Chapter 79 Part 2

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“Now I will hand over Eli to you, I hope you will be able to treat it well. Before I passed away, my biggest concern was this most proud masterpiece throughout my life.” Brian said, while lowered his head and gently caress the head of the lion type magical beast who still rubbed against his leg. Eli was very comfortable with his master’s touch, and could not help but let out a deep purring sound from its throat.

Brian’s eyes were gentle as he looked at the big lion Eli, and then patted it’s head with his own hand, “Go, go to your new owner.”

Eli issued a few low roar of the unwillingness from its throat, but under a few urged word of Brian, only then it stood up from the ground and walked forward step-by-step to Elvis.

On its way to Elvis’ direction, Eli always turned around and looked at it’s original owner, reluctant to part, and from time to time softly let out a whimper sound.

After almost ten minutes passed, only then it arrived to Elvis’ side, which not far from Brian. Eli squatted down beside Elvis, the tail behind it’s back did not move, but lied down on the ground, and leaning it’s head on two front paws, as it’s blinked one before staring unblinkingly at Brian.

Elvis glanced at Eli who was not far away from the side of his leg, “It’s very reluctant to part with you, I felt it still want to stay at your side.”

Brian shook his head, “This body of mine would soon going to be completely collapsed, and I will unable to take care of it.” Speaking until here, Brian seemed to lightly sigh, “Elvis, I give it to you, please accept it.”

When Brian finished speaking, he turned over his body and lifted his finger towards the huge blue lake which surrounded a field of green grass in the distance, “The teleportation array for leaving this magic relic was in the middle of that lake, and I will send you over.”

Li Luo silently listened to Elvis and Brian’s conversation, he stretched out his hands and touched his cheeks, feeling that the temperature on his cheeks had finally fallen down. When Li Luo thought that he would leave this place soon, he felt relieved. Anyway, he had already lost face in front of Brian, and Brian couldn’t go out from here, but if Elvis was still holding him when they emerged somewhere after used the teleportation array, and seen by other people, what to do?

Thinking of this, Li Luo immediately pushed himself out of Elvis’ embrace, and standing beside Elvis.

Elvis’ eyes couldn’t help but flashed a trace of regret, but think of those words that Li Luo said to himself not long ago, he couldn’t help but hook the corner of his lips.

Elvis felt that his mood has never been so better like this, except when Li Luo confessed his feeling to him the last time. These days, although he and Li Luo have been together, and he already have this person, behind the joyful emotions, there was always a trace of indescribable urgency and uneasiness.

It was just like as he and Li Luo were together these days, one day passed mean one day less. He imagined he and Li Luo will together for long time, but he felt as though Li Luo would disappeared in split second one day.

But now his lover had assured him, Elvis has never been so happy as he was now. He turned his head and looked at Li Luo, before reaching out to the hand at the side of Li Luo’s body and holding it with his hand.

Li Luo did not resist, he obediently let Elvis led him, followed closely behind Brian’s back.

When it saw all the people have been started to walk, Eli who still squatted down in the original place, lifted up it’s head and looked at Brian who walked in the most front. Eli issued a few low roar from it’s throat, before stood up from the ground, and followed behind Li Luo and Elvis, it’s tail hanging down.

Brian took Li Luo and Elvis to the side of the lake, after that, Li Luo right away felt the breeze around him began to lightly tremble, and his body suddenly floating away from the ground for more than half a meter.

The next moment, Li Luo felt that he was being gently sent to the field of green grass that seemed even more fresh on the center of the lake.

Brian was still standing at the original place, after he send Elvis and Eli to the field of green grass.

Brian stood on the side of the lake, facing them with smiled, while waving his hand, and his mouth seemed to mutter something. Li Luo immediately felt the ground under his feet lit up with bright white light, after only a few seconds, a huge teleportation array appeared under them.

A curtain of light descended from the sky, and quickly covered the two man and one beast inside. Then, the light curtain slowly disappeared, as those two man and one beast inside disappeared without a trace.

Brian who standing at the side of lake, still had gentle smile on his face, while looked straight at the direction where Elvis and Li Luo were disappearance, “Apparently it’s time for me to leave, but it’s great to be able to meet such outstanding child before I’m leave.”

His body began to gradually become transparent, starting from his feet, slowly dissipating into the air.

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