The Transmigration Routine of Always Being Captured by ML Chapter 82

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Chapter 82: Saint Magus 2.45


Translator: Mimi
Editor: Niiesque

Throughout the whole journey, Elvis and Li Luo had passed through four or five cities. Just like Moore City, the first city they saw after exiting the magic relic, each of city had been attacked by a group of demonic beasts.

Some were still stubbornly resisting, some had long since fallen to ruins.

In the sky above the continent, a thin layer of black smog was perpetually visible as it slowly surged towards a single spot.


Li Luo sat in front of Elvis, body slightly leaned over and hands holding the horn atop Eli’s head. After departing from the last city, they had been on the road for more than a week now.

With their current speed, by evening they would arrive at the largest city in the surrounding area——Eda City.

Sure enough, as the sunset burned in the western sky, the shadow of a towering city wall appeared in Li Luo’s line of sight. But this city wasn’t the same as their previous destinations which had been besieged by the demonic beasts. For the first time in their journey, Li Luo saw a city with clean and nearly pristine surroundings.

It was only on the ground outside the tightly closed city gates that you could see the collection of puddles with a slightly deeper color of soil.

When the two men riding on the beast approached Eda city, a row of arrows burning with fire magic immediately appeared at the originally empty city wall. The arrows pointed straight in the direction of Elvis and Li Luo. Atop the city wall, the figure of a man appeared to be investigating the situation.

As soon as the man on the wall saw the two people riding the lion-like magical beast, he immediately wave his hand. The fire arrows immediately disappeared.

When Li Luo and Elvis arrived at the front of the city gates, the man shouted loudly: “You two, our Eda City doesn’t accept refugees! I can open the gate and let you in but only if you have the ability to meet my approval!”. If he had not seen these two were riding the giant magical beast, he would probably have just driven them away directly.

Elvis didn’t speak. Silently, he took out his Mingxi spirit staff and, as he began to chant the spell, a vivid dragon quickly appeared in the sky. Each scale of the dragon was clearly visible, a testament to the depth of the caster’s skill.

The man’s eyes immediately brightened. He turned around and urgently repeated: “Quick, hurry and open the gates for them.”

After his command, the huge gate in front of Elvis and Li Luo opened right away and the two entered Eda City riding Eli.

Although Eda City had been the center of trade for the surrounding cities, the once prosperous city now appeared a bit desolate. There were barely a few passersby’s walking on the main street and those who had set up a stall showed panic looks on their faces.

Not long after Li Luo and Elvis had entered the city, a man walked towards the two in order to greet them. The man stopped in front of Eli and, smiling at Li Luo and Elvis, said, “Since the two of you have already entered this city, I hope you’ll listen to our arrangements. Follow me, please.” As he finished speaking, the man turned to the right.

Without a reply, Elvis instructed Eli to follow.

The man led the two travelers to the front of a large house with a courtyard door interwoven with vines. Just as he was about to open the door, it was pushed open from the inside.

A girl with curly long brown hair and a beautiful figure appeared in front of the three people. When she saw Elvis, riding on Eli’s body, her dark green eyes sparkled with a clear joy.

“Elvis, is that you?!”

Li Luo looked at the brown haired girl who had just appeared. He had thought she looked familiar and after hearing her call Elvis, Li Luo immediately recognized the girl’s identity. It was Chris, one of the female protagonists in the novel that he originally wrote.

Despite hearing Chris’ voice, Elvis paid no attention to her. He glanced at her once and turned his head away indifferently, as if he had never known her.

Elvis jumped down from Eli’s back and stretched out his two hands. He looked at Li Luo gently, indicating that he could jump directly into his arms.

Looking at the beautiful girl in front of him with a shy expression, Li Luo let out a dry cough and wordlessly climbed down from Eli’s back.

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