Chapter 129 Part 2

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Chapter 129.2:

Li Luo felt that he was simply unable to see anyone. Not only was he kissed by Chu Wuyong for a long time under the eyes of a few people, but he was also princess-carried by Chu Wuyong to fly out for more than one hundred li before his head sober up.

But it was too late. He felt that himself now and Chu Wuyong. In the eyes of Wu Xin and Wu Chen, must be a pair of male dogs, or 24K pure gold.

Compared with the embarrassment in Li Luo’s heart, Chu Wuyong seemed to take all this for granted, and even stealthily kiss him from time to time on the way back.

Li Luo also thought about resisting, but after that day, he realized that Chu Wuyong actually had long been harboring such thoughts about himself, and that he disappeared in front of him in that way; he really couldn’t imagine. If it was him who was watching the person he loved leaving him like that, what would happen to himself.

At the thought of this, he couldn’t help but indulge in Chu Wuyong’s actions. After all, he actually also liked this man in front of him.

Moreover, after he knew the price that Chu Wuyong had to pay to summon his “dead soul”, he had no reason to reject Chu Wuyong’s claim to him.

Fortunately, he returned to this world before Chu Wuyong had collected all the materials needed for the array. If he didn’t return here, and didn’t appear at Chu Wuyong’s side. He couldn’t imagine how desperate Chu Wuyong would be after he paid such a great price, especially when he wouldn’t get any response through that magic array.

It took only three days on the road, before they returned to the Xuan Ming Palace.

After returning to Xuan Ming Palace, Chu Wuyong took Li Luo back to the courtyard that was just like their residence on the Blue Feather Mountain before. However, he didn’t let Li Luo live back in his room when he was Gu Qingchen, rather he let him live in the room where he was staying when he was a disciple.

Li Luo was somewhat curious about this. After Chu Wuyong spent five days adjusting his body’s condition back, and then staying together with Chu Wuyong for a few days, he still couldn’t help but ask this issue.

At this moment, Chu Wuyong was kissed on his forehead when he heard his question, his pupils couldn’t help but flash a trace of dark purple light, “Do you really want to go in and see?”

Chu Wuyong didn’t wait for Li Luo to answer, and continued, “I will let you go in and take a look, but you can’t regret it later.” Even if he cried at him at that time, he would not feel sorry for him.

Li Luo originally wanted to refuse, but his hand had been pulled by Chu Wuyong, then Chu Wuyong pushed open that sliding door of the room.

Li Luo thought that the layout inside was exactly the same as the room where he lived before. He didn’t think that the decorations inside were indeed the same as that room where he lived before. There was not much decoration, it was very simple, but on the wall and even the roof, were all covered with sheets of painting.

The people painted above were all Gu Qingchen.

There was him sitting quietly under the maple tree; him standing in the courtyard while gazing into the distant sky; him meditating in the room; and when he was eating with jade chopsticks.

But none of this was able to compare to the painting hung on the bedside wall, which made Li Luo astonished.

On the wall, he saw the painting of a youth with cold facial features on the top of the paper that was almost as wide as the bed. The youth’s clothes were wide open as he was lying on the bed in a daze. His body was covered with deep and shallow marks, the kind of look that had been ravaged in general, as the youth’s cold face revealed a different kind of confusion.

After Li Luo looked at the painting, his whole face immediately turned into crimson color. He can understand the other paintings, but this appearance, how did Chu Wuyong drew it?

Chu Wuyong embraced Li Luo’s waist from behind and then spoke at the side of his ear, as the warm breath brushed in his ear, Li Luo’s ear immediately became even redder, “Is this painting very beautiful? Every night when I go to you for guidance, the thing I wanted to do the most is to push you down to that bed, and make you cry under my body.” Chu Wuyong said, before he held Li Luo’s lower jaw and kissed his lips. Afterwards, Chu Wuyong slowly pushed him down on the bed.

Li Luo was kissed by Chu Wuyong, and he didn’t know when all his clothes had been taken off by Chu Wuyong. Just like in the painting, Chu Wuyong left behind almost exactly the same marks on his body that were a little more white than before, and then completely possessed him.

Just like what he said before he took Li Luo into this room, even if Li Luo was bullied by him until he cried and said that he didn’t want to continue, he still clutched his waist, and made Li Luo have a full feeling of him, without leaving a trace of gap.

The physical strength of the cultivator was even more vigorous than that of the ordinary person. Li Luo was eaten by Chu Wuyong again and again not less than ten times in bed, only then he was let off by Chu Wuyong who was still not very content.

The beautiful young man was lying on the light cyan bed sheet, his whole eyes were swollen due to crying. On top of his long eyelashes were moist and covered with the tears. The face that was even more gorgeous than a woman was also flushed red, and that red mole between his eyebrows also seemed even more beautiful and moving, attracting people’s tender affection.

Chu Wuyong carefully cleaned up Li Luo’s body. After changing the bed sheet, he once again kissed Li Luo’s red and swollen lips with satisfaction, and then held the sleeping Li Luo, and did the behavior that cultivators don’t do often——sleep.

After all, for cultivators, meditation was actually more efficient in restoring their spirit and spiritual power.

However, as he held Li Luo, Chu Wuyong only felt that his heart had never been as tranquil as this time for more than three hundred years. With Li Luo, only then his world once again regained its color.

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