Chapter 59 Part 2

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“Elvis, I’m sleepy.” Li Luo looked at Elvis’ face which was leaning very close to him, his breathing was stagnant for a moment, before he could properly open his mouth and speak.

However, Elvis didn’t want to give Li Luo the opportunity to escape, because if he did, this person would be like a little animal that would retract back into his nest when he was frightened. So this rare chance where Li Luo would be honest with him, how could he give it up?

Elvis ignored Li Luo’s words and continuously asked, “Do you hate Chris?”

Li Luo’s breathing was suddenly stagnant, was his behavior so obvious? Li Luo felt that he could not maintain the expression on his face, he tried to show a smile to Elvis, “I don’t.”

“Oh, is that it?” Elvis’ deep and pleasant to hear voice rang inside of Li Luo’s ear, “I don’t believe it.”

When Li Luo felt Elvis’ breath in his neck and then heard Elvis’ further questioning, his hair immediately stood up, “Since you don’t believe it, why are you still asking, what do you want me to say?”

Elvis smiled slightly, he gently rubbed the tip of his nose against Li Luo’s neck, and his azure eyes flashed a glimmer of a victorious smile, “Of course I want to hear, you say you love me.”

Li Luo’s body immediately went rigid, he felt that the warmth of Elvis’ breaths on his neck spread to his face. His face was burning red and his body somewhat weakened, did he show his feelings so obviously?

However, before he could calm down, Elvis instantly smashed an even more heavy surprise, “I also love you, I have been in love with you for a long time.”

Li Luo felt that his brain was a bit dizzy, his big eyes opened wide as he looked at Elvis unbelievably.

Elvis slightly leaned over his face, his nose, and Li Luo’s nose almost touched, in this very intimate posture, he talked to Li Luo face to face, “You, do you not love me? En?”

Li Luo’s face reddened even more just like a boiled egg, he nodded blankly and stammeringly said with shy appearance, “Lo…Love, I love you too.”

Elvis who finally got the mutual confession that he had long wanted to obtain, couldn’t help but lower his head and kiss those moist and mild colored lips.

He pried open Li Luo’s mouth and let his tongue go inside, one of his hands was holding Li Luo’s waist, while the other pulled Li Luo’s jaw, raising his face, so that he could kiss him more deeply.

Although he had long since imagining this day in his mind, now that this had become reality, Elvis felt his hand that held Li Luo’s waist was slightly trembling. This day, he felt that he was not only thinking about it for so long, rather for an even longer time, now he finally got it, he felt so mellow. Just like he tasted a mouthful of good wine that had been buried deep in the underground for decades, would make people intoxicated by it.

Li Luo was completely passive, he could only tilt his head and let Elvis dominate him. Now his heart was just like big and round cotton candy, it was simply very sweet. What could be more delighting than the person that you love also loving you back?

Li Luo was kissed until his breath became more and more rapid, but correspondingly, he felt that Elvis’ kiss that was full of desire and possessive feelings, was also very familiar.

Feeling this familiar kiss, Li Luo did not know why his heartbeat accelerated, even more, he unconsciously reached out his hands and encircled Elvis’ shoulders, slightly on his tiptoes, and pressed his lips a few times to Elvis’.

Elvis’ pupils became even deeper after Li Luo took the initiative to kiss him, the color of his eyes were changed from azure into dark blue, and the color continued to become heavier. He was hugging Li Luo’s waist while kissing him, and he pressed him onto the bed.


Warning: Mature Content

Li Luo’s long silver hair looked like it almost blended into the white colored bed beneath him, but the color of his skin was very bright, glossy and white, underneath the bed sheet, it was as if emitted a layer of warm luster.

After the bathrobe on his body was taken off, and he was lying on the bed without any cover, Li Luo was slightly trembling, he seemed to be very shy, as a faint pink color appeared on his skin.

Elvis kissed Li Luo’s lips, and then his forehead, his eyes darkened and his voice was a bit hoarse, “Be obedient, I will not make you in pain.” He said while kissing Li Luo’s slender neck, and then all the way went down. One of his hands was covered Li Luo’s chest, while the other hand slowly slid towards Li Luo’s hips.

Li Luo’s eyes were somewhat misty, when he heard Elvis said that he would not let him in pain, he felt that he seemed had been hearing this sentence somewhere, and subconsciously let Elvis open his body.

However, not long afterward, Li Luo immediately regretted it, he really did not want it anymore.

Although this person who pressed him seemed to treat him very gently, he was essentially a beast, no, he was simply worse than a beast!

In the beginning, as Elvis promised, he did not let him be in pain, and his movements were very gentle, but this gentleness did not last long before it was completely shattered. He was just like a beast who wanted to tear apart and swallow him whole, and he just wasn’t aware how he was fully eaten, and he was practically “tortured” over and over again.

Li Luo felt that his body would be smashed into pieces, but no matter how much he cried and asked Elvis to let him off, it was to no avail, instead, his voice stimulated Elvis even more, and made the beast that was tasting his body become more fierce.

In the end, Li Luo with reddened eyes, couldn’t stand it anymore and directly fainted. His lips were swollen, and his body was covered with various marks, which were very obvious on his fair skin.

End of the warning

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