Chapter 89 Part 2

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After Ye Tiannqi exchanged greetings with Li Luo, he looked at the group of people in black clothes standing below. His gentle expression a moment ago was replaced with a stern look. His stern eyes were like a knife that could cut on everyone’s body; it made all the youth that stood below straighten their backs.

“Your aptitude has been tested before. Now, disciples with Single Spirit Vein or variation Spirit Vein, come fort and stand on my left.”

After Ye Tianqi”s voice fell, a few dozen of individuals immediately came out from the crowd and stood at the area where Ye Tianqi had instructed.

Ye Tianqi waited until those young disciples settled down. He then turned his head and looked at the elders that stood behind his back and the owners of the five prominent peaks.

“How would you want to choose the disciples you fancy?”

“Let’s do the same as in the previous years.” A gray-haired old man stated as he stroked his long beard; his pair of eyes narrowed forming a pair of slit, he casually glanced at the crowd.

“I agree with what Elder Yang said, anyway, after all these years of choosing a disciple in this manner; I have no opinion.” A woman in a red dress with alluring features softly stated, she covered her lips and chuckled; the outer corner of her eyes also slightly picked.

The rest of the people nodded and said that they had not thought of another option.

Ye Tianqi saw their reactions, he nodded and glanced at the group of young disciples separated from the crowd.

“Since all the Elders and Mountain Lords have no opinions, then we will follow the same rules as before.”

The so-called according to the same rules as before, that is, for the balance of each peak, the group will be divided evenly to five peaks according to the height of their aptitude.

Of course, before that, the elders had chosen their preferred disciple in advance.

However, if there were more than one elder who selected the same person, this required the elders to rely on their skills.

But they would also stop the competition at a certain point to avoid getting injured.

Li Luo had no interest in taking in disciples, plus in the original text, Gu Qingchen didn’t accept any disciples in this selection. Although two years later, Gu Qingchen chose the male protagonist as his disciple.

Li Luo’s gaze swept through the crowd with a dull look while asking information from Xiao Qi from time to time. Then, he noticed a small figure that stood behind the group; he struggled to sweep the ground because the broom was taller than him.

Xiao Qi prompted him in his mind: “Great Host, that is the protagonist.”

When Li Luo heard what Xiao Qi had said, he immediately fixed his gaze to that thin figure that looked as if only had a few lumps of meat in his body.

This person, could he be the lover he was looking for?

Li Luo stared at the thin and small back; he felt his breathing slightly strained. In the last world, he already suspected that the male protagonist in every world was the same person, but who could completely guarantee that this person is the one he was looking for?

It was not until he heard the sound of a battle that Li Luo broke off from his trance; he swiftly looked at the sky in front of him.

He saw two elders, wearing black and blue robes respectively, had started fighting in the sky far from everyone. Finally, the blue-clothed elder on the left was defeated.

The elder who wore a black robe descended from the sky with a smile on his face, he reached out his hand and patted a young man in a white garment who stood with the remaining more than thirty youths, “Hahaha, child, come with me.”

Ye Tianqi looked at the other elders who had already chosen a disciple. He pondered for a while and turned his head to look and question Li Luo: “Elder Gu, which disciple would you like to take?”

When Li Luo heard Ye Tianqi’s words, he couldn’t help but turn his gaze at the small figure in the distance.

Although in the original text, the original owner of the body selected Chu Wuyong two years later, when he revealed his talent and stood out from the crowd of labor disciples.

However, Li Luo did not want to wait for another two years. If he pondered for two years whether the protagonist of this book was lover he was looking for, then he definitely won’t be able to endure it. It was better to be sure as soon as possible than to torture his heart as he figures out whether he was wrong or right.

Bearing that in mind, Li Luo’s beautiful phoenix eyes immediately looked straight to the back of the crowd; at the small figure who was silently sweeping the ground. He slightly opened his light-colored lips and said: “En, I want that little boy.” After he finished speaking, Li Luo stretched out his white jade-like finger and pointed at Chu Wuyong’s direction.

Others couldn’t help but look towards the direction that Li Luo pointed out. When they saw the person he was referring to, they couldn’t help but take a mouthful of cold air. Their eyes showed an unbelievable expression.

How was it possible that the most talented genius in Clear Sky Sect fancied this kind of person? To accept an unremarkable labor disciple to be his succeeding disciple, it was unthinkable.

Although they have long heard of this genius’ character for being eccentric, his vision was rather strange, right? Why didn’t he choose the promising seedlings in front of him? Instead, he fancied that kind of person, the type that even if he worked hard to cultivate, he wouldn’t be able to make much progress.

Ye Tianqi looked at Li Luo with an astonished expression, “Elder Gu, are you sure it’s that child over there? He is just an ordinary labor disciple. His talent for cultivation may not be very high.”

“Yes, I want him.” The expression on Li Luo’s face was still cold, but the meaning in his tone was clear, he was not joking.

“Alright.” Ye Tianqi nodded, anyway, even if Gu Qingchen accepted that boy as his disciple, it would not affect his cultivation. He didn’t worry about the other things.

Although Chu Wuyong had his back facing everyone, he paid attention to the movements around him. So when other people were casting their gazes on him, he noticed that something was wrong, but he still lowered his head and continued sweeping the ground. Only those pair of eyes that looked like stars in the night sky quickly flashed a glimmer of a hardly detected light.

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