Chapter 68 Part 2

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Because of the large number of participants, the first round was divided into three days, Elvis withdrew an empty scroll on the first day, so the next day, he did not go to participate in the competition.

So on that day, Elvis took Li Luo out to eat and drink in Yale City, there was not the slightest bit of nervousness about the match.

The next day, Elvis looked at his schedule, before turning over his head and said to Li Luo, “You don’t have to go with me today. Today I only have one match, moreover, it’s the first round, I will come back in an hour.”

Li Luo also had no objection, with Elvis’ strength, it was estimated that he would solve the first round of competition in just ten minutes or so.

Of course, if he used his real strength, maybe before his opponent was able to attack, he would have already won.


On the third day in the afternoon, the first round of the tournament was finally over, and the rest of the time left was scheduled for twenty matches for the second round.

Elvis once again withdrew an empty scroll, because they had visited all of the places in Yale City, Elvis didn’t go out this day, he sat in the room to study that incomplete and old small bell and that simple and unadorned bracelet.

That previous senior who had become a Saint Magus only mentioned this magic staff matter that he left behind, but did not explain how to merge these three items into a magic staff. Elvis could only explore it on his own, but he already tried a lot of methods he knew, and those two items still laid silently on the ground without any reaction.

Elvis put away the two items, there was a trace of a disappointed expression that flashed through his azure eyes, apparently, he could only wait until he got the third item and then try again.

Li Luo naturally knew that Elvis would not discover anything on his first attempt, he sat next to Elvis and watched Elvis trying to merge the two items without any gain, there was a trace of a guilty conscience in his gaze.

So in the evening, when Elvis overwhelmed his lover, he found that Li Luo was particularly obedient, previously he had to make him in a daze before he was willing to move in that position, but tonight after a few sentences of coaxing, Li Luo only hesitated for a while, before he agreed.

Although he didn’t know what the reason was, Elvis naturally would not refuse such a good opportunity, he would wait until he finished enjoying it before thinking about it again.

When he finished tossed around Li Luo who obediently washed himself clean before sending himself into his mouth, the man who had been eaten dry and clean by him had long fallen asleep.

Elvis cleaned up the bed, before carrying Li Luo in his arms as he walked towards the bathroom, placed Li Luo into the bathtub and then helped Li Luo clean up, before returning and placed Li Luo back on the bed, Elvis opened the quilt and slid himself in, the person who was originally unconscious on the bed automatically rolled up inside his bosom. Afterward, Li Luo’s lips mumbled a few times, as his brows slightly frowned, before he sank even more deeply into sleep.

Elvis looked at Li Luo who was sleeping quietly in his bosom, stretched out his hand, and pushed aside the strands of silver long hair on his forehead that blocked his appearance. Then he lowered his head and gently kissed his smooth forehead before encircling Li Luo’s waist as sleep overtook him.


When the number of people that were eliminated became more and more many along with the advancement of the tournament, the rest of the people that remained would start to participate in several matches a day.

At this time, the various academies also discussed to open the competition to the public and give the opportunity for the people outside to observe the matches.

The people who planned to watch the competition had long been waiting in Yale City, and eager to get into action for a long time. By the time when the news was released, even the most last-class seats were grabbed within minutes. Those who came late were all regretting that they moved too slow before right away began to inquire about the time of the next seat sale, they must hurriedly move forward and immediately snatch the seats the next time.

The disciples of the academies that participated in the tournament could come and watch the match for free at any time, and the disciples who had matches could leave a seat for one person with the best position to observe.

As Elvis participated in the competition, he naturally would reserve one of the best seats for Li Luo.

The people that sat around Li Luo looked at the fluffy kitten occupying a seat with the best viewing angle, almost all of them felt their heart itch wanting to replace that kitten’s position.

However, before they sat down, they had already seen the owner of the cat, and they all had experienced the cold chills that emitted from the cat owner which was as if say do not come close, in addition, his aura was much stronger than them. Even if seeing the small and round cat squatting down and only occupying one-quarter of the seat was strange, they also wouldn’t dare to grab the seat.

Afterward, they saw the cat’s owner combat ability was formidable, they immediately didn’t even dare to have this idea again——This kind of pet that had an owner who would kill people if they went near it, who still dare to provoke?

After that, as long as Li Luo showed up, even if Li Luo went out and wandered around, before coming back, that best seat would still be empty for him, and no one dared to grab it.

In this way, the competition went on for half a month and finally entered the semifinals.

Because there were only over twenty people left, Elvis had to participate in almost three matches every day, and in order to maintain his own current level at the fourth rank, the time he spent on battles every day had also lengthened a lot.

Today, Elvis’ opponent in the second match was Sizel.

Li Luo squatted down on the seat that Elvis specially chose for him, as he looked at the two young men with exceptionally handsome appearances standing against each other on the battle stage, his two front paws couldn’t help but move a few times.

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