Chapter 48 Part 2

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Fifteen days quickly passed, during that period of time there were seven or eight hundred people that were eliminated.

Elvis in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts was practically just like a fish back in water. For him, a third rank magical beast was a mere trifle, it was not difficult to solve, but in order to hide the fact that he was already a four star Junior Magus, Elvis merely used three star Scholar Magus abilities, to once again hunt a few more.

Elvis and Li Luo also come across other disciples several times during the hunting of magical beasts.

However, Elvis would let Li Luo change back into cat form when he sensed the magic fluctuations of other disciples. When others saw Elvis, they immediately left at the fastest speed. After the other disciples were far away from them, Elvis would let Li Luo return to being in human form. Therefore, no one found out that the magical beast at Elvis’ side was able to become human.

Elvis never thought about searching for other disciples to take away their magic cards to get points, so he never thought about chasing them, and they were safe.

Of course, not all disciples were like Elvis who do not want to commit that act. For some disciples, it was much easier to take away the magic cards of other disciples who weaker than themselves, than hunting third rank magical beasts. Therefore, there were many disciples who had been forced out because they lost their magic cards.

When it was almost the time to leave, Elvis let Li Luo return back into his cat form, and then held him in his arms as he waited for the moment of transmission.

In these fifteen days, Li Luo was always by Elvis’ side, and as long as he was able to maintain his human form, he would always change into his human appearance. As a result, his time to maintain his human form had increased again, from two and a half hours to four hours.

After a while, Elvis’ magic card began to emit a white light, and then Elvis with Li Luo instantly disappeared from the place where they were originally standing.

The mentors of the St. Helier Magic Academy had long been waiting for the disciples who were inside the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts to come out, they were waiting at the the field of green grass near the lake that surrounded St. Helier Magic Academy.

After they saw a white light flashing across the grass and then disappeared, countless people who were a sorry sight to behold and also people who were leisurely and contented, rapidly appeared there.

A man with dark green short hair, emerald eyes, and fair skin, walked out among the mentors, he looked at the disciples, before stretching out his slender fingers from his wide magic robe and pointed into the open space in front of them, “Wait for a moment, I will call your name, and you will place any crystal cores of magical beasts or magic cards that you obtained on this open space, and we will evaluate your achievements and rank among all of the disciples.”

He called the names according to the order of the previous registration, and eliminated the people who were eliminated, and would not make people feel that they were being neglected or given preferential treatment because of their low and high levels.

When it was Elvis’ turn, the best result so far was from the four star Junior Magus disciple, with the score of more than 1,500 points, exceeding second place by more than 1,100 points.

Elvis placed all of the crystal cores of magical beasts that he had obtained from inside the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts these days into the open space, and the dark green haired mentor went to the front of the piled up crystal cores and carefully checked them two or three times, before finally announcing, “Elvis, 1298.” After the mentor reported Elvis’ results, he immediately appreciatively looked at him. He originally thought that the third star Scholar Magus disciple who had obtained 1186 points had been very good, he didn’t expect that a more talented individual would appear.

When all of the crystal cores of magical beasts that the disciples hunted finished being evaluated, they were returned to the disciples that owned them, the academy would not interfere with how they wanted to use the crystal cores.

After counting all the disciples’ scores, a boat with simple decorations was floating on the blue colored water surface, and steadily stopped at the shore.

The boat didn’t look big enough to load a few hundred people, but when the disciples went in, they find out that the space was much larger than what they had seen outside, moreover after all the disciples and mentors went inside, it still had enough spare space.

The the disciples who went in early were excitedly looking around the boat’s interior, while some disciples that had just entered the boat were immediately revealing the worship in their eyes, and they could not help but reach out their hands to touch the runes on the cabin walls. They could not help but sigh, “Oh my God, it’s the first time I saw space magic, it’s fantastic.”

“It is said that this is the magic that only a mage at the Great Magic Instructor level would be able to comprehend, it’s so wonderful!”

“I don’t know if I can reach the level of Great Magus in my lifetime, let alone the Great Magic Instructor.”

Elvis merely held Li Luo as he leaned against a wall of the cabin, there was no such thing as the amazement as though he found the new world just like other disciples. For him, as long as he broke through to the next level, he could start to learn the hard to understand space magic, which in his case was just something within reach. Furthermore, with his nature, it was impossible to have a reaction like everyone else.

The speed of the ship was very fast, and it took only a few minutes to reach the shore of the island where the St. Helier Magic Academy was located.

All of the disciples went out of the boat with a longing mood, and with their infinite yearning for the future, as they stepped foot on this land that they had been looking forward to for a long time.

Originally, when they saw the location of St. Helier Magic Academy from the distance, it was already very large, now that they were really standing in front of it, they felt it became even more magnificent, moreover there was an imposing atmosphere that seemed to have been passed down for a long time assaulting their senses, making all the disciples not dare to have any blasphemous thoughts about it.

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