Chapter 28 Part 3

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Li Luo originally thought Qin Yu would seize his hand. He didn’t think of Qin Yu would watch silently as his fist get closed at his face, his eyes didn’t even blink.

Li Luo could not help but freeze for a moment. He then put down his fist, and said the first sentence after a long time, “Why didn’t you dodge it?”

Qin Yu’s face that was being hit by Li Luo’s fist, immediately became red, but Qin Yu didn’t even seem to feel the slightest bit pain on his face. His gaze was fixed on his eyes, as if watching his most cherished treasure. Being looked at like that, Li Luo couldn’t help but felt embarrassed so he turned his head to the side, but he still could feel Qin Yu’s fiery gaze.

“Mucheng, for the thing that happened between us last night, although I know that it was wrong, I will never regret it. Mucheng, I have loved you for so many years. That kind of feeling when you seek something but you cannot have it, it’s too uncomfortable. I don’t want to continuously endure it. I want us to be together, just like my fuhuang and muhou.” Qin Yu said in a very aggrieved tone, just like a small child who didn’t receive any candy.

Li Luo’s guilty feeling for hitting Qin Yu’s face, immediately disappeared without a trace, after he heard Qin Yu’s aggrieved tone. Last night he was being done for a whole night, and he still felt pain in his butt up to now. He did not even grieve over it, this scoundrel was feeling grievances for what?

Li Luo suddenly felt angry that he didn’t hit him a few more times. Li Luo glared fiercely at Qin Yu, as he tried to shake off Qin Yu’s hand that grabbed his hand. He didn’t want to stay here any longer, so as not to feel even more furious at this scoundrel Qin Yu.

Strangely, even if his heart was very angry at Qin Yu at his moment, but didn’t hate him. After all, he was his childhood friend. He personally raised him by himself, and they have been living together for so many years. Even if Qin Yu became a wolf after he grew up, and swallowed him whole inside his stomach, even so, Li Luo still couldn’t stand to hate him.

Just as the two of them were in a stalemate, a cheerful and lively voice suddenly sounded from outside, “Mucheng gege ~ Qin Yu, what are you doing?”

Li Luo was startled. He forcibly shook off Qin Yu’s hand immediately, and then faced Liu Ruoyan that had a curious face as she looked at him and Qin Yu. The corners of his mouth lifted to form a smile as he called, “Ruoyan meimei.”

Liu Ruoyan glanced back and forth several times between Li Luo and Qin Yu. She immediately caught a glimpse of a somewhat heavy atmosphere between Li Luo and Qin Yu. Immediately she felt a surge of joy in her heart. It seemed that her most favorite person Mucheng gege and the most annoying person Qin Yu were having dispute. It was very good. Liu Ruoyan looked at Qin Yu hatefully. After she and Mucheng gege were getting close again, she also wouldn’t allow him to get close with Qin Yu.

Although she did not know that in this world there were cases where a man liked another man, but every time she saw the emotion in Qin Yu’s eyes when he looked at Li Luo, Liu Ruoyan noticed something was wrong. It was as if Qin Yu’s eyes were saying that this person belonged to him, and other people couldn’t touched him. Each time she and Su Mucheng were together, Qin Yu would glare icily at her, as if he wanted to kill her.

Liu Ruoyan withdrew her quick-witted eyes. She still wasn’t satisfied with this, so she stepped forward and hugged Li Luo’s arm. Li Luo didn’t stop this move of hers as before, but acquiesced to her. Li Luo didn’t look at Qin Yu, as he immediately followed Liu Ruoyan that dragged him away.

“Mucheng gege, Yan’er has been always lived in the north. Yan’er never visited this most prosperous capital, Bian City, of Qin country before. You will accompany Yan’er to sightsee, right?”

At this moment Li Luo needed to walk slowly, and his walking posture was a bit weird. Though it didn’t look as if he barely was able to stand up, even though it still hurt to move around. He just didn’t want to see Qin Yu at this moment, so he agreed to Liu Ruoyan’s request, and accompanied her out of the imperial palace, to the bustling market.

Liu Ruoyan was also aware that Li Luo’s body seemed to be very ill at this moment. So she followed Li Luo’s pace and walked beside him. As they walked slowly down the street, Liu Ruoyan continuously took glances at Li Luo, waiting for him to say something. However, Li Luo was obviously absent minded, and didn’t respond to Liu Ruoyan that continuously spoke and glanced at him. The wounds on his pale red lips had scabbed, but his lips were still swollen.

Liu Ruoyan looked up again, and inadvertently saw a few dark red marks through the collar of Li Luo’s clothes, that looked as if they were beautiful red petals falling on snow, very eye-catching. She curiously stared at it for a long time, and finally couldn’t help but ask Li Luo, “Mucheng gege, what happened to your neck?”

Li Luo froze in place, he felt like his soul had left his body. Only when Liu Ruoyan asked for a second time, did he recover. Knowing what she asked, Li Luo’s face immediately flushed red, and the words that he said were somewhat stuttering, “No…nothing, just a mosquito has been bothering me. These are the mosquito bites.” At the end of his words Li Luo gritted his teeth as he cursed the scoundrel Qin Yu in his mind for leaving so many hickeys on his body. Moreover, he even deliberately left some hickeys in the most obvious spots on his neck, as if he wanted to tell everyone that he had been sleeping with him?

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