The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: Saint Magus 2.47


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Niiesque

In order to prevent the demonic beast emperor from coming again in the future, the Saint led the mages in adding several layers of protection at the previous seal.

After that, the remaining demonic beasts and skeleton mages were gradually eliminated by humans.

Elvis had fully demonstrated his own ability, preventing the demonic beast emperor from arriving to this continent. The Magic Union wanted to accept Elvis as a top member, promising the best treatment available.

However, Elvis tactfully declined their offer, one that would any other mage shout with excitement, and left with Li Luo.


Towering green mountains surrounded the road on both sides. Two people riding a lion type magical beast slowly appeared.

Li Luo sat in front of Elvis, their bodies close to each other as Eli leisurely strode forward on the flat road. They had just left the city of the Magic Union and were now aimlessly heading south.

Li Luo leaned his body back against Elvis’ chest and slightly raised his head to look at him. “Elvis, where are we going now?”

“We’ll follow this road and go travelling to see the scenery all over this continent. Don’t you enjoy seeing various customs and architecture? We’ll visit every last place in continent, one by one.” Elvis said. He couldn’t help but smile as he thought about the many years he’d be able to spend with Li Luo.

When Li Luo heard Elvis’ words, he couldn’t help but become speechless for a moment.

For the most part, Li Luo spent most of his childhood at home, never going abroad, and so he was curious about the architectures and the customs of the people here. Since he’d already crossed over to this place, he thought he’d just take one look more. When he wrote the novel, he could use this as writing material. As a result, Li Luo would observe everything carefully.

Actually, Elvis’ idea was also quite good. It was better to travel to different places and roam around, rather than settle, now that he has an ample amount of time to spend with Elvis.

Since Li Luo had no objections to his suggestion, Elvis immediately took Li Luo to see all the cities in every country, both large and small, in the continent.

In the end, they chose the city with the most beautiful scenery from all their visits and lived a quiet life.

The two lived in that city for many years.

For the current Elvis, upgrading his cultivation level was no longer an interest of his. Rather, he preferred being able to live a peaceful life with Li Luo for the rest of his life.

Although Elvis tried his hardest to suppress his own cultivation, he still broke through to the Saint realm after thirty years.

In this way, more than a hundred years passed once more.


Warning: Mature Content

Inside a simple but warmly decorated room, soft and ambiguous sounds could be heard with the rocking of the wooden bed.

Li Luo’s powerless hands gripped the bed sheet in front of him as he knelt on the bed. His slender and firm waistline sunk down but his round buttocks were forced to rise high to bear the love and affection of the man behind him.

His amber eyes seemed somewhat absent-minded, and his lightly colored lips have long been kissed crimson, like the most gorgeous flower, by a certain person. His pale skin was covered with both deep and shallow marks. Obviously, he’d been loved dearly for quite a long time now.

Li Luo was unaware of how long he’d been embraced by Elvis nor how many postures he’d been in now. He always felt that, in these time periods, Elvis was a bit strange. He’d sometimes display an anxious expression but when Li Luo asked him, he’d only change the topic.

A few days ago, as he sat in the living room while reading, Elvis suddenly hugged him from behind. By the time Li Luo had somewhat regained his awareness, he’d already been pressed against the sofa and was embraced by Elvis twice. After that, Elvis didn’t even let him go. Just picked him up, walked into the bedroom, and pressed him again on the bed.

Li Luo was awakened by his embrace before once again fainting.

This time, he couldn’t help but feel absent-minded as he lost consciousness.

End of the warning

When Li Luo woke up once more, his body had been covered with a clean robe and the completely dirty bed sheet had already been replaced with a clean one. Elvis’ arm was tightly hugging his waist while his whole body was pressed against his chest.

Elvis was lying on his side, facing Li Luo. His eyes were closed and his golden eyelashes hung down like two butterflies lying quietly. His brows, however, were slightly wrinkled as if he was still worrying about something even in his sleep.

Li Luo stared at Elvis, unable to resist reaching out with one hand to caress the wrinkle of Elvis’ eyebrows.

Since Elvis had cultivated the inheritance of the Saint Magus, he still maintained his youthful appearance even after so many years. As for Li Luo, due to his magical beast bloodlines, he stopped growing in his youth. As a result, the two still looked like two young men in their twenties.

Because of this, for the past hundred years, the two of them frequently moved. After all, although mages can live for a long time, no human could maintain their youthful appearance and never age.

Li Luo caressed Elvis’ eyebrows for a few minutes before Elvis’ eyelashes trembled and exposed a pair of crystal-clear blue eyes.

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