Chapter 54 Part 2

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Today was the last day of the assessment. The weather was still very good, the blue color of the sky was very clear with no trace of clouds.

Elvis jumped down from a fourth rank magical beast, he pulled out the long double edged sword, inserted it in the magical beast’s skull, and used the tip of the sword to pick out the crystal core inside, before leisurely wiping clean the long sword. He placed the long double edged sword back inside of his storage bag, picked up the crystal core covered with the magical beast’s brain on the ground and cleaned it with a handkerchief. Afterwards he threw the handkerchief aside, and stored the crystal core into his storage bag.

Li Luo knew it was about the time to leave, so he did not change back into human form. A small round cat sprang up to Elvis’ shoulder, before he stretched out his head and rubbed against Elvis’ cheek.

There was smiling expression in Elvis’ eyes, he reached out his hand, and scratched the round cat’s small chin, before saying, “Let’s go.”

After he finished speaking, Elvis quickly lifted his feet and walked in the direction of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts’ entrance. When he arrived at place where the teleportation array could be sensed, Elvis took out a piece of translucent crystal stone that the mentor had given to him before, and then injected his magic power inside, the crystal stone immediately emitted very dazzling rays of light that rapidly wrapped around Elvis, very soon Elvis returned to the field of green grass where they were gathered before entering the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.


At this time, the majority of disciples had already arrived here, only a small number of disciples were still in the middle of doing a final struggle, trying to come out at the last minute.

After Elvis handed over all the particular items that he collected, he silently stood in the corner. Even so, his appearance was very eye-catching, coupled with his ability and level, even if he was standing in the corner, there were still many people who would pay attention to him.

Elvis ignored the other people’s line of sight, instead he leaned his head to the side and lightly stroked the soft fur of the round cat who was sitting on his shoulder with his fingers, then asked Li Luo though divine sense, [After we are dismissed, what do you want to eat?]

[Vegetable dish……I don’t want to eat meat anymore, I’m already tired of it. In the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, we were always eating grilled fish and barbecue, I don’t want to eat it again.]

[Okay.] Elvis broke into laughter, no wonder Ludwig would turn his head to the side and close his mouth tightly refusing to eat meat, after they had come out from the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts where they were staying for the past few years.

[It would be best to go to the next city tomorrow and buy me some things.] Li Luo added, now that he could communicate with Elvis without hindrance, Li Luo would do his best to fight for the benefits of his own necessities. Of course, these are also within the scope that Elvis could afford.

[Okay.] Elvis instantly agreed with eyes slightly curved.

Li Luo was happy, he couldn’t help but lean his fluffy head and rub against the side of Elvis’ face, as his big amber colored cat pupils narrowed into crescent moon shapes.


By the time the horizon had turned into an orange color, as the gleaming sunlight was reflected the clear picture and also resembled fragmentary gold which sprinkled little by little, the mentor who waited for the disciples was looking at the color of the sky, and immediately chanted a spell to summoned the disciples who were still inside the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts. After that, there was a flash of light in the field of green grass, before the disciples immediately appeared one by one.

The mentor waited for a while, and then looked at the number of youths, he instantly knew less than a dozen people were missing, but in each semester assessment, there was always disciples who lost their lives in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, these numbers of losses were still relatively small compared to the previous years. Since the limited time had come to the end, he also didn’t wait any longer, and directly counted the scores of the present disciples together with several other mentors.

Elvis naturally completed all of the assigned tasks, in other words he could still remain in the Black Thorn class the following semester. After the counting of the scores of the Black Thorn class disciples were finished, there was one disciple who did not complete the task, his complexion was deathly pale as he walked to the other side. In the next semester, he would be assigned to a slightly worse class, and the disciples who took first place in the assessment in that class would enter the Black Thorn.

The academy did this kind of circulated pattern to allocate classes, in order to make each and every one of the disciples who enter the St. Helier Magic Academy not wish to slack off and study seriously. Since once they relaxed, they would immediately be overtaken by the disciples behind them, and thus losing their original superior learning conditions and resources.

Under such a strict teaching environment, the St. Helier Magic Academy was able to produce so many famous mages known throughout the entire continent.

After all of the scores were counted, Elvis returned to St. Helier Magic Academy with Li Luo, and went to the cafeteria to have a meal, all of the dishes were vegetable dishes which were ordered by Li Luo. After one man and one cat finished eating, Elvis returned to his room with Li Luo who ate until his stomach was round, to pack his luggage.

Tomorrow after daybreak, they would immediately depart from the St. Helier Magic Academy, and temporarily go outside to practice.

The vacation in the St. Helier Magic Academy was usually about two months, it was enough for all of the disciples to return to their clans and reunite with their families for a while, before once again returning to the academy to study.

Li Luo smiled slightly as he looked at his four sets of clothes…then spent the rest of the time to pile the latter QAQ, and suddenly felt he was good and well behaved _(:з)∠)_.


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