Chapter 67 Part 2

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The next morning, Li Luo opened his eyes in a daze. A pair of silver white triangle ears on his head which he still did not put away were standing up and unconsciously trembled several times.

After a few minutes, Li Luo barely woke up, as he slowly sobered up, the memories of last night matter flashed through his mind, and immediately felt his whole body heating up. How could he agree to Elvis’ request, and so foolishly take the initiative to sit on his body, before letting him eat himself, he felt that he was really stupid.

Elvis who was sleeping beside Li Luo while holding him, also soon sobered up after Li Luo awoke, he leaned over and buried his face in the crook of Li Luo’s neck, as his tall nose intimately rubbed the side of Li Luo’s neck a few times, “Awake?”

Li Luo felt ticklish and shrink his neck, but he didn’t open his mouth and speak.

“What’s wrong?” Elvis slightly lifted his head up, and lightly kissed Li Luo’s cheek, his thick and long golden eyelashes were hung down, but his azure eyes still had a trace of a smiling expression.

Elvis knew that Li Luo was embarrassed about the matter last night, but he did not expose it with a word. After all, this kind of benefit, he would maybe be unable to enjoy it in the future.

Li Luo buried his face inside the quilt, the sound of his voice was stuffy from the quilt, “Nothing.”

Elvis didn’t ask anymore, he lifted open the quilt, got out of the bed, and put on clothes, “After a while, I will bring breakfast to the room, you can lie down again for a while before getting up.”

Li Luo’s head which was buried under the quilt moved as his answer.

Elvis couldn’t help but chuckle, after finishing washing his face and rinsing his mouth, Elvis opened the door and went out.

After hearing the sound of the door closing, Li Luo took his head out of the quilt, he still couldn’t help but recall the images of last night’s scene which made him extremely embarrassed, and couldn’t help but reach out and grab his head with his hands, before rubbing it several times, as his smooth silver hair turned into a complete mess.

What made Li Luo feel even more embarrassed was that he seemed to have promised Elvis that he would please him last night, and took the initiative to let Elvis enjoy himself. How could he be so stupid, and agree to such a request?

It was said that what men say in bed was generally a lie, those words that he said last night, were all of them just a joke?

Li Luo rolled around on the bed a few times and wrapped himself into a large cocoon.

After immersing on himself for a little while, he once again rolled back in the opposite direction, then spread out on the bed, he stayed this way a few seconds, before feeling the pain in his waist once again rose up, he suddenly recalled the pain in his ass. Then he couldn’t help but once again roll around and wrap himself into a cocoon.

After repeating it several times, Li Luo finally gave up the struggle, he put on a set of comfortable robes from high-quality cotton material, and then slowly climbed down from the bed and washed up to prepare for breakfast.

Elvis came back at the time when Li Luo finished washing up, with a tray full of food. He placed it on the table inside the room, then put two cushions on the chair where Li Luo was going to sit, one of the cushions for sitting and the other for leaning.

Li Luo looked at what Elvis had done for himself and did not say anything. After all, he really needed something soft to sit down on, there was no need to be hypocritical and say that he doesn’t want it.

After finished eating, Elvis cleaned up everything on the table and asked Li Luo, “Ludwig, the joint competition will start tomorrow, all of the disciples must go to the competition site today to draw the scroll for their own match tomorrow, conveniently taking a look at the flow of tomorrow’s competition. Do you want to stay here or going with me?”

When Li Luo was eating, he barely looked up at Elvis, obviously still feeling awkward about last night. Now that he heard Elvis’ question, he hesitated for a while, before saying, “I will go with you.”

The corner of Elvis’ lips slightly raised, “Okay, wait a moment, I need to send these things down first.” After finished speaking, Elvis picked up the tray with empty plates, opened the door and went out, it only was a few minutes, before he once again came back upstairs.

Li Luo had long changed into a round cat with fluffy white fur, he was squatting on a soft cushion while waiting for Elvis.

Elvis took Li Luo gently into his arms and used one of his hands to stroke the soft fur on Li Luo’s back while walking down the stairs with his long legs.

More than half of the rooms in this inn had been booked by the St. Helier Magic Academy, and today was the day when all of the people assemble. Although the time was still very early, when they walked on the stairs, Li Luo saw many familiar faces. Those people who saw Elvis with Li Luo in his arms, all courtesy greet Elvis, before walking past him towards downstairs.

It took twenty or thirty minutes for all the disciples to gather in front of the inn. Two mentors then took these disciples to the location where competition was held, so that these students who participated in the competition tomorrow would be able to familiarize themselves with the route.

This time competition was located in one of the arenas at Yale City. As early as a month ago, the heads of several academies jointly sent the letter to the owner of the arena.

It was naturally impossible for the owner who received the letter to reject the request of these famous and outstanding mages, moreover, he also didn’t have any thought of rejection it at all. Even if he had to close down his business for a month now, he could imagine that after these academies tournament, his arena would become very famous. By then, he would certainly be able to earn back those lost profits and possibly double them in a short period of time.

This arena was a very famous place in Yale City and even in several surroundings cities, thus the area was also very large. The entire building was in the shape of an inverted umbrella. The entire arena was divided into nine regions, the battle stage in the innermost area was the most expensive place in the entire arena, while the price of the eight battle stages that surrounded it increased following a clockwise motion.

Looking from the outside, the whole building was very grand.

Elvis with Li Luo within his arms arrived in the front of the arena and saw the disciples from the other academies come over from all directions.

Although all of the disciples who participated in the competition were densely packed in front of the arena, the entrance of arena was very spacious and wide enough to accommodate fifteen people to go through at the same time.

So it only took a little more than ten minutes for these disciples who had gathered outside the arena to get inside.

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