Chapter 78 Part 2

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Li Luo took a deep breath, then grabbed the handle of dagger, before stabbed the transparent barrier in the front of him.

There was a slight sound come out when the dagger stabbed the transparent barrier, then Li Luo stabbed a few more times, before he saw a faint crack spread like spider web on the barrier.

Li Luo’s eyes immediately brightened, and he used more effort to stab the transparent barrier with the dagger in his hand.

While Li Luo was still struggling to pierce the transparent barrier, Elvis had slowly stood up, and his whole body seemed surrounding by a faint black mist. But his head was slightly hung down, as his half-length golden hair completely obscured his face, make Li Luo unable to see the expression on his face clearly.

Elvis lifted up his hand, and Mingxi spirit staff immediately appeared on his hand, before began to muttering the spell in his mouth. The top of staff which seemed to be surrounded by the sun, moon, and stars’ splendor was also started to rotate, while emitting a burst of intense radiance.

At this time, Li Luo finally pierced the transparent barrier that hindered himself.

Li Luo quickly rushed to Elvis’ side, did not slightest care about the black mist and also electric current which surrounding Elvis’ body, and directly stretch out his hands and hold Elvis’ waist.

“Elvis, I’m here, I didn’t leave you. Please wake up, what you were see at the moment was an illusion, it’s not true.” Li Luo felt somewhat numb by the black mist and the tiny purple-blue electric current on Elvis’ whole body, but he still didn’t loosen his hand even a bit, rather held Elvis tighter.

Elvis seemed to hear his voice, as his movements paused, but the light on the the Mingxi spirit staff still continuously shining, and could release attack at any time.

“Elvis, all that you see now was an illusion, and I’m the real Ludwig. I…I’m belong to you, I will not leave you.” Li Luo said, when he speaking the the latter half of the sentence, he could not help but felt shy and lowered his voice.

“You calm down first, if there was something matter, you can ask me directly, I will not hide anything from you, Elvis.” Li Luo said while subconsciously rubbed his head against Elvis’ back, just like when he was in beast form, and acting spoiled to Elvis.

Elvis seemed to finally calmed down a bit, as his hand that holding the magic staff slowly lowered, and the top of staff which seemed to be surrounded by the sun, moon, and stars’ splendor was also slowly stopped rotating, and changed back to its original appearance.

When Li Luo saw Elvis’ action, he couldn’t help but secretly felt relieved. As long as he able to contain Elvis’ current movement, the following should be much easier.

“Elvis, I didn’t mean to hide something from you.” Li Luo couldn’t help but pause, as his hold on Elvis’ waist slightly tightened, how he should explained to Elvis that he was not the person from this world, and that Elvis was only a character in a book?

“I don’t know how to tell you.” Li Luo grabbed firmly to the the folds of clothes on Elvis’s waist, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes, then made up his mind and continuously said, “Actually, I……” But his sentence was stuck here, and unable to continue on.

It was like an invisible hand clutching his throat, whenever the following words in his mind which he wanted to say, he right away unable to voice it out even a bit no matter what.

Li Luo couldn’t help but anxious, as his forehead started to sweat.

After he calmed Elvis down, he must called Xiao Qi out and ask what was going on.

Li Luo was trying many times, and couldn’t help but swallow his saliva, since he unable to say that he was from another world, and also absolutely unable to say that the world where Elvis was reside actually just a book, then what should he do now?

Just as Li Luo had a headache, he felt the body that he hold was moving, Elvis broke away from his shackles and turned his body.

His eyes still had that strange appearance, but the crazy look within his pupils were calmed down a lot.

Li Luo looked at Elvis’ eyes somewhat embarrassed, those pair of eyes were just like two deep pools, as if they able to suck in the people’s soul.

Li Luo’s entanglement emotions seemed to be clearly seen under Elvis’ gaze. Although Elvis looked at him like this, and didn’t say anything, but there was this inexplicable wonderful feeling.

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