The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Immortal Path of Devil Lord 3.32


Translator: Mimi
Editor: PohTahTvh

Li Luo was engulfed in darkness inside Xuan Ming remote prison. Although there was no way out, and Chu Wuyong also never came to see him, he was still fortunate because there was still Xiao Qi who would let him play the interstellar world’s game just like before. Moreover, he can also continue typing the texts. Otherwise, to always face this darkness, any normal person would be mentally disordered.

Time passed very quickly and unconsciously four months had passed. The Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave had been opened recently. Li Luo asked the system, Xiao Qi, and learned that Chu Wuyong had successfully entered the Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave. He couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief in his heart. At least this plot still went according to the original trajectory. After that, Chu Wuyong would also get the most suitable cultivation method for his current body.

Today, Li Luo was still the same as usual, ready to enter the game account that Xiao Qi opened for him. He has played the game to more than twenty levels, and he was going to stroll around in a section of future world of life games.

Just as he opened the game and was preparing to log in to the account, Xiao Qi suddenly stopped him.

“Great Host, wait a minute, you, don’t enter the game first, someone came.”

What, someone came? It had almost been four months, not to mention people, even a fly had not appeared in front of him. Surrounded by a very quiet darkness, there was no living thing except him. As if no one remembered that he was locked up here.

And now Xiao Qi actually told him that someone came?

This person must not be Chu Wuyong. After all, he was still inside Lotus Blossom Immortal’s Cave looking for opportunities.

So, who was this person who came in the end?

Li Luo couldn’t help but open his eyes, and looked curiously at the still pitch-black front, which was the same direction of the door.

Li Luo didn’t wait for a long time. After only half a cup of tea’s time, there was a slight noise coming from the door of his cell. Then the firm prison door in front of him was slowly opened. The faint light from outside also came in at this time.

Although the light was faint and unclear, Li Luo who had been in the dark for a long time, couldn’t help but squint his eyes. Only then was he able to clearly see the slender and graceful figure standing in front of the prison door.

“Lord.” The slender figure hurriedly approached. The voice was very charming and pleasant to hear, with a hint of eagerness, obviously very concerned about him, “Great, it’s really you. This subordinate is going to get you out of here.” The face of that person was also like the voice, it was very charming and moving, and between every movement emitted a natural seductive appearance.

Li Luo looked at the beautiful and alluring woman who was hurriedly approaching him. His mind suddenly flashed a character’s setting——the Right Devil Envoy under Yun Tianheng, Hong Xiu.

Hong Xiu was originally a little girl who was almost sold to the brothel by her family. She was saved by Yun Tianheng unintentionally. Originally, Yun Tianheng took a fancy to her special constitution, thus he saved her in passing. However, since then, Hong Xiu saw Yun Tianheng as her savior, and she was loyal to him.

Li Luo also wrote in the original book that after Chu Wuyong killed Yun Tianheng, the Xuan Ming Palace was in chaos, and everyone was rushing to be the master of the Xuan Ming Palace. But only Hong Xiu who worked hard to gather manpower, and continue to chase Chu Wuyong for revenge, and in the end, she was naturally eliminated and perished.

At that time after he wrote the death of Hong Xiu, there were a lot of readers who gave him a bad review under his novel, saying that he would rather write a beauty to death than to put this beauty into the protagonist’s harem.

Going back to the main point, did Hong Xiu come here to help him escape from prison?

But he doesn’t want to escape.

Hong Xiu pulled up Li Luo, who was still sitting blankly on the ground, “Lord, let’s leave this place quickly, this subordinate’s afraid that we will not be able to conceal this from them for a long time.” Hong Xiu said, as she walked with quick steps to Xuan Ming remote prison’s exit while pulling Li Luo.

Before Li Luo could say anything, he heard a burst of loud noise outside.

When Hong Xiu heard these sounds, her complexion drastically changed. She didn’t expect that she would be discovered so soon.

Sure enough, after Hong Xiu took Li Luo out of his prison cell, she saw two groups of people confronting each other, the one with their back facing Hong Xiu should be the people under her command. When the other group of people who were facing Hong Xiu’s subordinates saw Li Luo, they were immediately shocked. They didn’t think that the former Devil Lord, Yun Tianheng, would actually be here.

Obviously they didn’t know about the matter of Li Luo being locked inside Xuan Ming remote prison by Chu Wuyong.

Now, at the sight of Li Luo, they immediately felt more excited. Someone among them opened his mouth and said, “No wonder Hong Xiu, this little young lady, can no longer continue to hide. It turns out your master is locked here. We will capture or kill all of you rebels now. The Lord would certainly reward us when he comes back.”

Obviously the rest also had these thoughts inside their hearts. After Chu Wuyong was in charge of the entire Xuan Ming Palace, he had always divided the reward and punishment clearly. He would give punishment without any sentiments, and this made everyone under him dare not disobey him. He was also very generous when rewarding someone, this made everyone under him feel envious to the person who was rewarded.

As a result, when they looked at Li Luo and Hong Xiu, it was as if they were looking at two shining magic treasures.

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