Chapter 74 Part 2

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When he was kissed by Elvis, Li Luo’s actions immediately paused, he sat still there with bulging cheeks, not knowing what should be done after. However, Elvis did not make any other movements after kissing him, he moved his face away and continued to eat his own food.

However, contrary to Elvis, Li Luo’s heartbeat was still accelerating due to Elvis’ action just a moment ago. He quickly rose up the rabbit legs in his hands and bit a few mouthfuls. But because he was eating too rapidly, Li Luo directly choked on a piece of rabbit meat.

When Elvis saw it, he immediately gave some water to Li Luo, as Li Luo immediately took the water and drank several big mouthfuls before the rabbit meat in his throat had finally been swallowed down.

Elvis looked at Li Luo, because of coughing his cheeks were covered by a layer of red blush, as well as a thin layer of water vapor in his eyes, his eyes couldn’t help but darken.

Right away he felt that one gentle kiss that he had with Li Luo, was completely not enough. In these past three months, he had only held Li Luo a few times.

His own lover was somewhat embarrassed about this kind of thing, not to mention they were in the wild now, which was even more open. Every time Elvis was unable to eat his fill, he could only spend all his remaining strength on how to pass these trials, he only hoped to be able to leave this magic relic one day earlier, and return to the outside world.

After finishing eating, Elvis took out the magic and martial arts scrolls provided by this level from his storage bag, before lowering his head and rapidly reading it.

Li Luo was sitting not far away from Elvis, slightly closing his eyes, as he looked through one section of the synopsis at the current period of time in his mind, before his line of sight stopped on one paragraph.

In this level, Elvis would encounter a fatal danger, and ultimately be able to luckily escape the danger.

After this lesson, Elvis was even more careful when he faced the next level, until the last level, he once again encountered a danger that almost killed him.

Although he knew that Elvis would not have a problem in the end, when he saw that Elvis would encounter a fatal danger in this level, Li Luo still couldn’t help but began to worry about Elvis.

These were the storylines that he previously wrote himself, they were the established routes, what was the use of feeling regret now? In addition, when one wrote a story, if the protagonist always had a smooth journey and returned victorious while singing loudly, never encountering any dangers, what were the qualities that made it worth reading?

Thinking this way, Li Luo couldn’t help but somewhat fidget around and grab his hair in frustration. Anyway, if Elvis was really in danger, he must help him.

If Elvis really suffered from heavy wounds as he had written in the book, even if that was the case, it was impossible for him to just watch on helplessly as Elvis received that kind of grave injury.

After making up his mind, Li Luo immediately felt that the worry from just a moment ago seemed to disappear all of a sudden.

Elvis was immersed wholeheartedly in the scrolls in his hands, so he did not discover the change in Li Luo’s emotions.

After carefully studying the scrolls in his hands, Elvis immediately placed them back to his storage bag.

At this moment, more than two hours had passed, Elvis stood up, before turning his head and looked at Li Luo.

Li Luo immediately understood the meaning of Elvis’ gesture, he wanted to proceed to attack the barrier.

AdvertisementIn these past three months, after they took a good rest, Elvis would quickly proceed to the next level without hesitation, there was no need to have the thought to take leisurely days.

Li Luo also wanted to get out of this place faster, so he did not object Elvis’ wish, he quickly followed Elvis, and walked together with him to the white fog in front.

Fortunately, when he wrote the book, he set the trials in this magic relic to be as long as Elvis did not take the initiative to enter the dense fog, the next trial would not start by itself, therefore Elvis was able to easily choose the time when to rest and study.

Of course, if he had begun to break through a barrier, it was impossible for the protagonist to stop halfway until he finished the trial.

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