mouth and making him swallow it down. This temporarily sealed Li Luo’s spiritual power.

Then Chu Wuyong opened his hand that was originally clutched Li Luo’s lower jaw. He turned over his body, and clenched his hand into a fist, as the tip of his fingers almost broke into the flesh of his palm. Afterwards, he looked at the door, and directly used the spiritual power to transmit his voice and summon his current competent subordinates.

After Li Luo was released by Chu Wuyong, he couldn’t help but cover his throat and cough a few times.

When the two men with a tall and slender figure received Chu Wuyong’s summon, they quickly rushed over and appeared in front of Chu Wuyong. They half kneeled towards Chu Wuyong and respectfully called, “Lord.”

“Take him down and put him in the Xuan Ming remote prison.” Chu Wuyong said with an ice-cold voice. He paused for a moment, before he continued, “Without my order, no one can touch him.” After he finished speaking, Chu Wuyong’s complexion became even more ugly. He didn’t seem to want to stay here for a long time. After he finished telling them his order, he flung his sleeve and disappeared from the room.

Only after Chu Wuyong left the room, the two men kneeling on the ground raised their heads and looked at Li Luo who was sitting on the bed.

The two men’s faces suddenly flashed a trace of surprise. They didn’t expect that their former devil lord——Yun Tianheng was actually still alive, and he unexpectedly still dared to appear in front of Chu Wuyong. What surprised them even more was that Chu Wuyong actually didn’t kill Yun Tianheng on the spot. Besides his spiritual power being sealed, the person in front of them looked unscathed, it was really unimaginable.

However, although they were curious in their hearts, they will not disobey Chu Wuyong’s order, and they will not ask more. They just looked at Li Luo, and said without the slightest fluctuations in their voices, “Let’s go.”

Li Luo didn’t have any way to escape, and can only be caught in the middle of the two men. He was carried toward the Xuan Ming remote prison that was located on the middle hillside of the main hall of the Xuan Ming Palace.

The Xuan Ming remote prison was just like the Spiritual Lock Pagoda where Chu Wuyong was previously locked. It was able to seal off all the spiritual power of the cultivators inside, so the cultivators who were locked inside became just like ordinary people. As they can’t use any spiritual power, it basically cut off the cultivators ability to escape.

Li Luo was quickly put in a cell with only a small window and was dull without any decoration and furnishings. Because of the loss of spiritual power, Li Luo’s body felt somewhat empty and weak, he could only walk to the corner, and sat down against the wall to rest.

After the two men put him in the cell, they left and didn’t look at him again.

Li Luo leaned against the wall and looked at the pitch-black front. He only felt that his life was like the darkness in front of him.

[…Gre…Great Host, you…are you okay?] At this time, Xiao Qi finally came out, as its weak voice sounded in Li Luo’s mind.

[Hehe.] Li Luo didn’t answer, he only returned two words, firmly squashed in Xiao Qi’s face.

[QWQ…Great Host, you, don’t be like this, we have to believe that life is full of hope! Even if God closed a door, there will always be a window left for you. And, even if there is no window, there will be a dog hole ah. As long as you work hard, there will be a way out.]

[Hehe.] Li Luo continued to respond indifferently.

There will be a hope, there will be a dog hole. Even if there was a dog hole, the first thing he stuffed into the hole would be this garbage system. He only felt that his hopes were all gray, and he was lucky that he had not been strangled to death by Chu Wuyong before. Moreover, with this face, even he could not convince himself that he was Gu Qingchen.

[Do you want me to provide you with a jailbreak item?] Xiao Qi continued to weakly suggest.

[Hehe.] Li Luo continued to chuckle at the stupid system.

Jailbreak? If he really escaped now, then it means that he confirmed this identity of Yun Tianheng, and the doubts in Chu Wuyong’s heart can no longer be washed away.

But what Li Luo didn’t anticipate was that after a few months, even if he didn’t want to escape, he would still be forced to break out of prison.

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